Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apostle Paul is the devil 3

WOW! That is One POWERFUL Message Mum! The Christians are gonna have a FIT, Wake Up you Misguided Masses, it's about the Babies, and Asherah/Martha/Janelle and those of US that BELIEVE In Brian/Yahweh/Jesus is HERE NOW!!!

BrianIsYahweh | September 28, 2010

Paul = Saul= Satan...the biggest lie of all time is that Jesus died for all of mankind and so they are then "saved by grace"...no He did not die for all mankind...like now there was NONE worth saving...He died for one...His beloved wife MarthaAsherah who was pregnant at the cross 82 days with His twin boys...it was their love for each other that He went to the cross so that He could come and get Her from hell in this time now...so for she alone He was crucified and then the 144,000 and the children who follow her.....