Friday, August 2, 2013

Youtube is GANGSTER Tube Lisa Marie Wonders ATTACKED

I am being Attacked by a Gang of Cyber Bullies for Sherrie Lea Laird who Protects the Cult Of Brian and Janelle Marshall. They are trying to erase the Proof of this cult lies and fraud. They have False claimed impersonations of myself with soc accounts and mass spamming causing me to lose my 2 youtube accounts user/LisaMarieWonders and user/lisawonders and also False impersonations claim om my Facebook causing that to also be shut down. What they do is criminal. Using my real last name to get away with it. And I have Not been able to fight these false claims as I havent been able to upload pics of my Id on those sites. Which I find Very Frustrating. I had trouble getting on to this site as well, as google told me there has been suspious activity on this my blogsite. but thankfully I was able to take care of that problem. So they are trying to erase the truth of this cult and Sherries involvment in it from the net. I am not the only one they target on youtube, anyone who doesnt believe what they do and says so, gets harassed and bullied, they claim Alex Jones is Bill Hicks and many people are other people it's just a farce. And they have threatened many people lives.they have been reported many times on youtube, but they dont really do anything about the attacks and it seems the cyber Bullies have used and Abused the Youtubes terms of Service in a back handed manner to get away with their nerfious deeds. YOUTUBE HAS TURNED INTO GANGSTER TUBE. The main culprits go by the names CaliberHitter, MsSherrieLea, Sicilian0King, BRIANHASPWNEDYOU, Lulzcow4u, Glen NUKE WARZ, SiriusWarrior777, NNNyc550... THERE ARE MANY MORE Soc accounts... For my birthday my LisaMarieWonders youtube comment section was mass spammed with over 100 bots from India, then they make a vid to gloat about it. Oh they have made many videos trasheing me and telling lies about me. They are TOTAL Bullys. There online behaviour is Disgusting. I tell the TRUTH of Sherrie Laird and This cult she Protects that I myself was in for 4 yrs, till I woke up and been a whistle blower ever since, Calling them out on their lies and Fraud. Brian wants his followers to Kill 3 yr old jeweish Children, They scam money from people, took big money from a couple from Fiji. This is all on their own vids they posted. Brian and Janelle got kicked out of New Guinea and Fiji for Fake cures for Cancer and AIDS. NObody has ever come out and said they have been cured by Brian's methods, Never. None of their Predictions has ever come true. Brian Admires Nazi Hitler, the KKK and thinks Charles Manson got a bums rap. This Septic Cult Preachs Hell and Damnation to all who won't bend their knee to him, and they Hate most everyone. They put Homosexuals on the same level as Pedophiles. They Hate the Jews, They spread hate everywhere its make me sick to my soul. Their pyramid maths are altered for his desired out come.. this has all been Prove He is a FRAUD. Their latest vids can be found at youtube SwordOfTruth888. Their latest scam is Ex Pope Benedict has annouced that the Christ (BLGM) has returned. With made up players, one is FR Giuseppe Civello who Photo is of a real Rev named Luke Suarez of Newton Connecticut. Well I wanted to upload some pics, but am not able to, so I will leave this post as it is for now. I was able to upload a vid yea! ---------------------------- Threats Against me and my family recorded Threats of bodliy harm against me, my family and my friends. Stalking and Online Bullying, you people have crossed the line. With the Approval of your wanna be World Dictators Brian Golightly and Janelle Hore Furrer Marshall No Doubt. Making Multi youtube accounts just to harass people. and Threats of remote viewing. You people show yourselves to be a Satanic Cult with ill intent for anyone who disagrees with your Constant Slandering of many innocent people with Pseudo claims of proof. If anything Happens to us, the Authorities know who you thugs are and where you live. From Felix Pantaleon aka 22Caliberhitters, ITISTIMEN0W, JonbenetsGh0st, Sicilian0King, DallasJewBug, TheJersyGuido Sherrie Lea Laird aka dudezones4, current channel is THEJAZZNEWB Joel Neilsen aka Rebel Saint, current channel is SwordOfTruth888
The vid above I uploaded to my LisaMarieWonders youtube when I still had it as Proof of the Threats of what this Stalker bully gang was doing... but Youtube had it removed for bullying and harassment! because they spam flagged it so much. So Showing the Truth must be against youtube policy now, an Innocent people can't defend themselves from cyber stalkers? ------------ Lisa Marie: Sometimes those who accuse you of being a stalker demon are the ones that actually are... and use youtube terms of sevrice in a back handed manner to have your 2 channels and 1 facebook falsely taken away as they inpersonated me and I tried to fight against these claims to no avail. All the stuff that brijan marshall , sherrie and gang of goons get away with.. they have got to be paid shills or something. Or ist it the bad guys always win in hell on earth. I dont know, but its hateful and Frustrating. When people like me tell the Truth of that cult and I am the one gets stomped on.