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From: goschima and SherrifofLight:

"The following is a special request by Brian and Janelle: In preperation for 9/11- Yahweh Day, Brian and Janelle are putting out an official appeal to all graffiti artists and taggers start tagging everything in sight around the world in the name of Yahweh! Special targets include government buildings, the pentagon & all Washington DC buildings, churches, police cars, The Georgia Guidestones, The Vatican, Banks, and of course large bill boards that are owned by the media giants. They are requesting that the graffiti artists/taggers video tape or photograph their work, and post it for all to see on youtube. Brian requested tags that can be read by all, for instance FUCK LUCIFER LOVE YAHWEH etc. Brian and Janelle will have a little something special for those that go beyond the call of duty. "

It's all about his Name on everybodys lips... =)

Lisa is one Pissed off angel at the moment!

Who DELETED Brian/Yahweh and Janelle/Asherah's Michellenye Channel? You Worms of Hell. Your END is close at hand, YOu FEEL it, and So DO I !!! Thanking Yahweh/Jesus/Michael and Mother Asherah for Loving us. You demons are OUT OF HERE, Amen!!!

The Demise of Lucifer, August 26th 2010

MichelleNye August 25, 2010

this vid was shot in a secret location as ASIO, which is THE CIA puppets of Australia all quite pathetic, have cut us off from uploading in the Melbourne area. We sampled a new area far from the restricted area to see if we could upload. I have been watching some of the really stupid comments, some we have had others delete. For example, the potentially catastrophic gas exsplosion the World Order had planed for July 13th 2010, HAARP started the preliminary build up of hot air above the Gulf of Mexico then with other facilities send a shock and drop the air on the Gulf by turning of the heat, on July 10 the sun started generating two vast solar flares, one magnetic, it disrupted the HAARP transmission and stopped the quake which would have burst the ocean floor releasing the gas and then the explosion would have occurred. Some posting said I was full of shit as Armageddon did not happen? I said I would stop it not cause it, and I did. Now we have the Phobos threat, the same magnetic flare is pulling the moon out of a certain crash into the earth, I stopped it. Wake up. I am here to SAVE the world not destroy it.

MichelleNye August 25, 2010

JOH 16:33 KJV
" These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."

As Jesus, Brian spoke these words to us His disciples... today they are fulfilled in the overcoming of all diseases in PNG...the template for all of the world and the enemy knows it...we have done it together Brian and I, without the help of the world and it's resources...the enemy huffs and puffs however,it is nothing more than a pathetic little parasite just like the ones we eliminate with the cure in PNG...the world the enemy has ruled is defeated as of 26th August 2010........we now have the cure in the highlands of the Sepik region and Lae... clinics for the people of these areas curing cancer, malaria and aids are operating as I type this....all very, very good....

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'The Best Damn Patriot" & 'UNITED WE FALL' Film

SherrieLeaLaird August 27, 2010
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Our little Infomercial for MUST SEE Film "UNITED WE FALL" about the NORTH AMERICAN UNION (N.A.U, E.U)by Toronto, Canada film makers Dan Dicks & Bryan Lawe @

and our song for AlexRockMeJones "The Best Damn Patriot"

Song Lyrics

"The Best Damn Patriot" by Sher & Blakk
Let me tell ya little story bout Alex Jones
his heart's as big as the ocean,
his grit as tough as stone
He's a Rebel on the worldwide web & radio

he's got some brainy guests who know some things
but the 'some' things they know, Al knows everything
he's a one man army, yeah, he's a one man show

some people try to say Jonesy makes it up
but when its time for court, these fools never show up,
and these trolls are dumber than spuds from Idaho

Alex Jones, Alex Jones
he's the best damn patriot that we've ever known
Alex Jones, Alex Jones
he's the best damn patriot that we've ever known

Now, don't get me wrong, he ain't no sap
he's had his share of fast cars, chicks & beer on tap.
and heck y'all, this aint his first damn rodeo

he's Pistol Packin Texan, don't tell no lies
this young gentleman dont try start no fights
and he's got the cold hard facts behind him, don't you know

He never hesitates to salute the flag and he aint never been Boho Grove with a pink hand bag
and...he & Jesse are off making

Alex Jones, Alex Jones
he's the best damn patriot that we've ever known
Alex Jones, Alex Jones
he's the best damn patriot that we've ever known

The man just tells you the truth
so you'll know what you should do
He's a hero in every way
So tune in every day

News & Politics

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CMOHS - History of the Medal of Honor

LisaMarie: Flyings flags backwards, and now here is the Medal of Honor. Hangs the same way as the upside-down 5 vector star(the real one), the Pentagram symbol for lucifer. blood lust sacrifice free for all, in wars that free No one.

CMOHS - History of the Medal of Honor

On December 9, 1861 Iowa Senator James W. Grimes introduced S. No. 82 in the United States Senate, a bill designed to "promote the efficiency of the Navy" by authorizing the production and distribution of "medals of honor". On December 21st the bill was passed, authorizing 200 such medals be produced "which shall be bestowed upon such petty officers, seamen, landsmen and marines as shall distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action and other seamanlike qualities during the present war (Civil War)." President Lincoln signed the bill and the (Navy) Medal of Honor was born.

Two months later on February 17, 1862 Massachusetts Senator Henry Wilson introduced a similar bill, this one to authorize "the President to distribute medals to privates in the Army of the United States who shall distinguish themselves in battle." Over the following months wording changed slightly as the bill made its way through Congress. When President Abraham Lincoln signed S.J.R. No. 82 on July 12, 1862, the Army Medal of Honor was born. It read in part:

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the United States be, and he is hereby, authorized to cause two thousand "medals of honor" to be prepared with suitable emblematic devices, and to direct that the same be presented, in the name of the Congress, to such non--commissioned officers and privates as shall most distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action, and other soldier-like qualities, during the present insurrection (Civil War).

With this simple and rather obscure act Congress created a unique award that would achieve prominence in American history like few others. The table below will acquaint you with a chronological time line of key events in the history of the Medal of Honor.

3 MAR 1847
Congress authorizes a "certificate of merit" be presented by the President when a "private soldier distinguishes himself in the service", along with additional pay of $2 per month.

13 FEB 1861
Army Assistant Surgeon Bernard J.D. Irwin rescues the 60 soldiers of 2d Lt. George Bascom's unit at Apache Pass, AZ. Though the Medal of Honor had not yet been proposed in Congress (and actually wouldn't even be presented to Irwin until 1894, it was the First heroic act for which the Medal of Honor would be awarded).

24 MAY 1861
In Alexandria, VA Army Private Francis Edwin Brownell performs the first action of the Civil War to merit the Medal of Honor

26 JUN 1861
Aboard the U.S.S. Pawnee, John Williams courage despite his wounds, his refusal to leave any man behind, and his love for the flag became the first act by a member of the U.S. Navy to merit the Medal of Honor.

21 JUL 1861
Eleven soldiers at the Battle of Bull Run perform actions that eventually will make them recipients of the Medal of Honor. The number includes Dr. Mary Walker who was involved in three major battles and became the ONLY woman to get the Medal.

In all, 25 soldiers and 5 sailors would perform Medal of Honor actions in the months from Bernard Irwin's first heroic act to the establishment of the Navy Medal in December.

9 DEC 1861
Iowa Senator James W. Grimes, chairman of the Senate Naval Committee, introduces S. No.82 in Congress to create a medal of honor to promote the efficiency of the Navy.

21 DEC 1861
President Abraham Lincoln approves the Congressional action to provide for 200 Navy Medals of Honor.

17 FEB 1862
Massachusetts Senator Henry Wilson introduces a bill in Congress to provide for an Army Medal of Honor for "privates in the Army of the United States who shall distinguish themselves in battle."

12 APR 1862
Civilian spy James J. Andrews and 19 volunteers begin their "Great Locomotive Chase" behind enemy lines in Georgia.

12 MAY 1862
At Drewry's Bluff, VA aboard the U.S.S. Galena, Corporal John Mackie became the first Marine to earn the Medal of Honor. When he received the award aboard the U.S.S. Seminole on 10 July 1863 he became the first Marine to also receive the award.

18 JUN 1862
Seven of Andrew's Raiders are hanged as spies in Atlanta. Four of them will eventually be awarded Medals of Honor...the first to die in their moment of heroism.

12 JUL 1862
President Lincoln approves the legislation authorizing the preparation of 2,000 Medals of Honor to "be presented, in the name of the Congress, to such non-commissioned officers and privates as shall most distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action, and other soldier-like qualities." Already 88 soldiers have performed heroic actions that will be ultimately awarded Medals of Honor.

17 SEP 1862
Twenty U.S. Army soldiers perform heroic acts at Antietam that would eventually become recognized by Medal of Honor presentations.

13 DEC 1862
At Fredericksburg, VA, Nineteen soldiers perform Medal of Honor actions.

3 MAR 1863
The Act of 3 March 1863 extended the presentations of the Army Medal of Honor to officers, as well as non-commissioned officers and privates. (The Navy medal continued to be reserved for enlisted personnel ONLY.)

25 MAR 1863
Secretary of War Edwin Stanton presents the first Medals of Honor to six of the surviving members of Andrew's Raiders. They are the first Medals ever presented.

3 APR 1863
The Navy presents its first Medals of Honor to 41 sailors, 17 of them for actions in the attacks at Forts Jackson and St. Philip (24 Apr 1862).

22 May 1863
Ninety-six soldiers perform Medal of Honor actions at Vicksburg, Mississippi....the highest one day total in the Medals entire history. In all, 120 Medals of Honor were earned at Vicksburg.

30 JUN 1863
Approximately 300 of the 864 members of the 27th Maine agree to remain to guard Washington, DC after their enlistment had expired. In return Secretary of War Edwin Stanton submitted the entire group of volunteers for Medals of Honor. A typographical error resulted in all 864 of the 27th Maine's soldiers being awarded Medals of Honor for their extra 4 days of service. (All were revoked in the purge of 1917).

1 JUL 1863
Four days of battle at Gettysburg added 58 Medals of Honor to the war total.

18 JUL 1863
At Fort Wagner, SC the 54th Massachusetts Colored Infantry faced their first major test of combat. Former slave William Harvey Carney became the first African-American to earn the Medal of Honor.

5 AUG 1864
Ninety-eight service members received Medals of Honor for actions this day at Mobile Bay, Alabama. The total included 90 sailors and 8 Marines.

2 APR 1865
Fifty-two soldiers earn Medals of Honor at Petersburg, VA.

6 APR 1865
Fifty-six soldiers earn Medals of Honor at Deatonsville (Sailor's Creek), VA. Among them on this day was 2d Lt. Thomas Custer (yes, he was the brother of the famous General Custer) who earned his SECOND Medal of Honor, becoming the ONLY ARMY MAN in the Civil War to receive TWO.

11 APR 1865
General Lee surrenders at Appomattox Courthouse and the Civil War ends.

19 APR 1865
In the week following Lee's surrender 8 more Medals of Honor were earned, 7 of them at Columbus, GA. The 9th and last Medal of Honor of the Civil War was earned on April 19th at Greensboro, NC by Charles Malone Betts.

12 May 1865
In Nebraska Army Private Frank W. Lohnes becomes the first official Medal of Honor recipient of the Indian Campaigns, his action preceded only by Bernard Irwin's 4 years earlier. His award is presented just two months after his action.

11 NOV 1865
Rather than grant Dr. Mary Walker's request for a commission in the U.S. Army, President Johnson orders that she be given the Medal of Honor. (The award was revoked in the purge of 1917, then restored in 1977).

31 DEC 1865
680 of the eventual 1520 total Medals awarded for Civil War actions (not counting those of the 27th Maine), have been presented. From 1866 to 1890 a total of 105 more will be awarded. From 1890 to 1899 more Medals will be awarded for Civil War action than were awarded during the war...a total of 683 in the last decade of the century.

1865 - 1891
During the period from the end of the Civil War to New Years Day, 1891 all but two of the 242 Medals of Honor awarded for the Indian Campaigns were earned. The exceptions were the earlier award to Irwin, and the last action which occurred on 5 OCT 1898.

9 JUN 1871
Three sailors earn Medals of Honor for action in Korea. These were the first Medals of Honor earned on foreign soil. Over the following two days twelve more Americans earn Medals of honor...9 sailors and 6 Marines in all.

Due to the large number of men submitted for Medals of Honor after the Battle of the Little Big Horn, a review board of officers was assembled to consider the requests. The number was pared down to 24 men, and a "new standard" was applied that "the conduct which deserves such recognition should not be the simple discharge of duty, but such acts beyond this that if omitted or refused to be done, should not justly subject the person to censure as a shortcoming or failure."

23 APR 1890
The MEDAL OF HONOR LEGION is established to protect the integrity of the Medal.

2 MAY 1896
Congress approved legislation authorizing "a rosette or knot to be worn in lieu of the medal, and a ribbon to be worn with the medal." (20 Stat. 473)

10 NOV 1896
For the first time a change is made in the DESIGN of the Medal of Honor. The change is only in the suspension ribbon and affects only the Army's Medal of Honor.

26 JUN 1897
With more than 700 Civil War soldiers applying for Medals of Honor since 1890, President William McKinley had directed the Army to establish new policies regarding Medal of Honor applications and awards. Published on this date the new regulations:
...Established that Medals of Honor could only be awarded for "gallantry and intrepidity" above and beyond that of one's fellow soldiers,
...Required that a submission for the Medal of Honor be made by a person other than the veteran who had performed the heroic deed,
...Required the testimony, under oath, of one or more eyewitnesses to the heroic deed.
...Set a time limit of one year for any person to be submitted for the Medal of Honor for an act occurring after 26 June 1897.

1 FEB 1898
The Army issues proper instruction for display of the Medal of Honor suspended from a ribbon hung around the neck of the recipient. (For the next half century Army Medals of Honor were sometimes displayed in this fashion, at other times pinned to the tunic of a soldier's uniform.)

15 FEB 1898
The U.S.S. Maine mysteriously explodes in Havana Harbor killing 258 American soldiers and launching the Spanish-American War. From 1 May to 26 July, 109 soldiers, sailors and Marines earned Medals of Honor. All but 12 were awarded within a year of the war's end.

1 APR 1899
Three Marines and one Sailor earn Medals of Honor in Samoa.

20 JUN 1900
Twenty-nine service members earn Medals of Honor in China (the Boxer Rebellion) in a campaign that will see 30 more awards for heroism by August 14th.

21 SEP 1901
Secretary of War Eli Root appoints a board headed by Civil War medal recipient Major General Arthur MacArthur to review Medal of Honor submissions from the Spanish American War and the continuing conflict in the Philippine Islands.

19 APR 1902
U.S. War Department Special Orders No. 93, Paragraph 14 continues the board appointed by Eli Root "for the purpose of examining applications and recommendations for Medals of Honor and Certificates of Merit.

23 APR 1904
Congress authorizes a distinctive new design for the Army Medal of Honor, the brainchild of General George Gillespie who had received the Medal of Honor during the Civil War. The new "Gillespie Medal" retains the star shape but surrounds it with a green laurel. The Medal is suspended from a newly designed blue ribbon bearing 13 stars from a bar on which is printed the word "VALOR". Upon authorizing the new Medal of Honor design, Congress requires Medal recipients to return their original Medals to be replaced with the new.

10 JAN 1906
In ceremonies at the White House, President Theodore Roosevelt presents the Medal of Honor to Spanish-American war hero James R. Church in keeping with his earlier Executive Order:
"The presentation of a Medal of Honor to an officer or enlisted man in the military service, awarded under the Joint Resolution of Congress approved July 12, 1863, will always be made with formal and impressive ceremony.
"The recipient will, when practicable, be ordered to Washington, D.C., and the presentation will be made by the President, as Commander-in-Chief, or by such representative as the President may designate.
"When not practicable to have the presentation at Washington, the details of time, place, and ceremony will be prescribed by the Chief of Staff for each case.
"On campaign, the presentation will be made by the Division or higher commander." (September 20, 1905)

27 FEB 1907
Recipients of the earlier designs for the Medal of Honor have shown reluctance to return their "old" medals for the new "Gillespie" medals because of the sentimental value their original award holds for them. In response Congress authorizes them to be issued the new design without turning in their original Medals and instructs that those who had previously turned in their Medals have them returned to them. The legislation specifies, however, that both Medals (original and Gillespie) can not be worn at the same time.

The Navy changes the ribbon from which their Medal of Honor is suspended to a blue ribbon with 13 white stars, similar to the design of the ribbon patented with Gillespie's Medal of Honor for the Army. Other slight changes in design are also made.

3 MAR 1915
Authorized the President to present "a suitable Medal of Honor to be awarded to any officer of the Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard who shall have distinguished himself in battle or displayed extraordinary heroism in the line of his profession." Previously the award was reserved for enlisted personnel ONLY, but this act made it available to officers as well. (38 Stat. 928, 931)

24 Oct 1915
Three Marines earn Medals of Honor in Haiti. On the 17th of the following month three more Marines earn Medals of Honor in Haiti.

27 APR 1916
Congress passes legislation to establish "The Army and Navy Medal of Honor Roll" and authorizes a $10 monthly pension for Medal recipients over age 65.

3 JUN 1916
"A board to consist of five general officers on the retired list of the Army shall be convened...for the purpose of investigating and reporting upon past awards or issue of the so-called congressional medal of honor."

16 OCT 1916
The BOARD OF GENERALS authorized in the previous legislation convened under Lt. General Nelson Miles, a Medal recipient from the Civil War. General Miles had taken an active role in promoting legislation to protect the Medal as commander of the Medal of Honor Legion and approached the work of his committee with determination and dedication. Every award of the Army Medal of Honor since the Civil War was reviewed. The recipients were anonymous to the board, represented only by a number.

5 FEB 1917
The Medal of Honor review board released its findings, striking the names of 911 medal recipients from the honor roll. The stricken names included all the medals awarded to the 27th Maine, 29 members of President Lincoln's funeral guard, and six civilians (whose courage the board did not deny, but who were ruled ineligible for the Medal due their civilian status). Five of the civilians were scouts from the Indian Campaigns including Buffalo Bill Cody. The sixth was Civil War Assistant Surgeon Mary Walker. Though she had participated in major campaigns from Bull Run to Chickamauga, even endured three months as a Confederate prisoner of war, her civilian status denied her continued recognition as a Medal of Honor recipient.

17 APR 1917
The last Medals of Honor awarded for Civil War action are presented to Henry Lewis and Henry Peters, bringing to a close the controversial and divisive scramble of Civil War vets for the coveted award, and opening the way for new legislative protections.

23 JUN 1917
Commander Willis Winter Bradley, Jr. aboard the U.S.S. Pittsburgh becomes the first Medal of Honor recipient of World War I. In all 119 soldiers, sailors, marines, and for the first time AIRMEN performed heroism meriting their Nation's highest award over the following two years. Only 4 such awards were actually presented during the period of the war, the remainder came as a result of a review of World War I awards of the Distinguished Service Cross at the request of General John J. Pershing. The last presentation of a World War I Medal of Honor would not occur until the closing decade of the century.

9 JUL 1918
The Medal of Honor was born in 1862, but it was the act of 9 July 1918 that defined the future of the award, while further eliminated the Certificate of Merit while establishing the new "Pyramid of Honor" providing for lesser awards (The Distinguished Service Cross, The Distinguished Service Medal, and the Silver Star). A key difference between the levels of awards was spelled out, "That the President is authorized to present, in the name of the Congress, a medal of honor only to each person who, while an officer or enlisted man of the Army, shall hereafter, in action involving actual conflict with an enemy, distinguish himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty." The lesser awards were authorized for presentation by the President, "BUT NOT IN THE NAME OF CONGRESS."

The act of July 9th further established time limits to avoid problems like those encountered with Civil War veterans seeking the award. Recommendations for Medals of Honor had to be made within 2 years of the act of heroism for which it was to be awarded, and the Medal was to be presented within 3 years.

The act of July 9th was further clarified in September, then again in February 1919, to stipulate that no person could receive more than ONE Medal of Honor. Previously there had been 19 DOUBLE AWARDS of the Medal, but hereafter, while there were provisions for second and consecutive awards of lesser medals to be made and noted with appropriate ribbon devices, no more than ONE Medal of Honor could be awarded.

3 MAY 1919
Six months after the end of World War I the Medal of Honor is presented in France to Sergeant Alvin C. York. It was a historic event for the Medal not so much at the time but for the legendary status its recipients would receive in the years to follow.

7 DEC 1941
Five minutes before Japanese aircraft fell upon Pearl Harbor, the air field at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii was attacked. There Navy Lieutenant John Finn earned the first Medal of Honor of World War II. Fourteen more sailors earned Medals of Honor that day at Pearl Harbor, ten of them posthumously.

7 AUG 1942
The TIFFANY CROSS established for non-combat naval heroism in 1942 had proven unpopular, perhaps because it so closely resembled the German Iron Cross. It was also poorly regulated and documented. The Act of August 7th restored the earlier provisions of the Navy Medal of Honor for non-combat heroism and eliminated the Tiffany Cross and the two-medal system.

27 SEP 1942
At Guadalcanal Canadian Born Douglas Munro becomes the first, and ONLY, member of the U.S. Coast Guard to receive the Medal of Honor. Munro was killed in action during his moment of valor.

23 MAY 1943
In the frozen Aleutian Islands of Alaska, Colorado's Private Joseph P. Martinez becomes the first Hispanic-American to receive the Medal of Honor during World War II. His posthumous award was the first act for combat heroism on American soil (other than the 15 at Pearl Harbor) since the Indian Campaigns.

10 NOV 1943
In Italy, Arkansas football star and Detroit Lion Pro Captain Maurice "Footsie" Britt earns the Medal of Honor. Having already earned the DSC and the Silver Star, it is the first time in military history that a soldier earned all of the military's top awards in a single war.

5 APR 1945
Japanese-American boys had struggled long to prove their loyalty to the United States despite paranoia and prejudice at home. The 442d Infantry Regiment built an impressive record of valor. On this day PFC Sadao S. Munemori became the only Japanese-American of the war to earn his Nation's highest honor. His Medal of Honor, presented posthumously to his mother, is on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

29 JUL 1945
In the Philippine Island's Army Corporal Melvin Mayfield earns the last Medal of Honor of World War II.


16 SEPT 1948


The Congressional Medal of Honor Society is incorporated.

20 JUL 1950
General William F. Dean and George Dalton Libby earn the first Medals of Honor of the Korean War. Libby was killed in action and General Dean was taken as a Prisoner of War.

5 AUG 1950
The United States Air Force was born on July 26, 1947 when President Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947. On this date in 1950 Louis Sebille became the first flier of the now separate AIR FORCE to earn the Medal of Honor. In all, FOUR Air Force officers received Medals of Honor for action in Korea...all of them posthumous awards. (These four men, as had members of the earlier Air Service and Army Air Corps, were awarded Army Medals of Honor.)

25 JUL 1953
Ambrosio Guillen becomes the last of 131 Americans to receive the Medal of Honor in Korea. Guillen's posthumous award was one of 94 awarded to heroes killed during their moment of valor in Korea.

10 AUG 1956
Legislation is authorized providing members of the United States Air Force with their own, distinctive design for an Air Force Medal of Honor separate from that of the Navy and Army.

14 AUG 1958
The Medal of Honor Society is absorbed into the Congressionally Chartered CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR SOCIETY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA under Title 38, USC.

25 JUL 1963
Congress amended Titles 10 and 14 of the US Code establishing criteria and guidelines for award of the Medal of Honor:
...It would be awarded for action against an enemy of the United States,
...while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force, or
...while serving with friendly forces (such as was the case with the UN forces in Korea) in an armed conflict against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party.

13 OCT 1964
Changes in Medal of Honor legislation provided for a $100 per month pension for Medal of Honor recipients over the age of 50.

17 DEC 1964
Army Special Forces Captain Roger Donlon becomes the first Medal of Honor hero of the Vietnam war.

The AIR FORCE introduces the design for their distinctive Air Force Medal of Honor, similar in design to that of the Army Medal of Honor only larger and displaying the head of the Statue of Liberty and other design changes. Each branch of service, Army, Navy/Marines/Coast Guard, and Air Force now has its own medal design. All three branches display the Medal suspended below a neck ribbon.

10 MAR 1966

In Vietnam, Bernard Francis Fisher becomes the first airman to earn the Air Force's newly designed Medal of Honor. In all, 12 USAF servicemen received Medals of Honor including John Levitow, the first enlisted man to receive the award.

31 OCT 1972
Navy SEAL Michael Thornton performs the last Medal of Honor action of the Vietnam war, saving the life of his SEAL Team Leader Lt. Tommy Norris. Six months earlier Norris had been submitted for the Medal of Honor for heroic actions to rescue downed pilots. It was the first time since the battle at the Citadel in Korea in 1871 that a Medal of Honor was awarded for saving the life of a Medal of Honor recipient. (This, though Norris did not receive his award until 1976.)

10 JUN 1977
Army Secretary Clifford Alexander, Jr. orders the restoration of the Civil War award of the Medal of Honor to Dr. Mary E. Walker. She is the only woman ever awarded the Medal of Honor.

12 JUN 1989
The United States Army restores the Medals of Honor to 5 civilian scouts from the Indian Campaigns, including the award to William "Buffalo Bill" Cody. All 5 awards had been included in the purge of 1917.

24 APR 1991
World War I had yielded no African-America Medal of Honor recipients, not due to any lack of courage by America's "soldiers of color" but instead to the unjust prejudices of the time. On this date President George H. W. Bush corrected this sad part of Medal of Honor history when he presented the Medal of Honor to the family of Corporal Freddie Stowers, who died in his moment of valor.

3 OCT 1993
Two Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta members, Gary Gordon and Randall Shughart are killed in action during a rescue mission in Somalia. When President Clinton presented Medals of Honor to their widows on 23 May 1993 their heroism was recorded as the only Medal of Honor actions to occur in the 1990s.

13 JAN 1997
As had been the case for African-American soldiers during World War I, racial prejudice had prevented the award of the Medal of Honor to any African-American soldiers during World War II. After a comprehensive review of military awards to that war's African-American heroes, President Clinton presented Medals of Honor to the families of 6 deceased African-American World War II heroes and one living hero, Vernon Baker.

21 JUN 2000
In ceremonies at the White House, President Clinton presents the Medal of Honor to 22 World War II Veterans. Many are presented posthumously. All the medals went to Asian-Americans who were denied earlier recognition due to racism.

JAN 2001
In ceremonies at the White House, President Clinton posthumously presents the Medal of Honor to Andrew Jackson Smith.

16 JUL 2001
In ceremonies at the White House, President Bush presents the Medal of Honor to Ed W. Freeman.

1 MAY 2002
In ceremonies at the White House, President Bush presents the Medal of Honor to posthumously Ben L. Salomon.

4 APR 2003
Sgt. 1st Class Paul R. Smith distinguished himself near Baghdad International Airport. With disregard for his own safety, Sgt. Smith manned an exposed mounted machine gun allowing for the safe withdrawal of numerous wounded soldiers and the death of as many 50 enemy soldiers. Sgt. Smith was mortally wounded at this time.

31 MAR 2009
Four additional awards were presented posthumously for actions in Iraq and Afghanistan to US Marine Corporal Jason Dunham, Navy Seal Lt. Michael Murphy, Navy Seal Master-at-Arm Michael Monsoor and Army Private 1st Class Ross McGinnis.

A big thanks to Doug Sterner and his HomeofHeroes website for providing most of the content of this page.

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Chernobyl disaster

LisaMarie: Was it an Accident? humm, I wonder. prolly not.

Chernobyl disaster


The Chernobyl disaster was a nuclear accident that occurred on 26 April 1986, at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine (then in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, part of the Soviet Union). It is considered the worst nuclear power plant accident in history and is the only level 7 event on the International Nuclear Event Scale.

The disaster occurred on 26 April 1986, at reactor number four at the Chernobyl plant, near the town of Pripyat in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR), during an unusual and (as carried out) unsafe systems test at low power. A sudden rapid growth in power output took place, and when an attempt was made for emergency shutdown, an unexpected and more extreme spike in power output occurred which led to a reactor vessel rupture and a series of explosions. This event exposed the graphite moderator components of the reactor to air and they ignited; the resulting fire sent a plume of radioactive fallout into the atmosphere and over an extensive geographical area, including Pripyat. The plume drifted over large parts of the western Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Northern Europe. Large areas in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia had to be evacuated, with over 336,000 people resettled. According to official post-Soviet data,[1] about 60% of the fallout landed in Belarus.

The accident raised concerns about the safety of the Soviet nuclear power industry as well as nuclear power in general, slowing its expansion for a number of years while forcing the Soviet government to become less secretive about its procedures.[2]

The countries of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus have been burdened with the continuing and substantial decontamination and health care costs of the Chernobyl accident. A 2006 report prepared by the Chernobyl Forum, led by the World Health Organization (WHO) states, "Among the 134 emergency workers involved in the immediate mitigation of the Chernobyl accident, severely exposed workers and fireman during the first days, 28 persons died in 1986 due to ARS(Acute Radiation Syndrome), and 19 more persons died in 1987-2004 from different causes. Among the general population affected by Chernobyl radioactive fallout, the much lower exposures meant that ARS cases did not occur". It is estimated that there were 4,995 additional deaths, between 1991 -1998, among the approximately 60,000 most highly exposed people.[3][4]

The nearby city of Pripyat was not immediately evacuated after the incident.

Only after radiation levels set off alarms at the Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant in Sweden[42] over one thousand miles from the Chernobyl Plant did the Soviet Union admit that an accident had occurred. Nevertheless, authorities attempted to conceal the scale of the disaster. For example, in evacuating the city of Pripyat, the following warning message was read on local radio: "An accident has occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. One of the atomic reactors has been damaged. Aid will be given to those affected and a committee of government inquiry has been set up." This message gave the false impression that any damage or radiation was localized.

The government committee was eventually formed as announced to investigate the accident. It was headed by Valeri Legasov who arrived at Chernobyl in the evening of 26 April. By the time Legasov arrived, two people have died and 52 were in the hospital. By the night of 26–27 April — more than 24 hours after the explosion — Legasov's committee had ample evidence showing extremely high levels of radiation and a number of cases of radiation exposure. Based on the evidence at hand, Legasov's committee had to acknowledge the destruction of the reactor and order the evacuation of Pripyat.

The evacuation began at 2 p.m. on 27 April. To speed up the evacuation, the residents were told to bring what was only necessary since the authorities said it would only be temporary and would last approximately three days. As a result, most of the residents left most of their personal belongings which can still be found today at Pripyat. An exclusion zone of 30 km (19 mi) remains in place today

International spread of radioactivity

Four hundred times more radioactive material was released than had been by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. However, compared to the total amount released by nuclear weapons testing during the 1950s and 1960s, the Chernobyl disaster released 100 to 1000 times less radioactivity.[64] The fallout was detected over all of Europe except for the Iberian Peninsula.[65][66][67]

The initial evidence that a major release of radioactive material was affecting other countries came not from Soviet sources, but from Sweden, where on the morning of 28 April[68] workers at the Forsmark Nuclear Power Plant (approximately 1,100 km (680 mi) from the Chernobyl site) were found to have radioactive particles on their clothes.[69] It was Sweden's search for the source of radioactivity, after they had determined there was no leak at the Swedish plant, that at noon on April 28 led to the first hint of a serious nuclear problem in the western Soviet Union. Hence the evacuation of Pripyat on April 27, 36 hours after the initial explosions, was silently completed before the disaster became known outside the Soviet Union. The rise in radiation levels had at that time already been measured in Finland, but a civil service strike delayed the response and publication.[70]

Contamination from the Chernobyl accident was scattered irregularly depending on weather conditions. Reports from Soviet and Western scientists indicate that Belarus received about 60% of the contamination that fell on the former Soviet Union. However, the 2006 TORCH report stated that half of the volatile particles had landed outside Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. A large area in Russia south of Bryansk was also contaminated, as were parts of northwestern Ukraine. Studies in surrounding countries indicate that over one million people could have been affected by radiation.[71]

Recently published data from a long-term monitoring program (The Korma-Report)[72] show a decrease in internal radiation exposure of the inhabitants of a region in Belarus close to Gomel. Resettlement may even be possible in prohibited areas provided that people comply with appropriate dietary rules.

In Western Europe, precautionary measures taken in response to the radiation included seemingly arbitrary regulations banning the importation of certain foods but not others. In France some officials stated that the Chernobyl accident had no adverse effects.[citation needed]. Official figures in southern Bavaria in Germany indicated that some wild plant species contained substantial levels of caesium, which were believed to have been passed onto them by wild boars, a significant number of which had already contained radioactive particles above the allowed level, consuming them.[73]

Health of plant workers and local people

In the aftermath of the accident, 237 people suffered from acute radiation sickness, of whom 31 died within the first three months.[76][77] Most of these were fire and rescue workers trying to bring the accident under control, who were not fully aware of how dangerous exposure to the radiation in the smoke was. Whereas, the World Health Organization's report 2006 Report of the Chernobyl Forum Expert Group from the 237 emergency workers who were diagnosed with ARS, ARS was identified as the cause of death for 28 of these people within the first few months after the disaster. There were no further deaths identified in the general population affected by the disaster as being caused by ARS. Of the 72,000 Russian Emergency Workers being studied, 216 non cancer deaths are attributed to the disaster, between 1991 and 1998. The latency period for solid cancers caused by excess radiation exposure is 10 or more years, thus at the time of the WHO report being undertaken the rates of solid cancer deaths were no greater than the general population.Some 135,000 people were evacuated from the area, including 50,000 from Pripyat.

Rivers, lakes and reservoirs

Earth Observing-1 image of the reactor and surrounding area in April 2009The Chernobyl nuclear power plant is located next to the Pripyat River, which feeds into the Dnipro River reservoir system, one of the largest surface water systems in Europe. The radioactive contamination of aquatic systems therefore became a major issue in the immediate aftermath of the accident.[78] In the most affected areas of Ukraine, levels of radioactivity (particularly radioiodine: I-131, radiocaesium: Cs-137 and radiostrontium: Sr-90) in drinking water caused concern during the weeks and months after the accident. After this initial period, however, radioactivity in rivers and reservoirs was generally below guideline limits for safe drinking water.[78]

Bio-accumulation of radioactivity in fish[79] resulted in concentrations (both in western Europe and in the former Soviet Union) that in many cases were significantly above guideline maximum levels for consumption.[78] Guideline maximum levels for radiocaesium in fish vary from country to country but are approximately 1,000 Bq/kg in the European Union.[80] In the Kiev Reservoir in Ukraine, concentrations in fish were several thousand Bq/kg during the years after the accident.[79] In small "closed" lakes in Belarus and the Bryansk region of Russia, concentrations in a number of fish species varied from 0.1 to 60 kBq/kg during the period 1990–92.[81] The contamination of fish caused short-term concern in parts of the UK and Germany and in the long term (years rather than months) in the affected areas of Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia as well as in parts of Scandinavia.[78]


Map of radiation levels in 1996 around Chernobyl.Groundwater was not badly affected by the Chernobyl accident since radionuclides with short half-lives decayed away long before they could affect groundwater supplies, and longer-lived radionuclides such as radiocaesium and radiostrontium were adsorbed to surface soils before they could transfer to groundwater.[82] However, significant transfers of radionuclides to groundwater have occurred from waste disposal sites in the 30 km (19 mi) exclusion zone around Chernobyl. Although there is a potential for transfer of radionuclides from these disposal sites off-site (i.e. out of the 30 km (19 mi) exclusion zone), the IAEA Chernobyl Report[82] argues that this is not significant in comparison to current levels of washout of surface-deposited radioactivity.

Flora and fauna

After the disaster, four square kilometers of pine forest in the immediate vicinity of the reactor turned reddish-brown and died, earning the name of the "Red Forest".[83] Some animals in the worst-hit areas also died or stopped reproducing. Most domestic animals were evacuated from the exclusion zone, but horses left on an island in the Pripyat River 6 km (4 mi) from the power plant died when their thyroid glands were destroyed by radiation doses of 150–200 Sv.[84] Some cattle on the same island died and those that survived were stunted because of thyroid damage. The next generation appeared to be normal.[84]

A robot sent into the reactor itself has returned with samples of black, melanin-rich radiotrophic fungi that are growing on the reactor's walls.[85]

News Stories from The Strange Stack - Alex Jones Tv

radioactive bores in germany, Chernobyl. Prince Charles wants all good little surfs to reduce water comsumption, aspartame comes from eboli GMO'ed DNA, Chip tracking RFID tags on everything, Big Brother stuff, Dumded Down swat teams, etc...

TheAlexJonesChannel | August 20, 2010
Alex Covers news from what he calls..."The Strange Stack".

National Geographic Contrail LIE to Our Children

National Geographic lies to kids about contrails. These are Chemtrails, Not contrails! I am old enough to remember when you DID NOT SEE crap like this in our skies. Here is a example of school type conditioning for the masses. Changing the books once again. ~LisaMarie~


Contrails are clouds of ice particles formed around the small particles released from aircraft exhaust. Under the right conditions and over time, these clouds can spread to cover the whole sky. Photograph by Darcy Aston, Your Shot

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Holy rainbow! Rare Buddha's Halo appears over mountain in China

A Very Important Subject: Chemtrails & The Subliminals.
By:Aro Levi John

The Daily Mail Online calling this a "Near Miracle" & "Buddha's Halo"!? YouTube-Project Bluebeam or ...HAARP
Found by Martin Tfot Hand, gd spot
Geo-engineering is what its called. they are apparently "Saving us from global warming". well how comes you havent been told yet? Aluminium and Barium in our food and Water. Snm

LisaMarie: this looks like a pre-attempt in their agenda to fool the world.

Mark Walder: People need to keep an open mind on seeing such things there is much our so called caring governments are about to do, that most have no clue about. don't follow blindly, and don't accept everything as real, just because you see something, open your mind and stay safe. research the Blue beam project, HARRP, and the New world order.

Holy rainbow! Rare Buddha's Halo appears over mountain in China

By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 2:45 PM on 20th August 2010

It may be the rarest of all rainbows, only appearing when sunlight, cloud or fog, and the observers are all in a line. So to capture the appearance of this Buddha's Halo on film is indeed a near-miracle.

Seeing things: A 'Buddha Halo' appears after rain on Huang Mountain in Huangshan, Anhui province of China today

How it works: The phenomenon is formed by the diffuse reflection and diffraction of sunlight irradiating the clouds' surfaces. In other words, it is just a bright rainbow after the rain

The phenomenon appeared over the Huang Mountain in Huangshan, Anhui province of China after rain today.

Buddha is often depicted with a halo around his head.

The rainbow is a natural phenomenon of atmospheric optics. It is formed by the diffuse reflection and diffraction of sunlight irradiating the surface of the cloud.
That is, it is an extra-bright rainbow after rain.
The colours of the rainbow can be seen in this halo, but Buddha's Halos can also be white.

The halo, a ring of light surrounding a person, is used in religious iconography to depict the holiness or sacredness of the figure.
It is widely used in Buddhism, appearing in relics dating back to the first century.

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Jacques-Yves Cousteau - UNESCO Courier

UNESCO Courier, Nov, 1991
by Bahgat Elnadi, Adel Rifaat

Jacques-Yves Cousteau - UNESCO Courier

Page 1
The French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau is internationally renowned as a marine explorer and defender of the oceans. A pioneer of undersea investigation, he has sailed all over the world on oceanographic expeditions and has also written and produced films about the oceans which have attracted immense audiences. He is now preoccupied with the protection of the environment in an age of rapid economic expansion and population growth.

* How did you come to be interested in nature and particularly in nature in aquatic surroundings?

-- I have always been curious about things. When I was a child I used to go out bird-watching at night. I ran into a certain amount of opposition from my parents, who weren't very keen on curiosity if it exposed me to risks.

I first really started to learn about water when I was ten years old. I was in a holiday camp near a lake in the United States. We had to collect garbage from under the children's diving platform, and to do that I learned how to dive and swim under water. I had no goggles or any other special equipment and bringing the garbage to the surface was quite a job. I spent two or three weeks diving into that lake and eventually I learned how to hold my breath under water.

Later, when I was fourteen, I improved my underwater swimming techniques. There was a swimming pool at my school in Alsace, and I used all kinds of contraptions made from tubes and pumps in order to breathe under water. I wasn't trying to observe the natural world. I was imitating the James Fenimore Cooper heroes who hid under water and breathed through hollow reeds when trying to escape from their pursuers.

I slowly became convinced that I wanted to be a sailor. I passed my baccalaureate and then, when I was twenty, I won a place at the French naval academy. Two years later, during a round-the-world voyage on a training ship, the Jeanne d'Arc, I witnessed a scene that had a decisive impact on my life. At Cam Ranh Bay in Indochina, at the hottest time of day, between noon and two o'clock, I saw people diving from their boats and then surfacing with fish in their hands. They told me that while the fish were having their siesta they were very easy to catch! I thought that this was so extraordinary that I decided to improve my underwater swimming techniques further.

For the time being, however, I had no opportunity to do so. I was given command of the French naval base at Shanghai, providing supplies for ships which docked at the French concession. It was only later, when I returned to France and thought about the people of Cam Ranh Bay, that I came back to the idea of developing underwater swimming techniques. In the meantime I had become friendly with Frederic Dumas and Philippe Taillez. We became the Three Musketeers of underwater adventure.

I became obsessed with the problem of breathing underwater. My friends and I tested all the breathing apparatus that existed at that time and found that none of it was satisfactory.

Then came the war and the occupation. That was when I met Emile Gagnan, an engineer with the Air Liquide company who had developed a motor vehicle powered by carbon dioxide produced from burning wood. The combustible gas reached the engine via a special feeder valve. This system is used in the underwater breathing device with which my name is associated, millions of which have been sold. In my device, which is entirely self-contained, the gas passing through the feeder valve is compressed air. Using this system, Dumas, Taillez and I were able to extend the possibilities of underwater swimming and start to make films.

When the war was over, I told officials at the Navy Ministry about this entirely new system we had developed and suggested that a study centre be opened at Toulon. As a result, a centre for underwater study and research was created in the Arsenal at Toulon.

* You didn't stay there very long.

-- No. In 1949 I decided that it was time to apply what we had learned. To do this we needed a ship. Where was the money to come from? I opened my address book. Under the letter A, I saw the name Auniac. He was a charming fellow. I had met him and his wife at winter sports. He was the agent of Guinness which, among its other activities, controlled the shipyard at Antibes. After a meeting, Guinness opened credit facilities for 25 million francs and put the manager of the Antibes shipyard at my disposal.

* It sounds like a fairy tale.

-- Absolutely! With the manager of the Antibes shipyard we went to Malta where we found a converted minesweeper that was being used as a ferry between Malta and Gozo, the little island that is supposed to be the legendary Ogygia of the Odyssey. In fact that's why the minesweeper's owner had named his ferry the Calypso. We bought the ship for seven million francs. The Calypso was in perfect condition, but we had to use the rest of my credit to refit her and equip her with oceanographical research instruments.

Then we began our cruises. The credit from Guinness was used up and I had no more money. I joined the CNRS. (*) Since the war, France had had no oceanographic vessels, and so for a few years we served as a transport and liaison vessel for French oceanographers.

Page 2
* Then came the great success of your film The Silent World. . .

-- The Silent World dates from 1956. The first Calypso expeditions, in the Red Sea, go back to 1951. We had already made some quite remarkable films, one of which won the Grand Prix at the Paris documentary film festival in 1951. We were making colour films as far back as 1953. Things were very difficult in those early days. Water tends to absorb colours and we had many lighting problems. We did a lot of work on the development of camera techniques, filters, optical and lighting systems, and so on. Gradually we were able to start using video up to professional standards, initially in black and white.

Around that time I constructed the first French underwater television cameras. Later, at Marseilles, I created the Centre d'Etudes Marines Avancees. It was at Marseilles that we built the first submarine for exploration, specially designed to carry out scientific observation at a depth of 350 metres. Then, for the French State, we made an observation submarine capable of going to a depth of 3,000 metres and, for the Americans, a third submarine capable of operating at 600 metres. I also built two one-man pocket submarines which are still in working order today. Finally we began to build a bigger submarine from which divers could emerge. When the hull was finished work had to stop because we had no more money. That's how things stand today, twenty years later.

In 1954 we carried out a mission for the Darcy Exploration Company. We had a very good contract which enabled us to install the radar and measuring equipment we lacked. We were the people who discovered oil in the Gulf! It was us who made the emirate of Abu Dhabi rich!

The Silent World brought in enough money to finance our work until 1972, virtually without any other source of income.

Since then we have made many films. In 1962 we also carried out experiments in which men lived and worked underwater at considerable depths. The first of these, known as Conshelf I, was carried out at Marseilles. Then came Conshelf II, in the Red Sea, and finally in 1964, Conshelf III off Cap Ferrat.

* How were these experiments carried out?

-- We used a spherical vessel within which the atmosphere, consisting of a mixture of oxygen and helium, was maintained at the surrounding water pressure. Six people lived in the sphere for three weeks, and when they emerged it took another week to gradually decompress them.

With this experiment we became the first people to do what is known as saturation diving. Since then, the offshore oil industry has gone in for this in a big way.

We made innovations in a wide variety of fields. We developed cameras which we have used as far down as 8,000 metres.

We have taken thousands of photos and made extraordinary films in a number of Atlantic trenches. We were also the first to dive in the Antarctic with a submarine and to carry out systematic exploration there in diving gear. We recently made the first diving equipment using plastic bottles filled to a pressure of 300 bars.

Page 3
* How did you become interested in environmental problems?

-- It was an interest that developed slowly. Right at the start we coined a slogan: "Know, Love, Protect". That is exactly what happened to me! I began by exploring. When I saw all this beauty under the sea, I fell in love with it. And finally, when I realized to what extent the oceans were threatened, I decided to campaign as vigorously as I could against everything that threatened what I loved. My story forms a cycle. I hope my children can follow the same path.

* What are the main dangers that threaten the Earth today?

-- After travelling the world as I have for years on end, and seeing it from helicopters, as a diver, from on board ship . . . I would sum up my feelings by saying that the resources of our planet are finite, that there is a limit that should not be exceeded, a habitability threshold that must not be crossed.

We should ask ourselves how many animals and people our planet can continue to support before the quality of life deteriorates, before all Earth's beauties fade. Fifteen years ago, when I was in the United States, I tried to construct a mathematical model to find out how many people our planet could support with the income, purchasing power, and amenities enjoyed by the average American at that time. The data at my disposal were not very precise and right from the start I knew that the approximation would be of the order of 40 to 50 per cent. At that time I was friendly with the director of the Oceanographic Laboratory of the University of Southern California, whose researchers served my colleagues and myself as advisers. With the parameters I had at my disposal, I came up with the figure of 700 million. Seven hundred million people enjoying a standard of living comparable to that of the average American! Fifteen years ago our planet was uanble to provide an agreeable life for more than 700 million people! World population was then four billion!

I was alarmed by the results of my research and told the laboratory director about it. Do you know what he said? That my results were highly optimistic. He had constructed the same model as I had and had come up with a figure far lower than mine! Since then I have been obsessed by the problem of the habitability of the planet.

World population currently stands at 5.7 billion, a figure that is rising at dizzying speed. Every six months, a population equal to that of France is added to the current figure. And every ten years a population equal to that of China is added to that of our human ant-hill.

Everyone is convinced that population growth cannot go on in this anarchic, cancerous way. But when the question arises as to what should be done, nobody wants to know. People make out that nothing can be done, that it's all too complicated, that things are even more difficult because of ingrained habits, religions and whatever. In fact, religion has nothing to do with it. Italy is the world's most Catholic country and yet it has the world's lowest birth-rate. Spain, which is also Catholic, is in a similar position. Its birth-rate is dropping vertiginously. In Indonesia, the world's biggest Islamic country, a birth control campaign in the last ten years has reduced the birth-rate by almost 50 per cent.

Page 4
So religion shouldn't be held responsible. Fear of the future may be, however. In the so-called developing countries there is no insurance for old age. Retirement pensions, if they exist, do not even provide for basic needs. Even when they are young people panic when they think about their old age, especially since they grow old quickly because of poor sanitary and other conditions. To care for them in their old age they need a male child they can rely on. And since they have to take account of their chances of having daughters as well as sons, of mortality rates, and of the possibility that some of their children are not going to be interested in looking after them when they get old, they need to have six off-spring before they can be sure of having a dependable male child. Six children to be sure of having three boys. Three boys to be sure of having two who survive. And two living boys to be sure of having one who will look after his parents.

In addition to the insecurity factor there is the factor of female illiteracy, which is also a result of poverty. In the developing countries education has made great strides but there are still not enough schools. Selection is thus made on the basis of sex. Boys take priority over girls when it comes to enrollment in school.

Why? My answer may make you raise your eyebrows, but the fact is that little girls do not go to school because there is no safe drinking water. When there is no drinking water in the vicinity the girls have to go and fetch it from the spring. I have seen adolescent girls fetch drinking water from twenty and sometimes thirty kilometres away, which takes a whole day. By the time they are fourteen or fifteen years old, these girls whose lives are geared to meeting the urgent need for water have never been to school, have never learned anything. How can they use contraception or even know that contraception exists?

Some people even try to explain excessively high birth-rates by the fact that for hundreds of millions of people love is the only source of happiness. Contraception neither prevents nor reduces happiness. The contraceptive pill is distributed freely in many poor countries and yet the women do not take it. Why? Because they have had no education and are subjected to the will of the men who either do not care about the consequences or want children to look after them in their old age.

Overpopulation is our planet's number one problem. Of the 5.7 billion people on Earth, less than 2 billion live in decent conditions. This figure will soon double. Perhaps we shall manage to feed the expected 10 or 12 billion. But that's just about all we shall be able to do.

* Some people believe that the sea can be a rich source of food. . . .

-- That is a ridiculous idea. The sea's resources are diminishing. There is far too much overfishing already. And even if we manage to keep on harvesting the same quantity of protein from the sea, this quantity is bound to diminish as a proportion of consumer needs. I remember that at the beginning of my career 10 per cent of the protein consumed came from the sea. Today the proportion is of the order of 4 to 5 per cent. Tomorrow, when the population has doubled, it will fall to 2 per cent. Here too, productivity has a ceiling which cannot be exceeded. We are already in the overfishing zone.

Page 5
* And yet we can increase productivity on land. Why can't we do the same with the sea?

-- The rates of return are not at all the same.

In the Antarctic, for example, it takes ten tons of microscopic algae to form a ton of krill--krill are tiny shrimps . . . and it takes one ton of krill to produce 20 kg of whale. This is a transformation factor of 40 to 1. To produce a cow on land, the transformation factor is ten to one.

* What about desertification? Isn't it true that whereas the desert has been invading agricultural land it may now be retreating.

-- The information on which this view is based is too recent and needs to be confirmed. All the same, I am willing to accept that the Sahara was created by human beings and that it may consequently be unmade by them. If the Sahara were to become cultivable, its output would be far higher than that of the sea.

* What about pollution?

-- Global warming and the increasing rarity of water are far more serious and urgent threats than the chemical pollution we hear so much about. There is less and less water because water is squandered, and this too goes hand in hand with overpopulation. Water is being wasted at a terrific rate. In the West, farmers water their crops in such a way that 90 per cent of the water evaporates. We draw on groundwater and then let it evaporate! This year, in spite of abundant rainfall, France will be facing drought problems. Why? Because in the last three years we have wasted much of the water we have drawn.

The damage caused to the planet is a function of demography but also of levels of development. One American tires the planet far more than twenty Bangladeshis. Damage is also linked to consumption. Our society is geared to increasingly useless consumption. It's a vicious circle which I compare to a cancer.

* Some snakes, mosquitoes and other animal species pose threats or dangers for humankind. Can they be eliminated like the viruses that cause certain diseases?

-- Getting rid of viruses is an admirable idea, but it raises enormous problems. In the first 1,400 years of the Christian era, population numbers were virtually stationary. Through epidemics, nature compensated for excess births by excess deaths.

I talked about this problem with the director of the Egyptian Academy of Sciences. He told me that scientists were appalled to think that by the year 2080 the population of Egypt might reach 250 million.

What should we do to eliminate suffering and disease? It's a wonderful idea but perhaps not altogether a beneficial one in the long run. If we try to implement it we may jeopardize the future of our species.

It's terrible to have to say this. World population must be stabilized and to do that we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. This is so horrible to contemplate that we shouldn't even say it. But the general situation in which we are involved is lamentable.

* And yet solutions must exist. . . .

-- It's a question of cost. We need $400 billion a year for fifteen years. To provide people with safe drinking water. To provide schooling for girls and low pensions for the elderly. With $4 billion over fifteen years we can not only reduce demographic pressure but halt population growth.

Page 6
* Is there anything we can do to control industrial pollution?

-- Not much. Carbon dioxide is the big problem. We are going to suffocate because of carbon dioxide. As you know, it stimulates breathing, and we shall all end up panting to death if amounts of carbon dioxide continue to increase. This increase is the result of a misguided energy policy. What's more, we have preferred to invest enormous sums in nuclear energy produced by fission rather than by fusion, which is clean. But nuclear energy produced by fusion makes it possible to have the bomb!

There are other, more "picturesque" forms of pollution. Planet Earth is now surrounded by a girdle of fragments of broken satellites which move at the speed of a bullet and will eventually prevent any attempt to reach outer space.

To manage nature a certain amount of wisdom is needed. Perhaps one day, taking long-term factors into account, we shall succeed in managing nature as we now do when we create a pretty garden. But let's get back to the mosquitoes. For the last ten years I have owned a house in the country. When I first went there, there were swallows, robins and mosquitoes. Today the mosquitoes have gone, but so have the swallows, the grasshoppers and the butterflies. The crops have been sprayed with pesticides from the air, and so the insects have been almost totally wiped out. If we carry on like this, children will never see a swallow, a dragonfly or a butterfly. Well done!

* Perhaps you coudl find a more hopeful note on which to end this conversation?

-- Real interest in environmental problems began in 1988 when the American magazine Time featured planet Earth on its cover, and titled it "Planet of the Year" instead of its usual "man of the year".

In July 1989, the leaders of the seven great industrial nations devoted a third of the time at their annual summit and twenty-three pages of the report to environmental problems. Later a meeting was held at The Hague and there were others too. At long last people were realizing that the danger was global and that everyone was threatened.

This realization on the part of world leaders has been encouraged by powerful pressure from public opinion all over the world. The combination of these two forces, at the top and at the grassroots, should lead to the beginning of a solution. I hope that this is a sufficiently hopeful note on which to conclude!

COPYRIGHT 2008 Gale, Cengage Learning


SherrieLeaLaird August 13, 2010

You cannot be an American and Stick up for the William of Orange Queen of England. Obama works for BP and BP IS OWNED BY QUEEN OF ENGLAND

WATCH MY MAIN VID & My banned vid and all my favs and you will get caught up real fast. IS OBAMA MUSLIM?....or is this a PURPOSEFUL SLIP OF THE TONGUE. MY GOD the devil is good at what she does!! We are being SupahPlay'd out!
my banned: page SUB and watch all the parts!
here's part one.

To the Elite know not what they do. We pray for your souls.

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forensic Brian Leonard golightly marshall

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Psalm 91 - a Promise (More lies) from BRIAN/YAHWEH

You Creeps are NOT Mr and Mrs reincarnated God, you are Thieves, Slanderers, False Prophets for your own gain, to Puff up the Brian Ego.  


Hi guys, this is has been so long since I was able to comment..the internet situation is pathetic...I have been reading for the first time in weeks your comments and one really got to me from Audio Truther saying that he felt much safer when we were posting videos every day....we do miss you and our life together full time is has been our dream from the time of the cross and I am still getting used to dreams coming true..tis what Paradise is...we think of you all constantly...keep buying those lottery tickets any time you can the angels can use anything they want to to get people where they need to be...every day gone by isone day closer to the end of Lucifer you all....J&B

August 16, 2010

Psalm 91 - a Promise from YHWH

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High
shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of YHWH, He is my refuge and my fortress:
my Elohim; in him will I trust.

Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee with his feathers,and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. Because thou hast made YHWH, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation; There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet. Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because HE HATH KNOWN MY NAME. He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him. With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.

St. Trolls Day (A day where Trolls get to hand in their evidence)

SherrieLeaLaird August 16, 2010

FIRST: My reupload of Antoines was attacked by stalkers and liars,then my response was attacked by stalkers and liars AND BANNED?? So since they make threats and post all day 'I hate you' and that I should die for 'disinfo' hahaaha
I put this up so they can prove their lies about me.

If they prove their B.S I'll post it
As for anything I ever say...
it's down the side bar on the right and there's plenty more where that came from.
Everything you currently know someone taught or told you and what if that someone lied. They did. Your government lies and steals from you. You are a freeman on the land and only you gave away your own rights.

The Strawman Burneth
Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall


Prove that Alex Jones talks about
Aliens and Ufo's. Prove that everyday he doesnt bring proven Documentation

Prove that I "STOLE" a video or that I didnt give credit to the
Bed Intruder Song writer 'Schmoyoho. Prove that he didnt thank me as I have proven his email to me.

Prove that the Queen Of England's name is not Saxe Coburg Gotha
Prove that the Star Of David is not connected to the Occult
Prove that I, or any famous Truther wears a tin foil hat
Prove that Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall wants you to drink Koolaide and Die or is in any cult other than breaking you from a every religious lying man made $$$ 'CULT' and tells you to reclaim your freeman rights.
Prove that I get money from my book or music or that I did it for fame.
Prove that I am a man. Haha! Good times.

Prove that there is no OBELISKS (HEADSTONES/ NECROPOLIS) standing in Washington, Vatican and London.
Prove there is no Pyramid with an eye on the back of the U.S Dollar.
Prove that there are no snakes on the Health Symbol. Prove that the queen is not surrounded by flags with either snakes, lizards or dragons.
Prove there is no such thing as
Eugenics calling for Depopulation by Obama's Science employee John P Holdren
Prove that BP does not stand
for BRITISH PETROLEUM and that it is not owned by ROTHSCHILDS, Queen of England and QUEEN BEATRICE.
PROVE that COREXIT is not owned by Rothschilds.
Prove that Baxter Swine flu is not owned by Rothschilds.
Prove that the government do not call for a New World Order
(See Jason Bermas Film)

Prove Bohemian Grove doesnt exist.
Prove the 40 ft owl doesn't exist.
Prove there are no cone hats and cloaks on the ELITE at Bohemian Grove.
Prove Order of the Garter doesn't
exist. Prove that GARTER is not a snake.

Prove that Obama was swimming in the GULF of MEXICO.
Prove there are no Chemtrails.
Prove that plane contrails last ALL DAY.
PROVE there is NO FLUORIDE in the water.
PROVE THAT my BANNED VIDEO said anything untrue.
PROVE that our MONUMENTS AND SYMBOLS do not trace back to ANCIENT EGYPT and MORE.

In fact we could go on all day.
But if you can PROVE any of the things you write to me, daily, hourly and minutely and accuse me of.


Sherrie Lea.

They can't prove anything against what you say dear. these talking weiners of lucifer, got nothing on you, cause what You speak is the TRUTH. and the Angel's of Brian/Yahweh are watching these people, for sure! They Better Wake Up soon.

They can't prove jack against you! all they can do is foam at the mouth with their hateful dribble. is what it amounts to, like rabid dogs!

George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography

George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography

By Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin

Table of Contents
Introduction — American Caligula
Chapter 1 – The House of Bush: Born in a Bank
Chapter 2 – The Hitler Project
Chapter 3 – Race Hygiene: Three Bush Family Alliances
Chapter 4 – The Center of Power is in Washington
Chapter 5 – Poppy and Mommy
Chapter 6 – Bush in World War II
Chapter 7 – Skull and Bones: The Racist Nightmare at Yale
Chapter 8 – The Permian Basin Gang
Chapter 8b – The Bay of Pigs and The Kennedy Assassination
Chapter 9 – Bush Challenges Yarborough for The Senate
Chapter 10 – Rubbers Goes to Congress
Chapter 11 – United Nations Ambassador, Kissinger Clone
Chapter 12 – Chairman George in Watergate
Chapter 13 – Bush Attempts The Vice Presidency, 1974
Chapter 14 – Bush in Beijing
Chapter 15 – CIA Director
Chapter 16 – Campaign 1980
Chapter 17 – The Attempted Coup D’Etat of March 30, 1981
Chapter 18 – Iran-Contra
Chapter 19 – The Leveraged Buyout Mob
Chapter 20 – The Phony War On Drugs
Chapter 21 – Omaha
Chapter 22 – Bush Takes The Presidency
Chapter 23 – The End of History
Chapter 24 – The New World Order
Chapter 25 – Thyroid Storm

Is Monsanto Evil? A 10th grader investigates -VDO

Is Monsanto Evil? A 10th grader investigates -VDO

May 9, 2010
By Power Point Paradise

High school student Amelia chose Monsanto as the subject of her year-long 10th grade project. Her goal was to research the company and ultimately answer the question, “Is Monsanto Evil?”

[Below the You Tube Video is the text of the video, give or take a few mistakes due to the low volume of the sound track.]

Is Monsanto Evil?

According to their website, “Monsanto is an agricultural company. We apply innovation and technology to help farmers around the world produce more while conserving more. We help farmers grow yield sustainably do they can be successful, produce healthier foods, better animal feeds, and more fiber, while also reducing agriculture’s impact on our environment.”

As you can see they appear to be a very environmentally friendly and responsible company. They have a building operating out of St. Louis. They were company of the year in Forbes Magazine, and have over 27.000 employees and a gross revenue of about $
They seem like the perfect company according to their self projected image, but the question is, “Are they really?” [MUSIC]

The Vietnam war began in the late 1950-ies and ended on April 30 1975. During this period from 1951 until 1968, the United States dropped 80 million liters of Agent Orange over Vietnam covering over 6 million acres. Agent Orange is an herbicidal de-foliant used in the war to reveal enemy hide outs and destroy their food supplies. More than 4.8 million Vietnamese were exposed to the chemical.

Agent Orange is a toxic substance known to cause lethal diseases such as various skin diseases, assorted cancers and death. In children the effects are much more severe. Children since have been born with cleft palates, mental disabilities, deformations, hernias, blindness, paralysis, poly-dactyls, and other serious diseases due to the apparent exposure to the toxin.

Around 400.000 or so children were maimed initially to exposure, 500.0000 children were born with birth effects shortly there after, and around 2 million people have developed cancers since agent Orange was first dropped over Vietnam.

Now who engineered and put this chemical in use? “The Forbes magazine 2010 company of the year their responsible and environmentally stewardship leader … Monsanto!”

Not only has this company been tied to agent orange, aspartame, nutrasweet and the dayton project, but it has also been a target of so many lawsuits that a majority of its profits go to ensuring that they have the best for you.

The most notable lawsuit was in 1997. “Monsanto versus Percy Schmeiser”
A few Canadian farmers lived next door. One used the Monsanto round up ready canola and the other who didn’t. Allegedly when the blue Monsanto patented seeds from a neighbour yard flew to Percy Schmeiser. Without knowing Schmeiser was growing Monsanto product round up. When this was exposed Monsanto sued Schmeiser for patent infringement, asking for about 400.000 dollars.

The court decided that Monsanto’s patent was valid, but did not require Schmeiser to pay any money, because he supposedly did not profit anymore while Round Up ready Canola was in his field.

But even though he did not pay Monsanto, how was he to know that his fields were contaminated with their product? And how are they being entitled to so much money for such an insignificant issue?

Now Percy Schmeiser is still an enemy of Monsanto. Their website says that “he is not a hero He is simply a patent infringer who knows how to tell a good story.”

However he is still regarded as a hero and an icon in the anti GMO campaign or genetically modified organism, also sometimes called “Frankenfood”.

The main reason Monsanto is famous for introducing into the agricultural mainstream. Basically it involves replacing, deleting or adding of genes into strains of DNA of the produce.

This alters the chemical make-up of the food allegedly benefiting it in many ways. Food can become more visibly appealing and some even believe even more nutritous. But the bottom line is, nobody knows the real chemical make up of the food contains, apart from Monsanto experts.

[Advert: "When a herbicide is effective as ROUND UP...]

Round Up products made by Monsanto include V T triple Pro, Round Up Ready 2 yield, Round Up Ready Canola, Round Up Ready Suger Beet, Round Up Ready Flax Cotton, Bollgard Two, and Bollgard with Round Up Ready Flax, and Smart Stax. But Monsanto’s arguebly most succesful product remains to be the Round Up Ready Soybean.

Round Up is known chemically as glycol, a toxic used to kill weeds. The logic behind the injecting DNA into the plant, is to control weeds by not destroying the produce. Think of this as a vaccination. Except that while you eat this soy bean you are also ingesting thimerosol and mercury containing preservatives.

Another instance for eating lethal chemicals is in the case of a new released potato, which is so vile that even the fast-food giant MacDonald has banned it from its french fries. By EPA regulation this potato is considered to be a pesticide. It is even lethal to the Colorado potato beetle.

The staggering truth is that there are over a 100 million acres of cross planted genetically modified seeds in the continental United States. To put it simply, Capitalist America is obsessed with GMO cornfields.

Worldwide the land devoted to GMO crops is gone up 5,900% in its senior period.
The impact of this planting and harvesting will not be known for generations. And the lack of research behind this technology just seems to be the excuse for Monsanto to keep taking advantage of how little interest there is in genetic modification

However, their positive eco-friendly image makes America love Monsanto even more. Nobody acknowledges their close ties with the government or where their profits go to. Everybody simply turns a blind eye to the blatant corruption conducted by this company and their deliberate exploitation of workers and farmers.

Their old image of chemical genetic engineering and science fiction like experiments, was almost unnoticeably replaced due to their control over the media and government.

From my research experience I have determined that Monsanto’s power over America’s food industry, by a lack of a better word, is ridiculous, and it can not continue.

The ethics of their company comes down to a “he said, she said” argument. They deny introducing terminator seed technology. They insist Percy Schmeiser planted their patent in his field. They claim GMOs are harmless to the environment and to the body.

Regardless, most Americans are unfamiliar with the company and those who have heard of Monsanto are unsurprised due to the power of their brainwashing propaganda.

Read a book by Michael Pollen or watch Food Inc. Take a look at their website and form your own opinion! Evil or not, the corporation with so much power over the food industry must be exposed. The uneducated simply must be informed. The Word must be spread!

To start:

We must buy all organic non GMO products.
We must demand accountability for Monsanto’s irresponsible spreading of GMOs into the supermarkets of America with insufficient testing on the impact to consumers and into the environment.
Please go to Byte style and sign the online petition.
Pledge not to buy any roundup ready products.
Write your congressional representatives about the outrages Monsanto continues to commit every day.
Write the editors of Forbes magazine and ask them what in the world were they thinking.
Get involved!
We can save the planet and keep it safe for future generations


What will you do to expose this evil company!
Here’s the “Replace Roundup” challenge Amelia referred to in her video.
I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing from Amelia

* * * * * *

I’ve gotten some heat lately about my personal antipathy for Monsanto, since I’m a libertarian and all. Here are just a few of the reasons I choose not to support them:

* They work hand-in-glove with the government to create policies that make it difficult for new competitors to enter the market
* They give the Free Market a bad name: They spent $8 million lobbying last year — what small farmer could possibly compete with that?

Sure, as a corporation they have a right to spend their money however they please, but when our political system is so obviously influenced by whomever spends the most money, companies like Monsanto end up buying a competitive advantage. This is NOT the Free Market, but the Free Market gets blamed when companies like Monsanto take advantage of a failed government system to create policies that increase their profits and prevent competition.

* I personally don’t like their ethics, or the way they do business. I think Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have not been properly researched, and that our ecosystem has been irreparably altered (in known and unknown ways) by their widespread release.

* As a libertarian, if I don’t like the company, all I can do about it is 1) choose not to support them and avoid consuming their products; and 2) let other people know why I don’t support them.

If you agree, please join me in using alternatives to Monsanto products! If not, you are quite free to continue using them.

Learn more about Monsanto, GMOs and the struggle of small farms HERE.

Also Monsanto is creating havoc allover the world in Third World countries like India, where they introduced a new GMO cotton seed. When the poor farmers were talked into useing it, they discovered that the produce needed more water and pesticides, for which they didn’t have the money. Thousands of the farmers committed suicide, as they were unable to feed their families and face the ruin of their already simple farms.