Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Phobos Death to the Earth

MichelleNye | August 09, 2010

PHOBOS has been sighted once again in low orbit over Australia. As of the 9th August 2010 a magnetic flare has erupted on the sun at its very center of the surface facing the Earth. This will pull Phobos out away from the earth into a greater orbital path.
What the occult working for the New World Order fails to realize is their god Lucifer hates anything that was created by Yahweh, this means that in all life forms, the DNA has in it the sacred name YHWH and as such Lucifer being a very real angelic force, intends to wipe out the entire earth, simply put, all creation has DNA in it and therefore it will kill everything with the Mars Moon on September 11th 2010 for on that date Yahweh will be 66.66 years of age, and this is his sacred number. Therefore all who work for Lucifer have fallen for its trap, it will also kill you.
Recorded on August 9, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.

MichelleNye: An incredible sight in the heavens tonight. I the Northeast sky at my location in Victoria, Australia, Charon the moon of Pluto is the brightest light in the sky. It is a beautiful display, like a diamond, or a disco ball reflecting all the lights on the spectrum. Charon is the Ferryman to the dead. 8-12-2010