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ILLUMINATI spelled backwards

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ILLUMINATI spelled backwards!

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The Vacant Seat Number 666 in the European Parliament

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The Vacant Seat Number 666 in the European Parliament

The Tower Building (named after the Tower of Babel) houses the Fifth Parliament of Europe. It is certainly a building of the Space Age. The seats are designed like the crew seats in the Star Trek space machines. The legislative amphitheater is arranged in a massive hemicircle and has 679 seats, each assigned to a particular lawmaker. For example, Seat 663 is assigned to Rep Souchet, 664 to Thomas-Mauro, 665 to Zizzner and 667 to Rep Cappato.

While these seats are allocated to Members, one seat remains unallocated and unoccupied. The number of that seat is 666. The relevant section of the seating-plan provided to each Member reads as follows:

660 Marchiani
661 Montfort
662 Quiero
663 Souchet
664 Thomas-Mauro
665 Zizzner
666 -------
667 Cappato
668 Turco
669 Bonino
670 Pannella
671 Dupuis
672 Della Vedova

Revelation 13:18 states: "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." That is 666.

Today this Scripture is being fulfilled before our very eyes. The Antichrist's seat will be occupied. The world awaits his full and final development. The Lord will destroy him by the spirit of His mouth (the Word of God) and by the brightness of His coming (2nd Thessalonians 2:8). The coming of the Lord draweth nigh.

The Brussels EU Parliament Building

The European Union (EU) parliament, consisting of 785 members, is in Brussels, Belgium. Quite magnificent, is it not? Interestingly, the seat numbered 666 is never occupied. Perhaps they are leaving it open for someone special? ... The Antichrist!

Photo above: The Brussels, Belgium EU Parliament Building Interior

Photo above: Known officially as the Tower Building and unofficially as the "Crystal Palace."

Here's something really bizarre. The E.U.'s chosen symbol is a Woman Riding the Beast...

The above statue is located outside the EU office in Brussels — A WOMAN RIDING A BEAST!

"...and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns." —Revelation 17:3

The depiction of the same symbol was reproduced on the centenary stamp of the E.U. and in a huge painting in the Parliament’s Tower Building in Brussels.

Photo below: Second Election European Parliament postage stamp issued in 1984

Below: European Poster promoting all the languages of Europe working on a modern Tower of Babel

Photo below: European Currency: The Euro depicting a Woman Riding a Beast

The Tower of Babel

Photos below: Compare the Parliament building (top) in Strasbourg with the painting of the Tower of Babel (bottom)?

Here's a photo below of
Condoleezza Rice at the United Nations in 2005 with the numbers 666 behind her. Notice how the logo below was cleverly designed, celebrating the UN's 60th anniversary, to appear as 666 above.


The purpose of the European Union's creation was and is, ultimately, to create a European super-state or “United States of Europe,” as some have suggested naming it, that would eventually rival the United States in influence and military might. In 1999, Javier Solana became the High Representative for the European Union’s foreign and security policy, and through recommendation number 666, he was given emergency powers over the military wing of the European Union in 2000. All that currently remains to create a truly revived Roman Empire is the creation of a permanent executive branch of government and the full integration of the new Euro currency. With the introduction of the new European Union constitution, the groundwork is being laid for just such an executive branch and economic system.

"And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast..." — Revelation 13:4

Clearly, the European Union is preparing the way for the Man of Sin—The Antichrist! Few people realize just how saturated the United Nations and the European Union are with Satanism. The United Nations has all of their materials printed by The Lucis Trust, originally founded in 1922 as The Lucifer Trust.

Please read Basic Understanding of the New World Order.

Also, please read A comparison of Javier Solana and the Antichrist (very interesting).


How the Illuminati Took Back Russia

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November 15, 2009
by "Sonja" in Moscow

Summary of Oleg Platonov, "Russia's Crown of Thorns- Secret History of Freemasonry" 1731-1996 (1996)


Freemasonry today is completely different to what is traditionally believed. Ritual is no longer a priority; the Masonic job is done outside the Lodges. Top politicians of many countries openly claim their involvement with Freemasonry. It is a sort of political trade union unifying unscrupulous politicians, financial swindlers and rogues of all kinds who seek personal profit and absolute power. All major political decisions are made behind closed doors of Masonic organizations. Democratic elections are presented by a few candidates supported by the world's elite. This system of political power was introduced in Russia in the late 80s.

Masonic organizations are not united. They consist of "Mafia families" hostile to each other. We can witness a vivid example of Mafia fight in Russia now. The ultimate goal of this fight is a split-up of the country and the holocaust of Russian people.

Today there are around 500 various Masonic Lodges in Russia (not inclusive occult organizations and Satanists Churches) with around two hundred thousand members. A bigger number of members (not less than 10,000) represent so-called "white masonry". The leading part belongs to the club-chain "Rotary". Other organizations of "White Masonry" are Order of Eagle, Magisterium, Reform, International Russian Club, Soros Fund. "White Freemasons" consider themselves superior and elite, and possessing special right to dominate and exploit other people. Their anti-Russian activities are of secret character.

Agents of Influence

Communism is Freemasonry but after the WWII, Russian national identity began to grow. Stalin created a foundation for a superstate (that's why he was killed)and for decades after his death the country was living on the results of his work. USSR was turning into a superstate.Illuminati found that dangerous and decided to destroy it.

The first move of Illuminati to re-create their Masonic network in Russia was a search for potential agents of influence. "Agent of influence" is a spy-term that means "a citizen of one country who acts in interests of another country using his high official post - in the government, media, science or art". In this summary, we will touch on the persons who worked for US and had been trained by CIA. Experts who studied Freemasonry note that US-trained agents have several typical characteristics:

1. Ability to influence mass consciousness.

2. Being a part of some network. Agent of Influence is a cog in the political machine control by CIA-developed programs in the 60-70s.

3. Promotion of goals set out by the "master" (world's elite in the face of CIA here). At a certain point these goals may be presented as those of the country, but in fact they are a stop-over on the way to "master's" destination.

4. Various forms of obligatory training - individual or group training. It could be a regular seminar or intimate conversation.

5. Background (secret) activity. The more powerful the agent, the deeper he is hidden. They don't rule. They only make hints to a desirable decision harmful for the country.

6. Personal interests and hate for Russian civilization and national historical values.

Strangely enough but the last issue is typical for the CIA agent trained in the 60s and those of the late 80s. "Agents of influence" program had been developed back in the 20s by the mason Allen Dulles (Director of CIA). At one of secret Masonic meetings in presence of vice president Truman, minister of finance Morgenthau and B.Baruch, Dulles said: "US would use all their might and money to dupe people. Human brain is liable for change. We will plant chaos in peoples' heads and we will replace their true values with false ones. We will find allies in Russia. Step by step we will watch the slow death of the most rebellious nation ever existed. Cinema, theatre, literature will cultivate the lowest human feelings. We will impose a cult of sex, violence, treachery etc. We will make a mess of a government. Honesty and morale will become redundant. Cruelty, lies, drug and alcohol abuse, distrust and hostility will become essential part of life. Generation after generation will be undermined. Youth will be our tool. We have to corrupt and subvert it".

After that main points in Russia-subversion program were stipulated and later forwarded in official US documents.

Since 1947 under an excuse of fighting Communism, American government assigns for that purpose millions of dollars yearly. The first CIA recruit was A.Yakovlev while he was studying in the University of Columbia in the 60s. Later he was called Perestroika's supervisor. In late 60s he revealed himself as CIA recruit in his article where he criticized Russian national identity and made appeals to get it over with. Some years later he was sent as ambassador to Canada where he entered into cooperation with Freemason Trudeau (prime minister).

In 60-70s a group of other agents of influence concentrates around Soviet government. Ex-physicist A. Sakharov and his Jewish wife E. Bonner became key-agents in the "cold war". They worshipped western democracy and appealed to counteract national historical values of Russia.

The world's elite was frightened of Russia's revival and its growing influence world-wide.

In 1972 Illuminati understood that natural resources diminish dramatically and the West faces the danger of having to cut down on consumption. They reanimated the old doctrine of NWO which will bring absolute power into their hands. The only obstacle on this way was the USSR which by that time controlled the biggest part of natural resources in the world.

So Illuminati decided to alter the Soviet system applying external pressure. A fund of one billion dollars a year was set up to foster and control anti-Russian processes among Russians.

By the 80s American Intelligence had plenty of allies amongst Soviet leadership. A source states that from 1985 till 1992 the West had invested over 90 billion dollars into "democratization" i.e. destabilization of Russia.

The Fifth Column

We don't know how and in what amounts exactly the agents of influence were paid but we can say that in mid 80s they were activated widely, this time with a strong support of Mikhail Gorbachev. CIA preparation of new agents becomes a routine. They mainly emerge from the Communist Party circles and act freely. In the light of Perestroika they are presented to the public as champions of new ideas. All sorts of institutions and organizations are established throughout USSR. Among them "the institute of USA", "the Crible Institute", "National Democracy Contribution", "American Congress Fund", "The Institute of A.Sakharov". Lectures, conferences and trainings are given to Russian audiences. The motto is "Soviet Empire must be destroyed".

Members of future Eltsin's team are trained and instructed there as well as famous journalists.

Thus, the "fifth column" of traitors was formed which in early 90s made part of new political parties.

Gorbachev was fully aware of the trend and he knew the names of Masonic functionaries but he did nothing to prevent their activities.

Moreover, he was warned by KGB several times. But he never reacted. That proves the fact that by that time he was tightly integrated into the system of connections with the West.

Transformation of the Soviet Ruling Elite

Future historians will disclose how Communist ideologues and leaders became activists of international Masonry. Taking into consideration their personal corrupt qualities - unscrupulousness, cupidity, pathological careerism, treachery - we can easily surmise that they were bribed and blackmailed. This mechanism was integrated into the system of Communist party administration, which originally functioned using the principles of Masonic Order as a secret power structure of total control and influence.

The Communist Party system of administration was purely a tool of power independent of the people and even opposing it. This independence made possible any turn in policy of the state and exempted the executors from liability. During 70 years of Soviet Rule the Communist elite community was selected from the margins of society by their negative characteristics. They were people unable to live according to normal human laws and ready for any meanness to achieve their personal interests. During Perestroika, the Communist system of administration did not vanish. On the contrary, it mutated (with almost the same staff) into two mutually complementary, tightly interwoven structures of secret power - international Masonic and mafia-entrepreneurial. These two structures completely control Russia's rule.

The first leak that Gorbachev was a Freemason appeared in February 1988 in a German magazine "Meer Licht" and in December 1989 in the New-York newspaper "New Russian Word". The latter printed pictures of Gorbachev and Bush making typical Masonic gestures. Gorbachev's mediator with Masonic world government was George Soros - financial dealer and Israeli Intelligence agent. He started the so-called Soros Fund in Moscow in 1987. In 1990, he sponsored the project "500 days" which ruined the Soviet economy. He also sponsored the apprenticeship of all new "independent media" specialists. He initiated the fight against the Russian national movement. Later we learned that the Soros Fund was a front organization to cover-up CIA's destructive activity in Russia.

In 1989 Gorbachev joined the Trilateral Commission. The meeting of major architects of Perestroika took place in Moscow. They were David Rockefeller (Counsel of International Affairs), Henry Kissinger (B'nai-Brith), Giscard d'Estein and others. The Russian side was represented by Gorbachev, Yakovlev, Shevardnadze (Soviet prime-minister), Primakov (Prime-minister 1997-1998) and others. Results of this meeting were obscure but they were cleared up at the end of that year during Gorbachev's meeting with Bush in Malta. Many experts think that major decisions made there became lethal for USSR and led to cataclysms in Eastern Europe. It was a landmark in relations between world's elite and Soviet ruling top who agreed to betray their motherland.

The first Masonic structure in Russia was Jewish Masonic Lodge Bnai-Brith. Gorbachev favoured its opening. Its branches appeared later in other Russian cities.

Soros Fund branches also multiplied. Soros sponsored a number of anti-Russian newspapers and magazines. Russian science was infiltrated and undermined. In 1995 another Soros organization was launched - Soros Institute called "Open Society". Its purpose was to cultivate social consciousness in Western-wise direction and to train new personnel in the fields of education, culture and art. "Open Society" publishes numerous books where historical facts are rudely distorted. The idea of superiority of Western culture is implanted in Russian people's minds. Traditional Western values are imposed - the cult of violence, viciousness, money-rush, dissipation. The size of sums directed through the Soros Fund and intended for undermining Russia are over 100 million dollars.

The coup of August 1991 helped the world's elite reach their goals. Organizations fostering agents of influence maintain their structures and become an important part of Eltsin's regime. They worked out activity programs for the new President and provided him with advisers. A legal branch of this structure "Russian House" was opened in US. It was headed by agent of influence E.Lozansky. Nevertheless, all major decisions were made in CIA and by Illuminati, of course.

Confident of his victory Eltsin did not try conceal the fact of his cooperation with anti-Russian organizations.

US President Mason Bush said right after the coup: "Eltsin's victory is our victory". Then-director of CIA mason R.Gates made his own "victory march" in the Red Square for BBC channel.

Obviously, Eltsin was just a CIA's puppet. But anyway on 16 November, 1991 he was awarded a rank - knight-commander of the Maltese Order. Without a hint of shame he poses for the cameras in his costume.

Propagation of Masonic Lodges in Russia

Since that time Masonic organization flourished in Russia. Their members freely circulate through the country giving their events and starting branch-lodges.

New Russian Freemasonry accepted all modern principles of forming and developing. Many politicians, entrepreneurs, free-lancers who converted Masonic seek bigger freedom for their activities. They push the borders of traditional lodges and create dynamic ritual-free organizations called 'The White Masonry". They pursue the same goals but are represented by a variety of clubs, funds, committees and commissions. Some of them use a cover-up of spiritual organizations.

The first Masonic organization was "Rotary International" (6 June, 1990). Soon after its branches are open in many Russian cities.

Then there was International Russian Club (1992). Its members were Eltsin's team.

Order of Eagle was created in 1993. It unites "best people" who develop a network of elite connections to pursue economic and political goals. The members own special credit cards used for mutual payments. The cards are a sign of elite.

Russian brothers are closely watched by their western bosses whose prime concern is to foster new leaders in politics and economics. Searching for faithful and capable they crate not only clubs, funds and commissions but also political parties, ready to serve their goals.

At the end of 1993 two political parties are tailored. The first was called "Russia's choice" (but in fact it was the choice of Masonic world's elite). The other one was called "Yabloko" (in English means "apple"). Both of them were sponsored by bosses from the West.

"Russia' s choice' failed the election of 1996. And the west concentrated its efforts on "Yabloko". Its leader G.Yavlinsky, who once served both Gorbachev and Eltsin, was now running for Presidency. His PR campaigns were sponsored by oligarch Gusinsky, vice-president of Rotary Club, Moscow. Some western movie-companies made documentaries about life of this political swindler.

The agenda that the world's elite forwarded for new Russian leaders keeps them very busy. They will have to break Russia up into several small states and turn over some of its territories to neighboring countries like Finland, Lithuania and Japan. The biggest part of Siberia would go to US. The world's elite was even considering an option of invading Russia in order to control its nuclear arsenal. In 1992 under the patronage of European Counsel and its secretary general Cathrine Lalumiere a colloquium "Social Rights of European Citizens" was held. It was a purely Masonic meeting targeting to unite all Masons of Europe. French, Italia, Spanish, Greek and Turkish Lodges participated. Russia was represented by A.Sobchak (mayor of S-Petersburg), A.Grachev (former adviser of Gorbachev), A.Gelman (editor-in-chief of one of the leading Russian newspapers), V.Kolossov (Eltsin's assistant). A year later another conference was called and resulted in establishing a Joint Masonic Organization "The Great Europe" It controlled all major European Lodges. The Great Europe plans include establishing a united European government, united energetic community (Europe has little natural resources, so for Russia that would mean delivery of cheap resources to Europe - that's exactly what's been happening for the past 18 years), liberal trade zones (that would mean delivery of all second rate cheap European goods - due to absence of efficient quality control in Russia).

A very sad role is prepared for Russia by the Great Europe in geopolitics by opposing it to Asia. A mutual Security Pact is signed (except Western Europe there were US and Canada as participants). Taking advantage of Russia's geographic position, the West is going to use it as a tool of military deterrence in the East. [Ed. note-This doesn't seem to be happening. This book was published in 1998.]

To fulfill the project "Great Europe" the world's elite will have to make tectonic changes in Russian people's minds. So this basically means that it is Utopian. But it will not be turned down so easily.

Freemasonry and the CIA

Masonic conspiracy stereotypes served as patterns for many intelligence services world-wide - first of all CIA and Mossad. Developing a network of its allies and agents of influence, blackmailing, bribery, intimidation became regular methods of this two common natured institutions aiming at establishing of NWO. A.Dalles (Director of CIA) formulated the principle if CIA's activity - 10% intelligence activities (collecting and passing over information) and 90% of subversion activities. Experts estimate that out of 29,1 billion dollars assigned for CIA activities in 1999 around 9 billion was spent on undermining work in Russia. Part of this money goes on financial support of gangs in Chechnya and other regions of Caucasus and Middle Asia.

Conducting undermining policy against Russian national movement, US do their best to strengthen anti-Russian trends in former Soviet Republics Russia's regions. CIA spends around 1 billion dollars a year on these purposes. Special attention is paid to Byelorussia and Ukraine. S.Bzesinsky said: "It's important that Ukraine follows the West incessantly. We will have to work in the direction of development of mutual interest between US and Ukraine. If this path is neglected, Ukraine will be seduced back into alliance with Russia".

NWO is created in the hegemony of US against Russia, at the expense of Russia and on the broken pieces of Russia.

Masonic Financial Frauds

George Soros (left) was the brain behind every big financial fraud completed in Russia in the 90s. He was behind many Russian political functionaries - Chubais, Gaidar, Burbulis and others, who were key figures of so-called privatization which resulted in the transfer into the ownership of international financial swindlers of the biggest part of Russian national properties. Five hundred privatized Russian enterprises with the real cost of 200 billion dollars were bargained away for as little as 7,2 billion dollars and became legal properties of foreign companies and front structures.

In mid 90s, the Soros fund took a series of steps aimed at destruction of the Russain economy. American experts say that the ruble crash on 11 October, 1994 (aka Black Tuesday) happened due to Soros Fund's machinationsl. They note that by the beginning of summer 1994 the Soros Fund purchased shares of a number of Russian enterprises at a sum of 10 million dollars. At the end of summer 1994 with shares cost increasing dramatically, Soros sold them. His resulting profit amounted to 400 million dollars. At the end of September 1994, Soros started to exchange rubles for dollars and this caused skyrocketing dollar rate, the devaluation of Russian currency, collapse of financial system and rapid bankruptcy of many Russian enterprises.

Another operation that devastated the Russian economy was outrageous manipulation with GKO (in Russian - national monetary obligations). In 1992-1993 Soros acted as a permanent adviser to the Russian President and government and he initiated the GKO pyramid. Holders of GKO received a big income that was not supported by real money. The income was ensured by the compulsory intrusion of GKO papers to Russian enterprises and financial institutions. GKO operations were favored by Chernomyrdin (Prime Minister), Chubais (Minister of Energetics), Livshits (Minister of Finance) and others. Within a few years, the enterprises able to buy GKO papers were exhausted and the collapse of GKO pyramid was looming. Soros who invested lots of money into GKO, was the first to foresee it.

In spring-summer Soros, his dealers and top bureaucrats get rid of their GKO papers through front companies, stimulating the drop of GKO value. Experts say that over 700 Russian functionaries (including political leaders) participated in this fraud. On August 17 - the day of default - many of them sold their GKO papers at a high rate for IMF money, thus transferring billions of dollars to their personal accounts in western banks and leaving useless GKO papers in the state treasury. On August 17 the government refuses to pay the GKO percent. Banks and companies that accumulated a big amount of GKO papers experienced a catastrophic shock which caused a threefold ruble devaluation, skyrocketing prices and bankruptcy of enterprises. As foreign banks and investors had also acquired GKO papers due to their high income, they suffered either. Low financial prestige of Russia fell to the ground.

G.Burbulis (Eltsin's assistant) was one of key-figures in GKO fraud and did not conceal that the biggest part of his fortune was made through securities manipulations. He also had tight connections with other financial swindlers both Russian and foreign - such as M.Rich (Mossad agent and drug-dealer) and Urinsons brothers and he is admitted to have conducted illegal transactions with weapons. Burbulis was a mediator between Eltsin and Rich in procurement of oil delivery export licenses, which brought huge income.

Chubais's business is directly connected with Soros's financial manipulations. He also shared interests with Bonde-Nilsen - major mason, owner of ship constructing company, who was found guilty of business frauds and was sued. Chubais is well-known for many other big financial manipulations in Russia.

Almost all of major Russian Masons made huge personal fortunes on grievances and devastation of our country. According to information given in the press the following were especially successful:

Commander of Maltese Order B.Berezovsky ( personal fortune over 1 billion dollars)

Member of Bnai-Brith and Rotary Club B.Gusinsky (not less than 800 billion dollars)

Trilateral Commission Advisers B.Chernomyrdin and R.Vyahirev (around 1 billion each)

Member of Rotary club Yu.Luzhkov (mayor of Moscow) (300-400 million dollars)

According to information published in Italian and American newspapers in August-September 1999, the biggest part of IMF loans (not less than 15 billion dollars) were stolen by Commander of Maltese Order B.Eltsin (Yeltsin), his daughter and their milieu (A.Chubais, A.Livshits, O.Soskovets, B.Potanin). This money went through offshore zones created specifically for their needs (in Cyprus, Gibraltar and Zurich). One of the major transit zones in this financial fraud was The Bank of New-York (its four top executives being Freemasons). Considerable part of stolen money was invested in securities of American corporations. Khodorkovsky (head of Ukos oil-company and head Menatep Bank. Currently in jail) was likely to participate in the fraud. By the way his name was included in the of 200 representatives whose activity will influence the course of history in the third century.

Forces of international Freemasonry are dangerous for human civilization - they are super-rich, powerful and aspiring for absolute power. They are capable of any crime at all. Events that continue to happen in Russia are vivid example of that.

Purpose of Russia's Extermination

In late 90s the world's Masonic elite began to openly proclaim the coming NWO. They were sure that by the year 2000, the world government would control and direct all aspects of humanity's life including religion. Russia's role in the NWO is "a reservoir of natural and energy resources". The world government is not concerned with the future of Russian people. Russia is considered as "strategic territory" (Bzesinsky) or "the place containing enormous part of planet's resources"(Rockefeller). "The less people inhabit Russia the more available it will become for the West" (Bsezinsky).

There have been different plans as to Russia'a break-up: three, six and seven parts.

But the major strategic line of the world's elite in respect to Russia is maintaining the country in destabilized condition AND cooperation with destructive political, economic and national processes.

Madelaine Albright said at the conference of Russian-American business cooperation: "US goal is to control the consequences of the Soviet break-up and support for Russian while they continue to move in the same direction".

In his book "The Great Chessboard" Brzezinsky formulates the long-term geopolitical strategy of the world's elite, US establishment being its core. This strategy envisages complete extermination of Russia on its historical European part (till The Urals), ousting Russians (as well as Ukranians and Belorussians) into remote regions of Siberia and using them as a labour force for mining operations.

In his complicated Judo-Masonic language Bzresinsky maintains the following idea:

Russia is not liable for transformation into a "western democracy" due to its specific spiritual characteristics. Russia is a 'black hole" hostile to the West. That's why it has to be destroyed.

Bzrezinsky accuses Elstin and his team of corruption and doesn't believe that his followers will be different. Bzrezinsky was scandalized that the money donated by IMF for "transformation into a western type" have been stolen by Russian leaders and transferred to their personal bank accounts. On the other hand Bzrezinsky doesn't intend to sue Eltsin and his team and thinks their corruption is innate feature typical for any Russian person. He proposes to get rid of Russia once and for all - of Russia as a geographic, political, spiritual phenomenon, splitting it up into several puppet states and transferring part of its territory to EU, Turkey, Japan and China.

One of the major tasks of the world's elite is to destroy national governments and establishing in their place Judo-Masonic ruling regimes. For the past 150 years all western European countries have lost their national governments and are now ruled by cosmopolitan Masonic elites, whose interests are far from majority of ordinary Germans, French, British and other western Europeans. The elections show of two or three parties (the same in their essence) is cover-up for the cruelest dictatorship of the secret world government and international Jewish capital.

Military Actions in Yugoslavia

Plans of military aggression in Eastern Europe were developed at meetings of the International Affairs Counsel and Trilateral Commission. These institutions made a decision to punish the Serbs for their disobedience to the world's elite rules. The Serbs' major guilt is pursuing national interests and attempts to maintain national integrity and Orthodox religion. The Serbs were the only European people who managed to keep national government that opposed the world's elite dictatorship.

Military actions in Yugoslavia were a big move in establishing the NWO. Millions of people suffered and tens of thousand got killed during multiple bombardments. It's important to note that the weapons used in Yugoslavia were those forbidden by international conventions. The economy of the country was destroyed.

Invasion of NATO troops was an action aimed at gradual devastation of the country and the following transfer of its territories to neighboring states.

G.Soros, one of the NWO leaders said a month after the bombardments that the Balkans should go under the protection of the European Counsel. As a result of reconstruction the region would be divided into Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. This operation was a sort of a test-drive for Russia's reconstruction. Secret support of anti-Russian gangs in Chechnya, Dagestan and other southern region in Russia as well as CIA sponsored Taliban aim at tearing away rich in oil Russian territories rich and assigning to this region a role of Russian Kosovo.

Freemasonry is a Criminal Community

Freemasonry in every aspect is a secret criminal community. Its goal is to achieve international dictatorship based on Judaist doctrine of "Chosen People".

Russian Orthodox Church always condemned Freemasonry as a form of Satanism.

Freemasons have always been the evil enemy of humanity, still more dangerous as they tried to cover-up their criminal activities with a veil of deceitful arguments about spiritual growth and charity. Yet awful crimes committed by Freemasons put them outside of law. In many countries Masonic Lodges have been constantly prohibited.

1725 - prohibition of Freemasonry in France.

1738 - prohibition in Holland and Sweden.

1740 - Spanish King Phillip V issues a regulation against Freemasons.

1748 - prohibited in Turkey

1740 - prohibited in Malta

1801 - Emperor Francisco II prohibits Freemasonry in Austria

1823 - prohibited in Portugal.

Notwithstanding prohibitions Masonic ideology expanded. Masonic influence was behind all wars, revolutions and cataclysms of 18-20 centuries.

By the end of 19th century Freemasons influenced directly the policy of western European countries, playing a key role in governments and parliaments.

The stronghold of modern Freemasonry are the United States of America. US is believed to be "the great Masonic super-power". Its government and top officials are members of Masonic Lodges.

Here is the list of military operations performed by US and based on Masonic principles:

1945 - A-bomb blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

1948-1953 - punitive operations against the Philippines people

1950-1953 - military invasion in Korea. Hundreds of thousands of Koreans perished.

1964 - 1973 - punitive operations in Laos. Thousands of victims.

1964 - bloody suppression of Panama national forces, demanding the return of their rights in Panama straight.

1965-1973 - military aggression in Vietnam. Over 500 thousand Vietnamese perished. In Hitler-style peaceful villages were destroyed and burned to the ground. Mass murder of women and children.

1970 - aggression against Cambodia. Multiple victims of peaceful citizens.

1982 - 1983 - act of terrorism against Lebanon.

1983 - military invasion in Grenada. Hundreds of victims.

1986 - treacherous invasion in Libya.

1989 - military invasion in Panama.

1991 - large scale military operation against Iraq. Not less than 150 hundred thousand citizens perished.

1992-1993 - military operation in Somali. Murder of peaceful citizens.

1999 - aggression against Yugoslavia, thousands of victims, hundreds of thousands of refugees.

These are open military actions. Also US was largely involved in silent wars against Salvador, Cuba, Afghanistan, Iran, where they investing huge sums of money to support pro-American puppet regimes.

Total of victims perished as a result of Masonic US Presidents decrees during 1948-1999 amounts to more than a million people (not including injured and destitute ones).

Actions of US Presidents must be brought to international military tribunal and Masonic Lodges of all types must be given the status of fascist organizations and strictly prohibited.

In Russia, Masonic Lodges were prohibited three times by special Tsarist decrees. The last prohibition had existed till 1917.

Despite the prohibition Masonic Lodges functioned secretly. Signs of their activity can be traced in 19th and 20th centuries (even during the Soviet rule). Gorbachev's and Eltsin's decrees legalized Freemasonry in Russia. Masonic organizations as they seriously threaten the future of Russia.

(Compiled from a series of three artciles, posted at http://www.henrymakow.com )

The War on Soy and Walmart's Great Value Brand

I have recently purchased Walmart's Great Value brand of Baking soda and Sour cream (both are Labeled as All Natural)

Great Value - (All Natural) Sour Cream
Allergy Warning: contains Milk
May contain traces of Hazelnut, Wheat, Soy

Great Value - (All Natural) Baking Soda
Allergy warning - May contain traces of Milk, Eggs, Walnuts, Peanuts, Wheat and Soy

So where is the Great Value in all this Deceptive Advertising?

The War on Soy: Why the 'Miracle Food' May Be a Health Risk and Environmental Nightmare

Comment: Vegetarians aren't the only ones who should be concerned; there's soy in just about everything you eat these days -- including hamburgers, mac 'n cheese and salad dressing.

Susan J. Marks

By Tara Lohan, AlterNet. Posted November 21, 2009

These days, you can get soy versions of just about any meat -- from hot dogs to buffalo wings. If you're lactose-intolerant you can still enjoy soy ice-cream and soy milk on your cereal. If you're out for a hike and need a quick boost of energy, you can nibble on soy candy bars.Soy is a lucrative industry. According to Soyfoods Association of North America, from 1992 to 2008, sales of soy foods have increased from $300 million to $4 billion. From sales numbers to medical endorsements, it would seem that soy has reached a kind of miracle food status.

In 2000 the American Heart Association gave soy the thumbs up and the FDA proclaimed: "Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 25 grams of soy protein a day may reduce the risk of heart disease." Over the course of the last decade medical professionals have touted its benefits in fighting not just cardiovascular disease, but cancers, osteoporosis and diabetes.

But soy's glory days may be coming to an end. New research is questioning its health benefits and even pointing out some potential risks. Although definitive evidence may be many years down the road, the American Heart Association has quietly withdrawn its support. And some groups are waging an all-out war, warning that soy can lead to certain kinds of cancers, lowered testosterone levels, and early-onset puberty in girls.

Most of the soy eaten today is also genetically modified, which may pose another set of health risks. The environmental implications of soy production, including massive deforestation, increased use of pesticides and threats to water and soil, are providing more fodder for soy's detractors.

All of this has many people wondering if they should even be eating it at all. And you are most likely eating it. Even if you're not a vegetarian or an avid tofu fan, there is a good chance you're still eating soy. Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved, explains that soy is now an ingredient in three-quarters of processed food on the market and just about everything you'd find in a fast food restaurant. It's used as filler in hamburgers, as vegetable oil and an emulsifier. It's in salad dressing, macaroni and cheese, and chicken nuggets."Even if you read every label and avoid cardboard boxes, you are likely to find soy in your supplements and vitamins (look out for vitamin E derived from soy oil), in foods such as canned tuna, soups, sauces, breads, meats (injected under poultry skin), and chocolate, and in pet food and body-care products," wrote Mary Vance for Terrain Magazine. "It hides in tofu dogs under aliases such as textured vegetable protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and lecithin--which is troubling, since the processing required to hydrolyze soy protein into vegetable protein produces excitotoxins such as glutamate (think MSG) and aspartate (a component of aspartame), which cause brain-cell death."

Health Risks or Rewards?

"I grew up in Houston on po' boys and the Wall Street Journal," said Robyn O'Brien. "I trusted our food system." But all that changed when one of her kids developed a food allergy and O'Brien began doing research to find out what's actually in our food and the companies behind it.

Her work led to the book,The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It, and she's become an incredible crusader on multiple fronts when it comes to food. She's also been educating consumers about soy's double-edged sword.

To understand why, it helps to know a little history about soy. It's been cultivated, starting in China, for 3,000 years. While Asian diets have generally included soy it has been in small amounts eaten fermented -- primarily via miso, natto and tempeh. "Fermenting soy creates health-promoting probiotics, the good bacteria our bodies need to maintain digestive and overall wellness," wrote Vance. "By contrast, in the United States, processed soy food snacks or shakes can contain over 20 grams of nonfermented soy protein in one serving."

It's not that all soy is bad; in fact, eating it in small doses can be quite healthy, if it's fermented. But when it's not, that's where the problems begin. Soy is a legume, which contains high amounts of phytic acid. Phytic acid binds to minerals (like calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc), interfering with the body's ability to absorb them (which is usually a bad thing). Soy is also known to contain "antinutrients," among them enzyme inhibitors that interfere with protein digestion. The Chinese figured out about 2,000 years ago that antinutrients and phytic acid could be deactivated during fermentation, but in the processed-food laden land of the West, we've chosen cultural ignorance in favor of quick and cheap. Most of the soy we eat is unfermented.

Another issue with soy is its high amounts of isoflavones, which can be good and bad (hence the double-edged sword). Isoflavones are a powerful antioxidant, writes Robyn O'Brien in her book, that can help boost immunity. They also impact estrogen levels and have been shown to have positive effects on easing symptoms of menopause. "But that plus can also be a minus," writes O'Brien, "because isoflavones' very ability to boost estrogen production can also pose hazards to our health. For example, the FDA scientists point out, during pregnancy, isoflavones could boost estrogen levels even higher, 'which could be a risk factor for abnormal brain and reproductive tract development.'" There is also a risk of breast and other reproductive cancers for women and the potential for testicular cancer and infertility in men.

While there was much news about the American Heart Association endorsing soy in 2000, there was little attention given when the AHA changed its mind and quietly withdrew its pro-soy claims in 2006, O'Brien points out. She also learned that they were not the only ones who expressed concerned about soy. A study in the British medical journal Lancet in 1996 warned of the effects of soy in infant formula. The study found babies had levels of isoflavones that were five to 10 times higher than women taking soy supplements for menopause. The effects in girls could be early-onset puberty, obesity, breast and reproductive cancers. Boys could face testicular cancer, undescended testicles and infertility. Additionally, O'Brien says, a 2003 British study conducted by Gideon Lack of St. Mary's Hospital at Imperial College London followed 14,000 children from the womb through age 6 and found that kids who had been given soy formula as infants seemed almost three times as likely to develop a peanut allergy later on.

As if all this weren't disturbing enough, there's also another reason to be alarmed -- most of the soy we eat is genetically modified to withstand increasing doses of weed-killing herbicides, and really, we have no idea what the long-term affects of that might be. So, what's a person to do? Stay away from soy as much as possible, which also means avoiding processed foods. And, even if we choose not to eat those things, some of us may end up getting them anyway. "There are different sales channels that these companies are using to sell soy with little regard for the cost to people down the road," said O'Brien. "Soy that is not used in grocery stores, in restaurants, or consumed by livestock, is disposed of in school lunch programs, hospitals, and prisons."

One organization, the Weston A. Price Foundation, is actually engaged in a lawsuit on behalf of Illinois state prisoners who say they're eating a diet made of largely soy protein. "In their letters, the prisoners have described deliberate indifference to a myriad of serious health problems caused by the large amounts of soy in the diet," the WAP Foundation writes. "Complaints include chronic and painful constipation alternating with debilitating diarrhea, vomiting after eating, sharp pains in the digestive tract after consuming soy, passing out after soy-based meals, heart palpitations, rashes, acne, insomnia, panic attacks, depression and symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as low body temperature (feeling cold all the time), brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, frequent infections and an enlarged thyroid gland."

While the soy industry has profited from the widespread adoption of its products here in the United States, other developed countries have taken a more precautionary approach and not allowed soy to become as pervasive in their food supplies in an effort to protect the health of their citizens, says O'Brien. But it's not just people who are at risk. The deleterious effects of soy can start with the seed.

Goodbye Rainforests, Hello Roundup

Glenn Beck recently chastised Al Gore about his meat eating, telling him that if he really cared about the planet he should put down his burger and pick up some Tofurkey. But unfortunately, it's not that simple. Increasing evidence is showing that soy production is also catastrophic for the environment. Just like a beef burger, a soy-based veggie patty may also be leading to deforestation, water depletion, and pesticide pollution. But it's also important to note that the vast majority of soy produced globally isn't used for tofu and veggie sausage -- it's actually used to fatten livestock and create biofuels (so, yeah, you may still want to put down the burger).

"Soy is a really sexy crop; it's fantastic. It's nitrogen fixing, it's full of protein; it's very rich and flexible," Raj Patel said in an interview with New America Media. "The tragedy is that the way we grow it today has turned a blessing into a curse because the way that soy agriculture works is monocultural, which means it takes over large parts of land. In Brazil, that means the Cerrado and the rainforest in the Amazon, and they are draining the water that is beneath that land. There are even some soy and biofuel plantations in Brazil where the International Labor Organization says there are 40,000 slaves working today. Slaves! In Brazil, producing biofuels and soy."

Brazil is one of the leading soy producers in the world, second only to the U.S. and poised to quickly move to the top spot. And overall, the growth of the world market is huge, with global production doubling over the past 20 years and 210 million tons produced a year.

But it has also led to problems. Countries across Latin America, including Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia, are experiencing environmental problems similar to Brazil's. Rainforests are cleared, carbon emissions increase, indigenous and small farmers are displaced, aquifers are sucked dry, roads are built through sensitive ecosystems, and heavy pesticide use threatens waterways, soils and the health of locals. And as with all industrial monocultural farming, the rich (Monsanto, Cargill, and Bunge) get richer and the poor get poorer.

"The soy 'gold rush' has attracted fierce competition for land, leading to violence and murder," Marianne Betterly summarized in Mariri Magazine. "Hundreds of acres of rainforest are being cleared everyday, often by slave 'debt' laborers, to make room for more soy plantations."

So, we may get our cheap burgers and a deluge of soy-infused foods, but at great cost.

Adding to all these environmental problems with soy is the fact that much of the world's soy (and 85 percent of the U.S crop) is genetically engineered. Since the early '90s farmers in the United States (and now across the world) have been using Monsanto's Roundup Ready soy that is genetically engineered to be resistant to the herbicide Roundup, which is liberally sprayed on the crop to kill weeds.

Much of the promise of GE crops was that they'd lead to the use of less pesticides and herbicides, which threaten both human and environmental health. But that hasn't actually panned out. "Because herbicide-tolerant crops are designed to withstand application of weed killers, farmers can apply large amounts of pesticides without fear of harming their crops. The U.S. has seen more than a 15-fold increase in the use of glyphosate, or Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, on major crops from 1994 to 2005," Co-Op America reported.

And more damning evidence has just been released. A new study that just came out this week funded by a coalition of non-governmental organizations including the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Center for Food Safety, the Cornerstone Campaign, Californians for GE-Free Agriculture, Greenpeace International and Rural Advancement Fund International USA, found that GE corn, soybean and cotton crops have increased the use of weed-killing herbicides in the U.S. by 383 million pounds from 1996 to 2008.

The study will surely be accompanied by more alarms bells set off by small farmers, environmentalists and organic supporters. And it will be one more battle in the war against soy that's being fought on both health and environmental fronts. Perhaps it will make people think twice before eating soy products, processed food and even most meat.


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From: Pan Man

The theory is that our health comes from the sun, either directly via it's warming rays or through fruits like oranges that trap the sunlight and make it available to us for internal consumption as Vitamin C. How do the NWO depopulation forces combat the logic of Linus Pauling and other Nobel Prize winners about the importance of Vitamins C and D in keeping us healthy? They make them the subject of their pseudo scientific ridicule, talk about the sun causing melanomas/skin cancer, tell us all to wear sun screen, cook up the global warming hoax and then put chemtrail sun blockers all over the planet.


Are you feeling me, yet? They can take the benefits of captured sunlight out of our food with various kinds of blockers, irradiation and chemicals so that all we are eating is dead matter. Once our immune systems are depleted of Vitamins A, B, C, D and K, they have us right where they want us for the global pandemic! Pretty slick work by these old bastards at the top of the world, eh? Love that Codex alimentarius!

They have their underground cities and Millennium "Doomsday" Seed Bank just about ready. 90% of us won't even see it coming when they get "raptured" away to their secret underground survival cities so they can emerge after the Great Pandemic Purge as the inheritors and custodians of their New Garden of Eden, ethnically cleansed of all the Useless Eaters and Space Wasters who were like a cancer upon the world. Ain't global genocide grand?


Dave Foreman, founder of Earth First: Phasing out the human race will solve every problem on Earth, social and environmental.

Prince Philip: If I were reincarnated, I would come back, return to the Earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels. (This guy is really dedicated!)

Michael Oppenheimer, Environmental Defense Fund: The only hope for the world is to make sure there is not another United States. We cannot let other countries have the same number of cars, the amount of industrialization we have in the U.S. we must stop third world countries right where they are.

Jacques Chirac: Kyoto is the first component of an authentic global governance with no resistance and no opposition!

The agent of death will be a pandemic super virus created through bioengineering at the Ft. Detrick, Maryland or Los Alamos, New Mexico biowarfare labs...with your tax dollars, by the way. Odds are it will be a particularly virulent form of Avian Flu, possibly mixed with Anthrax or with certain gene specific artificial viruses like HIV, super small pox and Ebola. The delivery system will be a flu vaccine/Flu mist nasal spray, chemtrails and YOU!!!

If you don't know where H7N1 Avian Flu, HIV, military grade Anthrax, Ebola and Super small pox come from and how they have been intentionally spread by the World Health Organization under the flag of the UN, you have some serious research to do that might save you and your family's lives.

Remember AIDS and Ebola in Africa, the sudden spread of HIV-AIDS among homosexuals back in the early 80's, the Anthrax letter attacks at the Capitol Building in 2001 and Rumsfeld's Tamiflu Vaccine for "bird flu"? If you think that and the constant veiled references to the coming global pandemic is all just harmless coincidence, you may have some big time waking up to do!

Why in the world would any organized group of humans with the power to pull this off want to kill 90% of the Earth's people?

That's a hard one to explain because it requires an awful lot of background knowledge going back to people like Adam Weishaupt, the guy who revived the idea of the Illuminati and Thomas Malthus who decided around the same time that humanity was becoming a cancer on the Earth. Now, it's part of the New world Order Illuminati's Ten Commandments...and they take it very seriously!


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How psychopaths reach the top of hierarchies

From: Blaine (86495574)
Date: 12/14/2009 12:38:54 PM

How psychopaths reach the top of hierarchies

Posted by: "G. W. Mills" chukoliang220@gmail.com
Sun Dec 13, 2009 7:26 pm (PST)

I've seen articles similar to this one. One (somewhere) pointed out
that, in war most of the killing is done my a very small minority of
soldiers, sailors, airmen, or marines. Many servicemen would risk their
lives to save others, but only about 5% have the killer instinct that's a
prerequisite for the kind of "heroics" that involve killing to the degree
that it earns a medal.


Beware the Psychopath, My Son

by Clinton Callahan / May 12th, 2008

The following is largely extracted from two articles:

*Twilight of the Psychopaths*
by Dr. Kevin Barrett and

*The Trick of the Psychopath's Trade*
by Silvia Cattori.

Both articles are recommended. Both articles reference
the book *Political Ponerology: A science on the nature of evil adjusted for
political purposes*, by Andrzej Lobaczewski. Cattori's article is longer and
includes an interview with the book's editors, Laura Knight-Jadczyk and
Henry See.

I make the effort to share this information because it gives me, at last, a
plausible answer to a long-..unanswered question: Why, no matter how much
intelligent goodwill exists in the world, is there so much war, suffering
and injustice? It doesn't seem to matter what creative plan, ideology,
religion, or philosophy great minds come up with, nothing seems to improve
our lot. Since the dawn of civilization, this pattern repeats itself over
and over again.

The answer is that civilization, as we know it, is largely the creation of
psychopaths. All civilizations, our own included, have been built on slavery
and mass murder. Psychopaths have played a disproportionat..e role in the
development of civilization, because they are hard-wired to lie, kill,
cheat, steal, torture, manipulate, and generally inflict great suffering on
other humans without feeling any remorse, in order to establish their own
sense of security through domination. The inventor of civilization ' the
first tribal chieftain who successfully brainwashed an army of controlled
mass murderers ' was almost certainly a genetic psychopath. Since that
momentous discovery, psychopaths have enjoyed a significant advantage over
non-..psychopaths in the struggle for power in civilizational hierarchies '
especially military hierarchies.

Behind the apparent insanity of contemporary history, is the actual insanity
of psychopaths fighting to preserve their disproportionat..e power. And as
their power grows ever-..more-..threatened, the psychopaths grow
ever-..more-..desperate. We are witnessing the apotheosis of the overworld ' the
overlapping criminal syndicates that lurk above ordinary society and law
just as the underworld lurks below it.

During the past fifty years, psychopaths have gained almost absolute control
of all the branches of government. You can notice this if you observe
carefully that no matter what illegal thing a modern politician does, no one
will really take him to task. All of the so called scandals that have come
up, any one of which would have taken down an authentic administration,.. are
just farces played out for the public, to distract them, to make them think
that the democracy is still working.

One of the main factors to consider in terms of how a society can be taken
over by a group of pathological deviants is that the psychopaths' only
limitation is the participation of susceptible individuals within that given
society. Lobaczewski gives an average figure for the most active deviants of
approximately 6% of a given population. (1% essential psychopaths and up to
5% other psychopathies and characteropathi..es.) The essential psychopath is
at the center of the web. The others form the first tier of the psychopath's
control system.

The next tier of such a system is composed of individuals who were born
normal, but are either already warped by long-term exposure to psychopathic
material via familial or social influences, or who, through psychic weakness
have chosen to meet the demands of psychopathy for their own selfish ends.
Numerically, according to Lobaczewski, this group is about 12% of a given
population under normal conditions.

So approximately 18% of any given population is active in the creation and
imposition of a Pathocracy. The 6% group constitutes the Pathocratic
nobility and the 12% group forms the new bourgeoisie, whose economic
situation is the most advantageous.

When you understand the true nature of psychopathic influence, that it is
conscienceless,.. emotionless, selfish, cold and calculating, and devoid of
any moral or ethical standards, you are horrified, but at the same time
everything suddenly begins to makes sense. Our society is ever more soulless
because the people who lead it and who set the example are soulless ' they
literally have no conscience.

In his book *Political Ponerology*, Andrej Lobaczewski explains that
clinical psychopaths enjoy advantages even in non-violent competitions to
climb the ranks of social hierarchies. Because they can lie without remorse
(and without the telltale physiological stress that is measured by lie
detector tests), psychopaths can always say whatever is necessary to get
what they want. In court, for example, psychopaths can tell extreme
bald-faced lies in a plausible manner, while their sane opponents are
handicapped by an emotional predisposition to remain within hailing distance
of the truth. Too often, the judge or jury imagines that the truth must be
somewhere in the middle, and then issues decisions that benefit the
psychopath. As with judges and juries, so too with those charged with
decisions concerning who to promote and who not to promote in corporate,
military and governmental hierarchies. The result is that all hierarchies
inevitably become top-heavy with psychopaths. Since psychopaths have no
limitations on what they can or will do to get to the top, the ones in
charge are generally pathological. *It is not power that corrupts, it is
that corrupt individuals seek power*.

How can we distinguish between psychopaths and healthy people? What is the
portrait of a true psychopath?

Such a dangerous question has almost never been successfully asked. The
reason is because we mistakenly confuse *healthy* for *normal*. Human
psychological diversity is the *health* of our race. There is no
*..normal*because healthy humans continuously evolve beyond all
normalizing standards.
The terrorism of searching through hierarchies for anyone deviating from *
normal* is no different from witch hunts or Inquisitions. You must remember
that hierarchies thrive on such low dramas, torturing victims until they
confess to *evil* beliefs. Not so long ago the church and state ongoingly
acquired significant income and property through witch hunts and
Inquisitions. This continued for over two hundred and fifty years. Ten
generations of Europeans understood pogrom as normal life. Let us not return
to that nightmare. Testing for *normal* is guaranteed to backfire in our
face. There is no normal. But there is conscience.

We have very little empirical evidence to support the idea that true
psychopathy is the result of an abused childhood, and much empirical
evidence to support that it is genetic. The neurobiological.. model offers us
the greatest hope of being able to identify even the most devious
psychopath. Other recent studies lead to similar results and conclusions:
that psychopaths have great difficulty processing verbal and nonverbal
affective (emotional) material, that they tend to confuse the emotional
significance of events, and most importantly, that *these deficits show up
in brain scans*! A missing internal connection between the feeling heart and
the thinking brain is detectable.

Psychopaths are incapable of authentic deep emotions. In fact, when Robert
Hare, a Canadian psychologist who spent his career studying psychopathy, did
brain scans on psychopaths while showing them two sets of words, one set of
neutral words with no emotional associations and a second set with
emotionally charged words, while different areas of the brain lit up in the
non-..psychopathic control group, in the psychopaths, both sets were processed
in the same area of the brain, the area that deals with language. They did
not have an emotional reaction until they intellectually concluded that it
would be better if they had one, and then they whipped up an emotional
response just for show.

The simplest, clearest and truest portrait of the psychopath is given in the
titles of three seminal works on the subject: *Without Conscience* by Robert
Hare, *The Mask of Sanity* by Hervey Cleckley, and *Snakes in Suits* by
Robert Hare and Paul Babiak. A psychopath is exactly that: conscienceless.
The most important thing to remember is that this lack of conscience is
hidden from view behind a mask of normality that is often so convincing that
even experts are deceived. As a result, psychopaths become the *Snakes in
Suits* that control our world.

Psychopaths lack a sense of remorse or empathy with others. They can be
extremely charming and are experts at using talk to charm and hypnotize
their prey. They are also irresponsible. Nothing is ever their fault;
someone else or the world at large is always to blame for all of their
problems or their mistakes. Martha Stout, in her book *The Sociopath Next
Door*, identifies what she calls the pity ploy. Psychopaths use pity to
manipulate. They convince you to give them one more chance, and to not tell
anyone about what they have done. So another trait ' and a very important
one ' is their ability to control the flow of information.

They also seem to have little real conception of past or future, living
entirely for their immediate needs and desires. Because of the barren
quality of their inner life, they are often seeking new thrills, anything
from feeling the power of manipulating others to engaging in illegal
activities simply for the rush of adrenaline.

Another trait of the psychopath is what Lobaczewski calls their special
psychological knowledge of normal people. They have studied us. They know us
better than we know ourselves. They are experts in knowing how to push our
buttons, to use our emotions against us. But beyond that, they even seem to
have some sort of hypnotic power over us. When we begin to get caught up in
the web of the psychopath, our ability to think deteriorates, gets muddied.
They seem to cast some sort of spell over us. It is only later when we are
no longer in their presence, out of their spell, that the clarity of thought
returns and we find ourselves wondering how it was that we were unable to
respond or counter what they were doing.

Psychopaths learn to recognize each other in a crowd as early as childhood,
and they develop an awareness of the existence of other individuals similar
to themselves. They also become conscious of being of a different world from
the majority of other people surrounding them. They view us from a certain

Think about the ramifications of this statement: Psychopaths are, to some
extent, self-aware as a group even in childhood! Recognizing their
fundamental difference from the rest of humanity, their allegiance would be
to others of their kind, that is, to other psychopaths.

Their own twisted sense of honor compels them to cheat and revile
non-..psychopaths and their values. In contradiction to the ideals of normal
people, psychopaths feel breaking promises and agreements is normal

Not only do they covet possessions and power and feel they have the right to
them just because they exist and can take them, but they gain special
pleasure in usurping and taking from others; what they can plagiarize,
swindle, and extort are fruits far sweeter than those they can earn through
honest labor. They also learn very early how their personalities can have
traumatizing effects on the personalities of non-..psychopaths, and how to
take advantage of this root of terror for purposes of achieving their goals.

So now, imagine how human beings who are totally in the dark about the
presence of psychopaths can be easily deceived and manipulated by these
individuals, gaining power in different countries, pretending to be loyal to
the local populations while at the same time playing up obvious and easily
discernible physical differences between groups (such as race, skin color,
religion, etc). Psychologically.. normal humans would be set against one
another on the basis of unimportant differences (think of Rwanda 1994, think
of Israelis and Palestinians) while the deviants in power, with a
fundamental difference from the rest of us, a lack of conscience, an
inability to feel for another human being, reaped the benefits and pulled
the strings.

We are seeing the final desperate power-grab or *endgame* (Alex Jones) of
brutal, cunning gangs of CIA drug-runners and President-..killers;
money-..laundering international bankers and their hit-men ' economic and
otherwise; corrupt military contractors and gung-ho generals; corporate
predators and their political enablers; brainwashers and mind-rapists
euphemistically.. known as psy-ops and PR specialists ' in short, the whole
crew of certifiable psychopaths running our so-called civilization. And they
are running scared.

Why does the Pathocracy fear it is losing control? Because it is threatened
by the spread of knowledge. The greatest fear of any psychopath is of being
found out.

Psychopaths go through life knowing that they are completely different from
other people. Deep down they know something is missing in them. They quickly
learn to hide their lack of empathy, while carefully studying others'
emotions so as to mimic normalcy while cold-bloodedly manipulating the

Today, thanks to new information technologies, we are on the brink of
unmasking the psychopaths and building a civilization of, by and for the
healthy human being ' a civilization without war, a civilization based on
truth, a civilization in which the saintly few rather than the diabolical
few would gravitate to positions of power. We already have the knowledge
necessary to diagnose psychopathic personalities and keep them out of power.
We have the knowledge necessary to dismantle the institutions in which
psychopaths especially flourish ' militaries, intelligence agencies, large
corporations, and secret societies. We simply need to disseminate this
knowledge, and the will to use it, as widely and as quickly as possible.

Until the knowledge and awareness of pathological human beings is given the
attention it deserves and becomes part of the general knowledge of all human
beings, there is no way that things can be changed in any way that is
effective and long-lasting. If half the people agitating for truth or
stopping the war or saving the earth would focus their efforts, time and
money on exposing psychopathy, we might get somewhere.

One might ask if the weak point of our society has been our tolerance of
psychopathic behavior? Our disbelief that someone could seem like an
intelligent leader and still be acting deceptively on their own behalf
without conscience? Or is it merely ignorance?

If the general voting public is not aware that there exists a category of
people we sometimes perceive as almost human, who look like us, who work
with us, who are found in every race, every culture, speaking every
language, but who are lacking conscience, how can the general public take
care to block them from taking over the hierarchies? General ignorance of
psychopathology.. may prove to be the downfall of civilization. We stand by
like grazing sheep as political/..corporate elites throw armies of our
innocent sons and daughters against fabricated enemies as a way of
generating trillions in profits, vying against each other for pathological

Nearly everyone who has been part of an organization working for social
change has probably seen the same dynamic play out: The good and sincere
work of many can be destroyed by the actions of one person. That doesn't
bode well for bringing some sort of justice to the planet! In fact, if
psychopaths dominate political hierarchies, is it any wonder that peaceful
demonstrations have zero impact on the outcome of political decisions?
Perhaps it is time to choose something other than massive, distant
hierarchies as a way of governing ourselves?

So many efforts to provide essays, research reports, expos's and books to
leaders so they might take the new information to heart and change their
behavior have come to naught. For example, in the final paragraph of his
revised edition of the book, *The Party's Over*, Richard Heinberg writes:

I still believe that if the people of the world can be helped to understand
the situation we are in, the options available, and the consequences of the
path we are currently on, then it is at least possible that they can be
persuaded to undertake the considerable effort and sacrifice that will be
entailed in a peaceful transition to a sustainable, locally based,
decentralized, low-energy, resource-..conserving social regime. But inspired
leadership will be required.

And that is the just-murdered fantasy. *There are no inspired leaders
anymore*. And in hierarchical structures there can't be. Assuming that you
can elect men or women to office who will see reason and the light of day,
and who will change and learn and grow, make compassionate decisions and
take conscientious actions' is a foolish, childish dream. Continuing to
dream it simply plays into psychopathic agendas.

Only when the 75% of humanity with a healthy conscience come to understand
that we have a natural predator, a group of people who live amongst us,
viewing us as powerless victims to be freely fed upon for achieving their
inhuman ends, only then will we take the fierce and immediate actions needed
to defend what is preciously human. Psychological deviants have to be
removed from any position of power over people of conscience, period. People
must be made aware that such individuals exist and must learn how to spot
them and their manipulations. The hard part is that one must also struggle
against those tendencies to mercy and kindness in oneself in order not to
become prey.

The real problem is that the knowledge of psychopathy and how psychopaths
rule the world has been effectively hidden. People do not have the adequate,
nuanced knowledge they need to really make a change from the bottom up.
Again and again, throughout history it has been *meet the new boss, same as
the old boss*. If there is any work that is deserving of full time efforts
and devotion for the sake of helping humanity in this present dark time, it
is the study of psychopathy and the propagation of this information as far
and wide and fast as possible.

There are only two things that can bring a psychopath under submission:

1. A bigger psychopath.
2. The non-violent, absolute refusal to submit to psychopathic controls no
matter the consequences (non-violent noncompliance).

Let us choose path 2! If individuals simply sat down and refused to lift a
hand to further one single aim of the psychopathic agenda, if people refused
to pay taxes, if soldiers refused to fight, if government workers and
corporate drones and prison guards refused to go to work, if doctors refused
to treat psychopathic elites and their families, the whole system would
grind to a screeching halt.

True change happens in the moment that a person becomes aware of psychopathy
in all its chilling details. From this new awareness, the world looks
different, and entirely new actions can be taken. Distinguishing between
human and psychopathic qualities begins the foundation of responsibility
upon which we have a real chance to create sustainable culture.


I Believe that there is a Lot of Truth and Common-Sense to this article.
Thanks to EXPOSING THE DECEPTION for sharing it with us. ~LisaMarie~

Benjamin Franklin:
They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.

Dorothy Thompson:
When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered.

UFOs - Demonic Deception?
Crop Circles, UFOs & Animal Mutilations
Signs Of The Beginning Of The End?

Bob & Suzanne Hamrick

Exposing Satan's 'Left Behind'
Chapter 16

The Bible specifically warns us that, in the last days, demonic deceptions will increase. We should remind ourselves that the essence of a successful deception is that something appears to be what it is not; or conversely, that something is not what it appears to be. We believe that UFOs and the phenomenon known as "crop circles" fall into this category.

Satan knows that the Bible is true, and he knows what is coming, and he knows he is personally going to lose, and he knows when. All of his machinations are simply designed to prevent as many human beings as possible from accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ in the time he has left. All of his plans are focused on this single goal. He knows that born-again Christians are beyond his reach, and that we have this annoying habit of witnessing to the unsaved. He therefore places a very high priority on killing off as many of us as he can, as soon as he can.

The Bible tells us that Satan's fallen angels were responsible for corrupting ALL of humanity prior to the Great Flood, except for Noah and his family. They seem to have accomplished this by assuming human bodies, and having sexual intercourse with human females. Satan knew that, according to God's promise to Eve that her seed would destroy Satan, his only chance to avert his own destruction lay in corrupting her seed, since the Messiah could not be born of such. The Messiah's genealogy would have to be pure, all the way back to Seth.

He also knows that, according to the Bible, he will be cast down to the earth, and that he will then have unobstructed access to the spirits of large numbers of human beings for the first time since before the flood. When that happens, near the mid-point of the seven-year period called the Tribulation, all of those poor souls who will have accepted the "mark of the beast" will be spiritually defenseless against demonic possession. Satan's forces will use these possessed individuals to kill the "Two Witnesses" (the Church and true Israel) during the last half of Daniel's Seventieth Week. In the meantime, Satan is setting the stage for all this.

UFO's have been reported for many centuries, but only in this century has the phenomenon been studied and analyzed in depth by a variety of different disciplines.

The military has its own reasons for trying to find out what they are, and they have come to their own conclusions, whatever they may be. New Age types believe, because it feeds into their world view, that these are superior beings from other planets, another dimension, or whatever. Unfortunately, many Bible-believing Christians have been sucked into this belief system, perhaps due to unwillingness on the part of pastors or Christian authors to comment on these strange phenomena.

All who are truly born-again are literally indwelt by the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Holy Trinity. No one who is indwelt by the Holy Spirit can possibly be demon-possessed, much less transported to a demonic space ship for sexual relations, invasive "medical" procedures, etc., as have been described by many abductees of both sexes. What does this mean?

We find it remarkable that, of all of the reports of abductions by aliens, none seems to have been of anyone claiming to be a born-again Christian. If this is true, then it is the single greatest indication that "aliens" are actually demonic manifestations posing as extraterrestrial creatures. If the only people who can be abducted are those who have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, and if no one who has accepted Him has ever been abducted, we have our answer to the mystery of "space aliens". But the "little brothers from space" may have been tripped up by their enormous demonic egos in an even more revealing way.

Crop Circles . . .

The bizarre phenomenon of "crop circles", wherein mysterious geometric patterns appear as if by magic in fields of uncut wheat, hay, barley, and more recently even in new snowfalls, has also been puzzling investigators for over 30 years. As a result of years of determined detective work by skeptics, many of these were proven to be hoaxes perpetrated by otherwise normal human beings. Some, however, were not. These are the ones with which we are concerned.

One of the most interesting recent developments involving crop circles is that they have begun responding to what is being said about them in the press! When it was hypothesized that the patterns were being done by pranksters in balloons, the patterns subsequently appeared directly under high-tension power lines, where balloons could not operate. When it was surmised that the strange geometric patterns on hillsides were the result of freak winds, the patterns moved again to flat fields.

When it was supposed that the patterns could be the result of some kind of refraction of microwaves, the patterns moved to areas where no microwave relay towers existed. When it was suggested that the patterns were the result of hoaxes perpetrated by humans, and some individuals actually claimed responsibility, the patterns were done in fields of canola, which is extremely brittle and difficult to bend.

When the people who were studying this phenomenon realized that the patterns were actually responding to their published and broadcast analyses, they stamped out a message in the crops which said, "Talk to us." What happened next is known as "The Milk Hill Script". A perfectly straight line of strange Hebrew-like characters appeared in a crop field in England.

After many days of examination by 12 experts, the language was determined to be a form of Latin, but the actual characters were found to be those used in a form of ancient Freemasonry code, derived directly from the Kabbalah. The message said,

"We are opposed to cunning and deceit," apparently referring to the hoaxers attempt to divert attention from them, the true authors of the phenomenon!

Does it not appear truly remarkable that, being given an invitation to "talk to us", the authors of the crop circles would respond, not by communicating something significant, but with a peevish complaint about our "manners"? This is "extraterrestrial wisdom"?

If those responsible for the crop circles are indeed the same ones responsible for the "Milk Hill Script", and if they do, indeed, have the ability to communicate verbally with us, WHY would this be the extent of the communication? From any normal human perspective, it makes no sense at all.

Perhaps the "Milk Hill Script" was a boo-boo on their part. Annoyed that they were not getting the credit they sought for their mischief in the corn fields, they became miffed, and responded, perhaps even "against orders". They may even have responded when they weren't "supposed" to. If they have the ability to communicate with us, and they aren't, WHY aren't they? We may never know. But there are still other puzzling aspects of the "Milk Hill Script".

Does it not appear truly remarkable that, of all the languages on earth, the authors of the crop circles would choose this virtually unknown, super-esoteric language to communicate with us? What does it mean? In the case of the "Milk Hill Script", we believe that it means that those responsible for the crop circles used the language with which they were most familiar, which happens to be the same language with which they have been communicating with practitioners of the occult arts of the Kabbalah: high-degree Freemasons, the Illuminati, Luciferians, Talmudists, etc., for thousands of years.

We believe that this means that the same forces which are responsible for the crop circles are responsible for the Kabbalah and Mystery Babylon, and they are not "little men from Mars".

UFOs . . .

The phenomenon referred to as "Unidentified Flying Objects" has been studied and discussed from so many different perspectives and for so many years, that we are reluctant to even try to add anything to it. But, since the overwhelming majority of discussion in the popular press, "scientific" inquiry, and military analysis ALL focus on the physical aspects of these apparitions, it is apparent that the demonic characteristics.. have been largely ignored. Since the author has no credentials as a "ufologist", we will rely on relevant quotes from those who do:

"A recurring theme in the abduction scenario is the delivery of detailed messages to abductees. The messages delivered to abductees are typically done by telepathic (mind to mind) conversation. In some cases, abductees report being shown scenes or messages on large screens within the alien craft. These messages are usually horrific prophetic scenarios about impending cataclysmic events on Earth and the destruction of Earth due to environmental degradation. In some cases overt religious messages are given to abductees. These messages can include the notion that the aliens are our creators, that they are trying to advance our evolution through these breeding experiments, and that mankind must unify-with their assistance-into a system of global governance and religion in order to survive the future cataclysms." - Missler & Eastman, Alien Abductions, pp. 108-109

"I think the stage is set for the appearance of new faiths, centred on the UFO belief. To a greater degree than all phenomena modern science is confronting, the UFO can inspire awe, the sense of the smallness of man, and an idea of the possibility of contact with the cosmic. The religions we have briefly surveyed began with the miraculous experiences of one person, but to-day there are thousands for whom the belief in otherworldly contact is based on intimate conviction, drawn from what they regard as personal contact with UFOs and their occupants." -Jacques Vallee, Dimensions, 1989, p.192.

"Further, in light of the messages given by the UFO entities, how credible is it to think that literally thousands of genuine extraterrestria..ls would fly millions or billions of light years simply to teach New Age philosophy, deny Christianity, and support the occult? Why would they do this with the preponderance of such activity already occurring on this planet? And why would the entities actually possess and inhabit people (as in Walk-ins and channeling) just like demons do if they were really advanced extraterrestrials? Why would they consistently lie about things which we know are true, and why would they purposely deceive their contacts?" - John Ankerberg & John Weldon, The Facts on UFOs and Other Supernatural Phenomena, 1992 .p13.

"But the UFO phenomenon simply does not behave like extraterrestrial visitors. It actually moulds itself in order to fit a given culture."-John Ankerberg, The Facts on UFOs and Other Supernatural Phenomena, p. 10

"Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role in a bizarre game of deception."-Dr. Jacques Vallee, Messengers of Deception, p. 20

"We are dealing with a multidimensiona..l paraphysical phenomenon which is largely indigenous to planet earth."-Brad Steiger, [cited in] Blue Book Files Released in Canadian UFO Report, Vol. 4, No. 4, 1977, p. 20

"We are part of a symbiotic relationship with something which disguises itself as an extra-terrestrial invasion so as not to alarm us."-Terrence McKenna [from a lecture]

"One theory which can no longer be taken very seriously is that UFOs are interstellar spaceships."-Arthur C. Clarke, New York Times Book Review, 07/27/75

"There seems to be no evidence yet that any of these craft or beings originate from outer space."-Gordon Creighton, Official 1992 Flying Saucer Review Policy Statement

"A large part of the available UFO literature is closely linked with mysticism and the metaphysical. It deals with subjects like mental telepathy, automatic writing and invisible entities as well as phenomena like poltergeist [ghost] manifestation and 'possession.' Many of the UFO reports now being published in the popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomena."-Lynn E. Catoe, UFOs and Related Subjects: USGPO, 1969; prepared under AFOSR Project Order 67-0002 and 68-0003

"UFO behaviour is more akin to magic than to physics as we know it... the modern UFOnauts and the demons of past days are probably identical."-Dr. Pierre Guerin, FSR Vol. 25, No. 1, p. 13-14

"The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon."-John A. Keel, UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse, p. 299

"Studies of flying saucer cults repeatedly show that they are part of a larger occult social world."-Stupple & McNeece, 1979 MUFON UFO Symposium Proceedings, p.49

"The 'medical examination' to which abductees are said to be subjected, often accompanied by sadistic sexual manipulation, is reminiscent of the medieval tales of encounters with demons. It makes no sense in a sophisticated or technical framework: any intelligent being equipped with the scientific marvels that UFOs possess would be in a position to achieve any of these alleged scientific objectives in a shorter time and with fewer risks."-Dr. Jacques Vallee, Confrontations, p. 13

"The symbolic display seen by the abductees is identical to the type of initiation ritual or astral voyage that is imbedded in the [occult] traditions of every culture. the structure of abduction stories is identical to that of occult initiation rituals...the UFO beings of today belong to the same class of manifestation as the [occult] entities that were described in centuries past."-Dr. Jacques Vallee citing the extensive research of Bertrand Meheust [Science-Fiction et Soucoupes Volantes (Paris, 1978); Soucoupes Volantes et Folklore (Paris, 1985)], in Confrontations, p. 146, 159-161

"[The occultist] is brought into intelligent communication with the spirits of the air, and can receive any knowledge which they possess, or any false impression they choose to impart...the demons seem permitted to do various wonders at their request."-G.H. Pember, Earth's Earliest Ages and Their Connection with Modern Spiritualism and Theosophy (1876), p. 254

"These entities are clever enough to make Strieber think they care about him. Yet his torment by them never ceases. Whatever his relationship to the entities, and he increasingly concludes that their involvement with him is something 'good,' he also remains terrified of them and uncertain as to what they are."-John Ankerberg, The Facts on UFOs and Other Supernatural Phenomena, p. 21

"I became entirely given over to extreme dread. The fear was so powerful that it seemed to make my personality completely evaporate. 'Whitley' ceased to exist. What was left was a body and a state of raw fear so great that it swept about me like a thick, suffocating curtain, turning paralysis into a condition that seemed close to death...I died and a wild animal appeared in my place."-Whitley Strieber, Communion, p. 25-26

"Increasingly I felt as if I were entering a struggle that might even be more than life and death. It might be a struggle for my soul, my essence, or whatever part of me might have reference to the eternal. There are worse things than death, I suspected. so far the word demon had never been spoken among the scientists and doctors who were working with me. Alone at night I worried about the legendary cunning of demons At the very least I was going stark, raving mad."-Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p. 44-45

"I wondered if I might not be in the grip of demons, if they were not making me suffer for their own purposes, or simply for their enjoyment."-Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p. 172

"I felt an absolutely indescribable sense of menace. It was hell on earth to be there [in the presence of the entities], and yet I couldn't move, couldn't cry out, couldn't get away. I'd lay as still as death, suffering inner agonies. Whatever was there seemed so monstrously ugly, so filthy and dark and sinister. Of course they were demons. They had to be. And they were here and I couldn't get away."-Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p. 181

"Why were my visitors so secretive, hiding themselves behind my consciousness. I could only conclude that they were using me and did not want me to know why...What if they were dangerous? Then I was terribly dangerous because I was playing a role in acclimatising people to them."-Whitley Strieber, Transformation, p. 96

"If for the sake of argument we grant that life on Earth was seeded by ancient extraterrestrials, then the obvious question is , Who or what created our extraterrestrials creators? Some would argue that they were, in turn sprinkled (created) by an even more ancient race of ET's. Well, where did they come from? An infinite regression back in time of "alien sprinklings" will not do, because the universe is finite" Missler & Eastman, Alien Encounters, p.141.

"We believe that the cultural preparations (or deliberate conditioning) of the world to view our alien visitors as powerful and highlyevolved saviours makes the UFO phenomena the perfect motif for the Antichrist to exploit when he ascends to power.

His ability to perform supernatural signs and wonders, his comprehensive plan for the peaceful unification of mankind and his connection to or origin from god-like alien entities will engender the masses to follow him into the biggest deception in history." -Missler & Eastman, Alien Encounters, pp. 295-296

"Aliens", of course, play an important role in the larger "body of deception". This is an attempt to explain the effect that the alien/UFO phenomena even now is having on different groups of people. Remember, the whole purpose of these UFO manifestations etc., are to prepare people for an eventual "alien invasion," which will lead the ignorant and uninformed directly into the worship of the anti-Christ.

At the time, the popular television series "Star Trek" grew to international fame, and continually had themes such as, evolution, aliens (both good and evil), and the concept of a new planetary order, a federation of nations within a federation of planets, etc. Hence we find global government as a fact for the future, and that federations of nations are the only possible future for mankind that there is.

Human & Animal Mutilations . . .

As we have seen, according to the Bible (Jude 1:6-7), prior to the Flood, certain demonic beings not only possessed human beings, they somehow acquired non-human, but fully functioning fleshly bodies to use themselves and had sexual intercourse with mankind. The result was apparently a race of half-human monsters called the Nephilim, the Anakim (Goliath and his brothers may have been of the Anakim), the Emim, the Horim, the Avim, and others. This is what the Bible refers to in Genesis 6:4-8:

"There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God [the fallen angels] came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." [Some think that this may refer to the "heroes" and the "demigods" of Greek and Roman mythology.]

"And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the Lord said, 'I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.' But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God." [Genesis 6:4-8]

The phrase, "perfect in his generations", indicates that ONLY Noah's family's bloodline ö alone of all the families on earth [Genesis 7:1] ö had not been corrupted by intermarriage with these demon-seeded creatures. This is why he and his wife and sons and their wives alone of all the people on earth, were spared from death in the Flood.

Now, these fallen angels which "kept not their first estate" and came down to earth, assumed physical bodies, and had sexual relations with mankind, have apparently been kept under spiritual lock and key since that time, isolated, as it were, from the other fallen angels which torment us today ("he has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.") [ Jude 1:6-7].

We know that angels, whether good or bad, are finite creatures. Unlike the Persons of the Trinity, angels can only be in one place at a time, are limited in their communication capabilities, have limited powers, individual personalities, and different "job descriptions".

Sometime during the time of the Flood, God isolated those fallen angels who were specifically responsible for corrupting mankindin the way that they did, and locked them away from their fellow demons. But it is apparent that not ALL of the fallen angels were involved in that specific activity which caused those who "left their first estate" to be locked away in this manner.

Despite this, it is apparent that this demonic corruption of the human race was not ended by God's action, for the Bible tells us that remnants of these demon offspring re-emerged after Noah left the ark. This means that, although "Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations" (Genesis 6:9), there was at least one other person aboard that ark who was not, and the process of elimination leads us to one or more of Noah's daughters-in-law.

From the Bible account, it was necessarily through one or more of these that the Nephilim and the other evil seeds came to be multiplied on the earth yet once again.

It was for this reason that the Lord commanded the Israelites to "utterly destroy" certain named tribes, for the Lord knew that it was part of Satan's plan, through these tribes, to re-corrupt mankind so that the promised Redeemer could not be born according to God's promise.

These were the races of giants referred to in many places as the Nephilim, Avim, the Anakim, etc. Goliath and his brothers are believed by many Bible scholars to be some of the last of these half-human monsters.

If Satan's forces have realized that, come the Abomination of Desolation, there aren't going to be enough human bodies on earth for them to accomplish their demonic goals, whatever they may be ö and they are uniquely in a position to have figured out that this will be the case ö then they would have to devise a way beforehand how to "make" some humanoid bodies for themselves, even as others of their number had done before.

But, according to the Bible, the demons "out here" may have lost the "technology" of making a working, physical humanoid body, since that prior knowledge has apparently been locked away from them by God!

Could this account for the reports of "alien abductions" and the grisly, surgically-precise mutilations of both animals and humans which are now being reported worldwide in ever-increasing numbers?

Common to almost all of these reports are the surviving abductees' memories of being probed and examined by the "aliens" in ways that are chillingly similar to a medical examination, as though they were trying to figure out how we were "assembled"! Naturally, we only have such reports from those who have been returned alive. Others, from more remote parts of the earth, where people can be removed and not be reported on the 6 o'clock news, have not been so fortunate.

Strangely mutilated corpses of both animals and humans have been surfacing in increasing numbers in recent years, and the "medical techniques" used are not only completely unknown to professional forensic pathologists who have investigated the phenomenon, but were universally described by these medical professionals as being incredibly brutal and violent, showing evidence of having been performed on conscious, living victims, both animal and human.

For some truly nauseating pictorial evidence of this, go to the following website:
(CAUTION: This is not for the weak of heart!):

(Please allow enough time for the entire site to load, before proceeding. We urge all serious readers to study the pictorial evidence on this website carefully. Without this information, you will find it difficult or impossible to believe what comes next.)

Most observers of these phenomena ö even the forensic pathologists making the reports ö are utterly at a loss to explain who or what is responsible, or HOW or WHY they are doing such things. This sickening evidence is the result of an UNKNOWN technology, performed by an agency UNKNOWN to modern science, and for reasons which are UNKNOWN to medical science.

We suggest that ALL of these activities can be explained as demonic beings seeking to regain the knowledge they had before the Flood, which enabled them to MAKE human bodies, both male and female, for themselves to animate. We know that the good angels outnumber the bad angels by two to one, but this is still a number several orders of magnitude larger than the present or projected future population of the entire earth.

If this is true, then it is obvious that there simply won't be enough pre-existing non-Christian human bodies available for them to possess when the Abomination of Desolation is set up. So, they want to try to figure out how to make their own before then, even as their brother demons did once before. How does that grab you? Other than your natural revulsion at the idea, what flaws can you find in the logic of it?

As a pre-Trib believer, how would you like to suddenly discover that you had been blindly led into the midst of THIS kind of a scenario by ALL of the preachers you loved and trusted? No? Well, you had better read on. Forewarned is forearmed.

Nothing New Under the Sun . . .

The thing that has been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. [Ecclesiastes 1:9]
So all this is going to happen again, perhaps in our lifetimes, and it will start in earnest with the anti-Christ and his demonic forces being loosed to begin to kill off (make war on) the "Two Witnesses" halfway through the Great Tribulation.

Conclusions . . .

If you will recall the hideously graphic evidence previously presented of the human and animal mutilations, you may have been struck ö as were we ö by the bizarre interest that the "surgeons" obviously have in what should certainly be of no interest to anyone strictly on a "medical/experimental" basis. Things like navels, lips & noses, in addition to sexual and reproductive organs.

Why, if these creatures are only interested in us from a "scientific" viewpoint, would they take the trouble to remove navels? Unless of course, they intended to manufacture a humanoid life form, EXACTLY like the original in every detail.

The ONLY possible reason for this much attention to detail is that these pseudo-humans will be intended to DECEIVE the unwary into believing that they are real human-like beings from "another galaxy". We believe that these creatures will be extremely physically attractive, whose demonic objective will be to seduce as many Christian men and women into abandoning their Christian walks, and taking up a life of wickedness and debauchery, to their eternal loss.

We may also ask why, if all they are interested in is seduction during the last three and one-half years of the Tribulation, are they apparently going to the trouble of making these things capable of reproduction? If they are not, then why remove the organs of reproduction in their "study animals"? Why not just those organs involved in sexual intercourse?

Because we know that Satan and the demons know the Scripture as well as any human does, we conclude that it is not possible that Satan's forces believe that they can prevent the SECOND COMING of Jesus Christ by re-corrupting the human race as they did once before, so we must look for some other explanation. And we believe that we may have found it.

Because the "mystery surgeons" responsible for the human and animal mutilations are obviously intensely interested in organs of reproduction, it necessarily follows that there is an over-riding demonic reason for this interest.

Consider that we expect the demonic forces to "appear" shortly after the mid-point of the Tribulation, soon after the establishment of the Abomination of Desolation. We believe that they will appear in the guise of "extraterrestrials" who only seek to "help" mankind "evolve" to its "next higher level", and thus attain its "cosmic destiny", even as the demonic spirits being accessed by "channelers" and other spiritists have been teaching for hundreds of years. If this is NOT their intent, then these teachings have been for nothing, and Satan doesn't waste his time, or needlessly duplicate his efforts. If they're preaching it, it's for a demonic purpose.

Many so-called "New Age" types believe that all of mankind is scheduled to evolve to a higher plane of existence, but that in orderto do so, our "group consciousness" must first be "raised". This involves some kind of a critical mass (sufficient number) of human beings agreeing that "Karma is Kool", that the perennial philosophy is true, that UFO's are our friends, and (most important) that Biblical Christianity is a big fat lie.

The attitude of many of these good citizens is that Christians are the reason that the rest of mankind hasn't already been "taken to the higher plane" before this! That is to say, our wrong-minded insistence on worshipping the God of the Bible is holding the rest of humanity back from its next stage of evolution. Well! Any guesses as to what the "final solution" to this problem might be? And this specific mind-set is actually prophesied by the Lord in connection with the end-times:

The time will come, that whosoever kills you will think that he does God a service, and these things will they do to you, because they have not known the Father, nor Me. (John 16:2)

The question you may be asking is, why do these people believe these things? Most of them believe them because the "spirit guides" they "hang" with have told them so. Or they have friends who "hang" with channeled entities, and the friends have told them. So, it must be true, right? I mean, Shirley MacLaine and Linda Evans couldn't both be wrong about this, could they?

Needless to say, the people who are susceptible to this kind of belief system are not exactly up on Bible prophecy, do not spend any more time in the company of born-again Christians than they have to (funerals, weddings, etc.), and therefore do not have access to any value system outside of their own pre-existing beliefs with which to make anything resembling an unbiased decision.

So here we have a large and growing group of people who are apparently giving serious, daily consideration to eliminating millions of problem human beings so they can "evolve"! Justifiable homicide, no doubt. But whether any of these people are actually laying plans to kill Christians or not, the fact remains that there is a smouldering resentment there, and it's not there by accident.

We know that they will be here on earth for 3 1/2 years, until the Lord returns to end their "sojourn" here. Consider how the "space brothers and sisters" would be regarded by those deluded humans who are eagerly awaiting their visit, believing that they are really what they claim to be, when it became apparent that they could not produce offspring with us, or even with one another! The demonic lie would be exposed in only a few months, when the results of the sexual intercourse between them and us produced no "fruit" according to their "labors"! From Satan's viewpoint, it would all have been for nothing!

So Satan's "surgeons" HAVE NO CHOICE! If they want their deception to last until the Lord's return, a period of 3 1/2 YEARS, their pseudo-humans MUST be able to have offspring themselves and to cause us to have offspring, or the demonic lie will be exposed far sooner than Satan wishes. In order to accomplish this, they MUST figure out HOW to fabricate extremely attractive and fully-functioning, but completely synthetic physical beings for their demons to animate.

Naturally, to figure out HOW to make such creatures, they must have the "components" to study. They cannot study the "components" while the owner of the "components" is attached to them, so they separate the "components" from the owners, and discard the "leftovers". Nothing personal, mind you.

This analysis is 100% compatible with all reliably reported instances of animal and human mutilations, alien abductions, and certain kinds of demonic possession, as well. It also fits perfectly with the available descriptions in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible as to what things will be like during the Tribulation, especially the last half of it.

It should be apparent that any "extra-terrestrial" with the technology and the will to perform such hideous operations on subjects, both human and animal, which were still alive and conscious ö but paralyzed ö while the operations were being performed, is not the kind of creature that we should look forward to spending any time with, spiritually or physically, for any reason.

An Interesting Consideration . . .

Consider that, whenever one who is righteous before God, by the authority of the Son of God, commands a demon to come out of the person who is possessed by the demon, sooner or later it must obey. The result is that the previously-possessed human person "comes to his/her senses", and goes about their business. There are many examples of this in the Bible.

But what, pray tell, will happen when such a righteous person commands the animating demon to come out of one of these imitation humans? It must also obey, but the body that will be left behind will have no residual animating force within it, no human soul/spirit, and it will "die" at such preaching!

Is this what is referred to by Revelation 11:5?

"And if any man (or thing) will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man (or thing) will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed."

WHAT might this mean? Here's a clue, from the author of the Bible:

"Wherefore thus saith the LORD God of hosts, Because ye speak this word, behold, I will make my words in thy mouth fire, and this people wood, and it shall devour them." [Jeremiah 5:14]

So we know that the "fire" that comes out of the mouths of the "two" witnesses (the ãtwoä witnesses are all born-again members of the Church and members of true Israel) is preaching, from the above. But under what other circumstances might we expect this to result in the physical death of the one preached to? The words translated above as "any man" may also be translated as "any THING".

Who else but these demon-created, demon-breathed, and demon-guided monsters will be more interested in hurting or in killing the "two" witnesses? And when these righteous witnesses shall preach God's holy Word to them, they will surely "die", exactly as described!

That this could actually work to the advantage of the ãtwo witnessesä is obvious. During the first half of the Tribulation, we originally believed that the "aliens" would not have yet landed, and that the "fire that proceedeth out of their mouth" would only refer to a symbolic "killing" of the human agents of the anti-Christ, as previously explained. But now we're having second thoughts.

The "Two Witnesses" are only required to prophesy to the world UNTIL the Abomination of Desolation takes place. Then we are advised to flee. If we are then confronted or caught by these demonic pseudo-human agents, consider that they will know that we can force them out of their warm, cozy, sinful, fleshly bodies and back into the bleak spirit world they came from, with our preaching! We KNOW that demons LIKE possessing bodies.

They LIKE being able to eat, drink, have sex, FEEL things, etc., and they know that they "have but a short time". (Revelation 12:12) In other words, we believe that the faithful elect, imbued with the power of God for their faithful witnessing, will actually have little or nothing to physically fear from confrontations with these demonic counterfeits.

We can also deduce that there will be few or no "surplus" or "manufacturer's overstock" demonic pseudo-human bodies warehoused against the day that they might be needed. No, we expect that, if anything, there will be a permanent undersupply of real human or manufactured pseudo-human bodies for the demons to inhabit. This means that, once a pseudo-human body were to "die" as a result of its being un-animated by exorcism, it would decompose rather quickly, perhaps even instantly. The demon who got kicked out would then likely have to double-up in another available body. This would mean over-crowding, even by hellish standards.

So, we figure that the demons are likely to AVOID encounters with God's elect, so as to enjoy their fleshly pursuits "to the max" as long as possible.

Bear in mind, the PURPOSE of all this demonic activity is NUMBERS. Satan seeks to take AS MANY human souls to hell with him as he possibly can, and he KNOWS that he has "but a short time". This is undoubtedly what the scripture refers to: "And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened." (Matthew 24:22)

So, because Satan is going to be in somewhat of a rush to get AS MANY AS POSSIBLE, we believe that he will be concentrating his efforts to get people to accept the Mark of the Beast.

We believe that this will be far easier for Satan than most people believe, because they misunderstand the tactics that Satan will use.

What Will "The Mark of the Beast" Be Like? . . .

Whatever "the mark" turns out to be, it will be extremely attractive, it will have every appearance of good, will appear to be very useful, and millions will rush to accept it, in the mistaken belief that they will be better off by so doing...especially if they believe that the alternative will be ö at the least ö expulsion from society at large and death by starvation for them and their families.

Remember Eve's rationalizations to herself concerning the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:6)?

"And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat."
We believe that the "mark of the Beast" is Satan's end-times "apple". We have below substituted the words "the mark of the Beast" for the original text, "the fruit of the tree", to show how close the parallel could be.

"And when the woman saw that the mark of the Beast was good for food [one will not be able to buy food without it], and that it was pleasant to the eyes [it will undoubtedly be very high-tech and sleek in appearance] and a thing to be desired to make one wise [it will be offered as a status symbol ö the smart thing to do] she took of the mark thereof, and did allow it to be implanted, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did allow it to be implanted." [Genesis 3:6 ö Author's paraphrase]

Just as Adam and Eve chose to believe a lie in order to achieve a personal "benefit" to themselves in the Garden of Eden, so will tens of millions of unsuspecting people once again be tricked into choosing against God's will for them, and damning themselves in the process.

Adam and Eve did not recognize the Serpent for what he was in the Garden, and most will not recognize him for what he is when he comes again with his "mark", nor will they recognize "the mark" for what it is. Unless they have a personal relationship with the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ. It's called being "born again".

Unless this book and others like it are far more successful in the future than they have been in the past, huge numbers of people who consider themselves to be "Christians" WILL accept the mark, many of them in ignorance. Jews, Islamics, Hindus and all the rest of the world's "great" religions will have NO REASON to refuse the mark of the beast. The net result of this will be that the numbers of the "elect", as a percentage of the total population of the earth, will probably not be worth his efforts.

Also, bear in mind that the "Two Witnesses" will have been "relieved of duty" ö by God's command ö as of the midpoint of the Tribulation [Revelation 11:7], so they will have NO FURTHER OBLIGATION TO WITNESS TO ANYONE AT THAT POINT. This means that the forces of the anti-Christ will no longer be easily able to identify the "elect" by their witnessing behavior.

They will have to FIND us, one by one, which will require a disproportionate amount of the limited resources with which Satan has to work. This, plus the fact that his demonic henchmen know that the "Two Witnesses" can still kick them out of their pseudo-human bodies with their words (a kind of "turbo"-exorcism), will probably not make ferreting out the remaining witnesses a high priority job-assignment for individual demons.

There will probably be bounties offered for us, but this duty will probably fall upon the scummiest ranks of the human agents of the anti-Christ. [Author here resists strong temptation to list suspects!] Since most of these people won't want to lose any party time in chasing down Christian goody-goodys, by God's will, most of us will probably be able to find places to hide away until the Lord's return, even as He has commanded us.

Moreover, since Satan and all of his fallen angels will be "thrown down to earth", this MAY mean that they will lose their information connection to the spirit world. This would be a huge disadvantage to them and a huge advantage to us, in that they would have to find each one of us PHYSICALLY, without having recourse to the spiritual "demonic internet" which they use today. This could be a very good thing for the saints, for the demons would otherwise be able to locate every one of us almost immediately.

"Look, Honey! The Space Ships Are Finally Here!"

Nevertheless, the great majority of mankind has little interest and less time to consider such issues, and it is these, and especially the pre-Tribbers, who will be caught flat-footed by the unexpected arrival of the "space vermin". It is they who will be confronted with the need to decide right NOW how to relate to all of these earth-shaking developments when they suddenly occur. And it will be sudden.

Obviously, there must be some way of quickly introducing these creatures into human society in such a way as to guarantee their widest possible acceptance. The pre-invasion promo-work has already been largely accomplished through various TV shows depicting benevolent "space critters" from a vastly superior extra-terrestrial race making "first contact" with us in order to "help" us to "evolve" to the "next higher plane" of our existence, to "realize our cosmic destiny", etc. Continuing publicity on SETI (The Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence) will no doubt accelerate, as will reports of UFOs, crop circles, animal and human mutilations, "alien" abductions, "weeping" statues, potatoes that have "the face of Christ", still more lying "miracles" at Medjugorje, Fatima, Lourdes, etc.

All of these phenomena are designed to get us into a state of high anxiety, excitement, confusion, doubt, and uncertainty concerning the future and our ability to control our own destinies. Without Christ in our lives, they will succeed. With Christ in our lives, they must fail.

Satan's Spokesmen Always Stay "On Message" . . .

"Channelers", shamans, medicine men, voodoun, New Agers, satanists, wiccans, ALL are "hearing" the same messages, and ALL clearly identify Christians as "THE ENEMY" of all mankind. We know the source of those messages. The messages are always the same: it is the Christians who are "preventing" this from happening with our "hateful" insistence on worshipping a non-existent tribal deity which we have mistaken for the real God of the Universe!

So, it should be obvious that a great deal of demonic planning, time and effort has been expended up to this point to convince the unwary that what is coming is something other than what it really will be. This is the great deception. Behind every deception is a lie, and Satan is the Father of Lies.

The "mark of the Beast" will eventually be presented to mankind as a "stick", which we will either have to accept or be killed. But we believe that there will also be a "carrot" offered to mankind, and the "carrot" will be these super-seductive demon-inhabited pseudo-humans, most likely in the guise of incredibly attractive "space dudes and space babes" who only seek to "mentor" us (and make semi-demon babies with us).

Please note that, whether you believe any of this is even possible right now, unless you are made aware of the possibilities that MAY exist, you will have a great deal of trouble understanding these things when they do start to happen.
And they will, soon enough.