Friday, December 11, 2009

Court sent finding to Evelyn Schwartz, let's contact Sheriff
December 10, 2009

Do you think there are CRIMINALS IN THIS CASE?
Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office
1215 West 3rd Street Cleveland, Ohio 44113
Their email is at the bottom of the front page.

"To investigate crooked acts upon Ms. Schwartz"

12/20 The court sent the findings of the 12/3 hearing to Evelyn, yet this mail was sent to her home. The court knew Eve was in a nursing home, because they order her there - mailing the notice to her home was intentional maybe?
We all feel that Evelyn should see this in writing, so she is aware this isn't just rumored to have happened. Linda takes it to the nursing home and videos her reading it, while Linda is going over some of the details.

We feel this saga unraveling before everyone's eyes, is important to outline and believe these five videos at least, do it very well. 1st, Eve not consenting and no jurisdiction, 2nd VIP Eve hearing they have court ordered her to be removed by force if needed (and three cops had walked down her driveway with a big sledge hammer in hand, to do so. (However, the neighbor had called Dean - over a hour away at the time - to report this, I then called the sheriff's dept. and told them to call Mayfield Heights police dept and tell them to stop. Eve was not there, she was not at her home, but at mine with Linda. After 20 minutes the M/F cop calls me back, first thing out of his mouth; "We tried to call to see if Evelyn was there." I told him that's not true, I had the phone forwarded to mine. Found out they broke in anyway. The third video is VIP as it details Eve's convening her court, giving her support team their 'marching orders".

This fourth video is important because it details Eve's reaction, disbelief and anger at how the courts could rob her of her liberties. It came with a price...Linda was kicked out of the nursing home when someone alerted staff she was videoing Evelyn. Then the next day when she went in the A.M. to visit, when a nurse asked who she was, and Linda told her..the nurse turned and RAN down the hall to alert others. Linda was detained, there were cops called, and in all 10 people in the room grilling Linda.

Two policemen, the detective, the Chief of police, staff from the nursing home. Asking all kind of questions that were unrelated to the video incident, more about personal things, Betty and Dean. How these videos up on the INTERNET were doing more harm than good for Eve, that this is making things much worse for Evelyn. Now, not only are Betty and Dean isolated from Evelyn, they add Linda. Not any concern for Evelyn, not true for 'protection' of her as they say. It is all about protection of themselves and these dealings they are handing out to Evelyn and people like her.

We are asking your help. First, please go to the website at

this is the best way to assure that Evelyn will win - that all concerned win. It is using the lawful ways set up for Americans to stop government over-reaching. No 'sitting' anywhere, all is done by phone and email. Please, first, do that right now.