Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sherrie Lea Laird: Fake Marilyn Fake mole

Published on Jan 30, 2013
This my first vid, but it shows what I've been saying here is evidence of sherrie lea not being reincarnated Norma Jean AKA Marilyn Monroe.

You'll have to go to this link to read the article, cause it doesn't show up right in the vid so I didn't add the rest of it. See the "Doc" lead/feed sherrie her questions for the answers while under a "regressed' state.

We already know Brian marshall is a Fraud, looks like she is too

Published on Dec 27, 2012

I am outing her for her continued BS.

1.Says "Brian and Sherrie the most stalked people online" as she points to one of her own channel's info to verify that statement as proof of common knowledge

2. Why does she continue to say people stalk her and brian. It's more like those of us who care go to those pages to out them on their lies and BS. I go with facts and ask questions, make statements to sherry about brians past fails and lies, in which she never answers me back with any sense, she just attacks the mesenger. That's what people in cults do when they feel threaten cause they cant come back with a real answer. Quite telling is their behaviour.

3. Continues to call me a demon. I am a Human being. I am tired of her and the Briantology cult labeling people with such derogatory terms such as Possessed demon, Troll. Stalker, Talmud Queen Lover, Jew Jew Jew, She Hate the Jews, but think she is one. Though Her Brian and Janelle claim its just the Zionist Jews that arent the true Jews, but who are they to make a discernment on who is a true jew and who isnt and who they deem worthy of death?

4. Why did Pete Santilli make a vid about you? because you OCD hounded him, trying to bully your pseudo facts about the Sandy Hook Tradgey and He was Having None of it. Because your facts amount to slanderous BS. You use DallasGoldBug type investigating skills that are a joke and claim them as proof. eg; Claimed ChangeDaChannel and Photohelix are the same person (who are not), then proceeded with your friends to go an Harrass both of those men, and still havent said you were sorry to either of them.

5. Sherrie Lea, your a living Hoax and Pete Santilli brings that out in the open. this vid of how you handle supposed proof is Classic, Is Priceless Cause t's the truth of what you do and Yes it sure did make my christmas an extra special one this year. ;-)
Internetually Factual! SherrieLea Laird Is Aileen Wuornos!

6. And James Dark Knight Shooter 'father' (Looks Absolutely NOTHING like) FOCKING KELLY THOMAS FATHER. Sherrie, you are proving to the world your a LOONEYTUNE, back off the booze and pills n get some help

7. https means your using a secured browser, duh
8. I am not of jewish heritage. I am german and polish
9. Also want to add that sherrie admited in comments that she knew she was being recorded by Pete Santilli on this Sound Cloud audio. So then she is caught in another lie.

Well it just goes on and on with her, the fabrications, out right lies, her backengineering proof lol. She's Lost her mind

Hitler Was A Saint - Brian Marshall's own words but he didnt always think so

Word's of the Dictator god wanna be:
Fuckwits, there's people over there, 90% of the people are going to die there because of people just like you, too tired, too stupid to get off your fat fucking asses, your all fucked in the head. and you deserve the hell that i'm going to give you. and your gonna get paid back big time.

Read Mein Kaumph, the first 4 or 5 pages is enough to convince you, that this man was given the bums rap of all time, Hitler was a Saint. and only Hitler got it right.

What Brian Marshall Thought of Hitler in 2001


"I am a man who looks at the facts. First no matter what Hitler thought of the Jews, he disobeyed several laws of God. Love one another and Thou Shalt not kill."
"Many of you may feel I am soft on Hitler, I am not, but I do understand why he did what he did, as I also understand why the Jews feel the way they do. It is simply a matter of opening all secrets to the masses, and understand that normal people of love do not do what the Nazi's did nor what the Jews teach today, for if the numbers were reversed the Jews would do what Hitler did openly, and so it is my judgment that circumstance produces insanity."
Brian Marshall says Satan has many faces, Hitler was one, the NAZI another etc in 2003
"The lunatic Hitler was maneuvered to power. Had it not been Hitler it would have been some other fool. His hatred for 'Jews' was unjustified as it was what the big business moguls had done to Germany prior to the war that was to blame. This caused Hitler to mistakenly target the average Jewish family as the cause. Hitler offered the allies the opportunity to take all of the Jews from Europe, but this was refused."
"Satan has many faces, Hitler was one, the NAZI another, Stalin yet another. Today it is Bush and the USA overall,"


Overall Jews are waiting to be saved from the rising tide of anti-Semitism world wide. Their Messiah must be a genetic descent of king David, according to the book of Isaiah. Prophecy predicts that this man will liberate them and lead them to world power."

"Jewish prophecy reveals that the 'Lord' the resurrected David, crushes the nations like a man treading a winfat, his 'white' garments of resurrection, was seen in a vision by the prophet Isaiah. He saw the Lord David walking from the Western nations,"
Brian Marshall claims he is (The Messiah (King) David) in 2002

The Messiah David is with us today, linked by the hand of God to the numbers pertaining to Jesus in Greek gematria, this man stands alone, waiting for the moment in time, preordained by God, when the righteous Jews who love Jehovah will RECOGNISE HIM as being David himself, raised from the dead, made possible by Jesus's death on the cross.

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, the Australian pensioner, fraudster and would-be cult leader, who claims to be Yahweh, Jesus and the rightful heir to the throne of England, is a despicable and disgusting Nazi. He also claims to have discovered a cure for AIDS

And I throw this one in for good measure

Kukulcan is Gabriel 20 May 2012 USA destruction
Published on May 16, 2012
here you say all the pyramids were built by angels. In vid (Ammah Speaks of The Returned Christ) you say that Noah's son built the great Pryamid. In vid (Creation and Brian Marshall's delusion) you say When Yahweh builds He uses angels, when Lucifer builds it uses comparison!! Just what kind of god are you? Can't keep your stories straight!

Janelle Furrer Golightly Marshall TOTALLY HATEFUL AND INSANE

Published on Feb 10, 2013
I debated whether I should upload this or Not, but I believe the world has a need to see the real Janelle Furrer Marshall in all her Unglamorous Hate Filled, Split tongued Spewing Reptile that she really is. And she thinks she the mother of all living? She slams the very Bible that her and Brian Preach to the world with, Cherry picking verses to verify their bible codes that brian has been caught fudging the number thereof several times. I think atheist have more common sense then the likes of her could ever dream of. I cant Stand this Deceiving Rag of a woman. Her ARROGANCE of self worth are Over the Top Insanity. Sherrie lea has done the Forensics on the Sandy hook massacre? Well we all know What thats worth. Not a Damn thing. Those people died, those children and the poor families that have to suffer online the likes of sherrie, her youtube buddies and this arsehole of a woman, using Psuedo science and Slander as fact. It's Appauling Criminal behaviour.
The dunce Brian self appointed yahweh jesus pretends he's upset saying kates babies have been killed by the queen and her blood sucking vampire ilk, to be possessed by demons, but then he puts drops of blood in colloidal silver and thinks people should drink it cause hes god. Brian your a Fraud and a Fool. your Cult 101 Homophobic sociopaths.

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane Janelle