Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Janelle Furrer Golightly Marshall TOTALLY HATEFUL AND INSANE

Published on Feb 10, 2013
I debated whether I should upload this or Not, but I believe the world has a need to see the real Janelle Furrer Marshall in all her Unglamorous Hate Filled, Split tongued Spewing Reptile that she really is. And she thinks she the mother of all living? She slams the very Bible that her and Brian Preach to the world with, Cherry picking verses to verify their bible codes that brian has been caught fudging the number thereof several times. I think atheist have more common sense then the likes of her could ever dream of. I cant Stand this Deceiving Rag of a woman. Her ARROGANCE of self worth are Over the Top Insanity. Sherrie lea has done the Forensics on the Sandy hook massacre? Well we all know What thats worth. Not a Damn thing. Those people died, those children and the poor families that have to suffer online the likes of sherrie, her youtube buddies and this arsehole of a woman, using Psuedo science and Slander as fact. It's Appauling Criminal behaviour.
The dunce Brian self appointed yahweh jesus pretends he's upset saying kates babies have been killed by the queen and her blood sucking vampire ilk, to be possessed by demons, but then he puts drops of blood in colloidal silver and thinks people should drink it cause hes god. Brian your a Fraud and a Fool. your Cult 101 Homophobic sociopaths.

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane Janelle