Tuesday, August 23, 2011

For the Christ consciousness crowd who think themselves to be I AM

All history has been changed, to remove the Jesus Yahweh factor because it was so potent it could not be stopped and had to be redirected with the present system bullshit the result.

I have been fighting the system for 60 years since a child, I started curing people of AIDS, Cancer and then was threatened by the government and my nephew was shot dead as they could not kill me.

We, Asherah and I took the cures to New Guinea and established two clinics that are operating to this day, 80,000 plus cured of incurable diseases. We just returned from Fiji, we had established clinics there, was arrested and deported. It's all on YouTube. Google my name Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

Big money in AIDS grants to fight man's worst peril the Americans patented it in 1987 patent number 4647773, Google it. No one wants a cure when there are millions of dollar pouring in to feed the nations coffers, money for weapons etc, therefore it is a ploy to make it appear there is no cure and reap the endless supply of research cash.

You are right about the bible, 70% bullshit is an underestimation, and however it is a trap for Lucifer as there are obscure verses that are divine in number of Hebrew gematria.

I am not looking for people to believe in me, what I am doing is working with 100% believers who are on the cutting edge of the war waged against mankind.

The problem is England and the Eugenic Society, they target the poor to be eliminated with the above and the wealthy targeted with invented diseases then reap the sale of drugs, all the while poisoning the air, water, food with proactive mycoplasma nano particles of disease as well as fertility suppressant additives like Soy, and bromine in bread which makes young people infertile.

I do what I do simply because of who I am and if you are a man of logic the answers are in the impossibility of coincidences built into the Great Pyramid which is My altar and built as the Bible in Stone so that no man could fuck with it.

You have the common sense to review the information and reject or stay on the fence or believe, no matter to me. It is not an election it is what it is.

I am who I am and stand before the world, I AM the greatest threat to the Jews and Freemason hordes who kill at the drop of a hat and yet all you have to consider is why am I able to be totally transparent and stand before the world, prove to many, not necessarily yourself, that is your free will, but I am still alive. Why?
Because I am who I say I am and have been proving it for decades, so as soon as the world wakes up to the knowledge that I am already here, then the sooner we can get on with the business of building paradise here upon the earth as I intended it from the beginning.

The rulers of this Hell have kept the knowledge of my return from the masses since 1944, why?...They would not have their fodder for their very profitable war machine if people refused to go because God Almighty who dwells amongst men is telling them not to...they have all of the money, power and resources in hell as you would expect...

My task is to bring the mind of man back to the earth, tell what is what and then lead them in the crossing over of our solar system back to the north side of the Galaxy where no evil is allowed to enter, that is why as Jesus I told my disciples to pray Thy Kingdom come , They will be done on the Earth as it is in Heaven.....the solar system travels at 69000kph northward back into the heavenly realm which is the north side of the centre line of the Milky Way Galaxy and is and that is what December 21 2012 is really all about...all good for the righteous and the meek.

True Christ consciousness is the knowledge that I AM already here on the earth.

Are you I AM?

NO! You are my offspring made in my image via the Mother Asherah, your soul is female as are all mankind because they come from their Mother of All Living Asherah.

I AM the only male soul in the creation, the Alpha male, and that is why you cannot be I AM your soul is female.

The church is the woman, and that is why the Queen is the Whore of the Revelation, she represents the church that has prostituted herself to the beast Lucifer and is why the world is hell today.

She sits on My Throne of David and thus far has refused to hand it over. Hell could stop tomorrow if she were to do what her father told her to do and that is to hand over the Throne to the Christ when He makes His presence known to her. I have done that many times but she is the whore of Lucifer Rothschild and so the world suffers until the reapers take them out of the picture.

I could not be here sooner than my rebirth date of January 11th 1944 because in My creation My soul is divided amongst all who are made in My image and they must be born to the earth. It is now time when those numbers or babies born are reaching a critical mass for a quantum to occur and that date is 28th October 2011 when even the UN has said that the earth's population will have reached 7 billion...7 being the sacred number of perfection and completion.

The enemy see it as a problem and cry overpopulation, well it is a big problem for them, the 7 billion souls on the earth tip the balance to Me Yahweh and righteousness and it means the destruction of the souls of the wicked.
Like a bee hive where the population of bees reaches a critical mass and swarm, the collective consciousness is like that of a German shepherd dog though the individual bee is unaware that it is building another hive.

In this case the individual bees are the innocent babies, they come to the earth preprogramed with minds of righteousness and dreams of what Paradise is and they do not even have to be out of the crib.

That is what all made in my image will do, build another hive for the benefit of all mankind with me here as the one to advise, you made in my image take over and allow Me to rest...the 7th day is when mankind wakes up and gives me rest from my labour of having to wake you up...I look forward to it...

Love and peace, Yahweh and Asherah

Glory of the Stars

brianisyahweh2 on Aug 22, 2011
The stars are all to do with astrology and it predicts when and where Christ would be born as Jesus and then when Christ would return as Yahweh in the flesh eg.the star of Bethlehem was a conjunction (eclipse) between Venus the morning star rev.22;16 and Jupiter which occurred at 8.00am Bethlehem time sunrise to sunset 855 minutes followed by moonrise 33 minutes later for a total of 888 minutes. The same numbers occurred once again this time predicted by the solar eclipse of January 1944 along the 25 n lat. to the very bedroom that Jesus Yahweh was born into on January 11th 1944 a distance of 8888.88 miles and the sunrise to sunset for sydney Australia was 855 minutes was 33 minutes later for 888 minutes from sunrise to moonrise the same as the star as Bethlehem June 17th 2BC. Jupiter is 88800 miles wide Jesus is 888 Greek gematria I was born 8.88 years after my brother and 8880 days before my daughter who was born in Port Alberni Canada when the sunrise to sunset was 888 minutes. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE. IAM YAHWEH Plain and simple.

Hungarian translation
A csillagok mind köze asztrológia és megjósolja, mikor és hol Krisztus fog születni, mint Jézus, majd, amikor Krisztus visszatér, mint Jahve a testben eg.the betlehemi csillag volt együtt (Eclipse) között a Vénusz a hajnalcsillag rev. 22; 16 és Jupiter bekövetkezett a 08:00 Betlehemben ideje napkeltétől napnyugtáig 855 perc után holdfelkelte 33 perccel később, összesen 888 perc. Ugyanez a szám történt ismét ezúttal előre a napfogyatkozást a január 1944 végig a 25 n lat. A nagy hálószoba, hogy Jézus Úr született a január 11, 1944 távolságban 8888,88 mérföld és a napkeltétől napnyugtáig a Sydney Ausztrália 855 perc volt, 33 perccel később a 888 perc alatt napkeltétől holdfelkelte ugyanaz, mint a csillag a betlehemi június 17. 2BC. A Jupiter 88800 mérföld széles Jézus 888 görög gematria születtem 8,88 évvel azután, bátyám, és 8880 nappal a lányom, aki született Port Alberni Kanadában, amikor a napkeltétől napnyugtáig volt 888 perc. Nincs olyan dolog, mint véletlen. IAM Jehova Sima és egyszerű.

brianisyahweh2 on Aug 23, 2011

Nebula M42 in the belt of Orion is the
star of Bethlehem, He knows the end from the beginning because it is all written in the stars of heaven, they are the witness of the coming of the Christ to the earth the first and second time. M42 has been flashing on and off for 2000 years sighted at times and recorded through history by various men moved by their angels to do so, all for the Christ in His return to a deceived mankind to be able to find and then measure and then translate the numbers into language and then to reveal the Truth that sets mankind free. On June 17th 2BC, his birthdate as Jesus, Jupiter aligned with Venus at the same time as M42 was visible in the sky. You could look at it like a clock, M42 was the hour hand, venus was the second hand and Jupiter was the minute hand of the celestial clock....all rather wonderful as you would expect of the Creator Yahweh.

Planets Galaxy Sun Mars Moon Solar System Volcano Yahweh Jesus Enstein Aaron Cohen Astrology Asteroids Phobos Comet Elenin Van Allen Belt Magnetic Pulls M42 Orion Rock n Roll

Comet Elenin piloted by NASA

bway63 on Aug 20, 2011

Like weather manipulation on Earth, I believe the "control freaks" of the New World Order can manipulate heavenly bodies and create solar flares in space to achieve their goals.

JPL/NASA Elenin Orbit Diagram:

Henning Kemner's video on his YouTube channel -- 2010TheCountdown:

Promotional video on The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS-02):
Shot of CME (coronal mass ejection) at 1:07 in

Shannon Walker interview:


Hugo Chavez article at Fox News:

STS-134 Patch:

STS-134 "Star Trek" Poster:

solarflares Comet Elenin sun moon stars ufo spacealien aliens earth flying planet universe shuttle secret galaxy outer astronomy apollo roswell launch abduction planets invasion predator area spaceship conspiracy sighting cosmos crop project astronaut orb hubble disclosure discovery mystery object contact sightings ufo's telescope space shuttle strange

Yahweh's Temple

brianisyahweh2 | Aug 15, 2011

The Temple in Jerusalem that was destroyed through the influence upon Rome by the Idumean Jew of Edom/Esau/Cain/the devil in 70AD was the rebuilt temple of Yahweh not Solomon by Yahweh's ancestor the righteous Zerubbabel under the decree of Darius the Persian King who had defeated Babylon. The Idumean Jew already in Jerusalem were banned under penalty of being hung if they participated in the re building of the Temple to Yahweh. This is why I as Jesus threw out all of the money changers of My Father's House Yahweh, myself. Jews worshiping at the wailing wall today are worshiping Jesus/Yahweh. The Idumean Jew were the ones condemned by Jesus and are the sons of Cain the father of who is the devil. They are all back on the earth for the judgment , anyone who calls themselves a Jew and since Brian Yahweh is the Holy Ghost if they blaspheme against him He will not forgive them it is the unpardonable sin so beware Christian, ye who have been decieved by the Jews book the bible you will not be forgiven Mark 3;28, 29 "Verily I say unto you all sins can be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme 29. but he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness but is in danger of eternal damnation" .....warning Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall is the Holy Ghost of the Lord Jesus Christ resurrected and reincarnated Yahweh the Father back for the judgment of the nations....so far He is not fucking happy...He is also the rock of offense so if you are offended you are fucked...

The wrestling talked about between 2 brothers, good and evil continues down to Mary Magdalene and Martha, and what the Jews did not expect was Mary would be alive and found by Yahweh after he returned from Canada in 1996. It is absolute, she is Mary, however she is just like she was back at the cross, she refused to obey his commands then, but like Cain and Seth, the younger righteous sibling also was found in Martha then and today. Both are very real people, same personalities and natures, one unwilling to do anything or go public and her younger sister prepared to die for her husband. Mary means stubborn or rebellious and Martha means mistress as in mistress of the house, and so when it came time after 11 years of demonstrating miracles, Mary still refused to go public, then the younger sister Martha had to become the one who loved Jesus and was prepared then and today to die for him and so began the work of healing people in Papua New Guinea and Fiji, in the face of certain death for any other person doing these things, and so it is that Martha was proven by Mary.

the decree of the Persian king Cyrus, had been taken to the Persian summer city of Achmetha, Iran today, this is why the Cain NWO is targeting Iran for invasion to destroy any verification.
This vid ends with my rant and rave at the Jews, wondering why the vid was not processing and then realizing I had not pressed the little red square you get to hear.

brianisyahweh2 on Aug 18, 2011
Isis had more questions about the temple and earthquakes and the sun, moon and stars being shaken.

Circumcision: Sickness Explained by Jewish Rabbis

CanadianGirlsTalk on Jun 5, 2011

Susie and Richanda watch a video where a rabbi explains the mohel sucking the wound on the newly circumcised penis

Centaur846 on Feb 15, 2011

Circumcision and Sucking on Babies' Bleeding Penises Explained by Jewish Rabbis

Truth in History - The Holocaust Lie Exposed (By David Irving)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Race Card

brianisyahweh2 on Aug 11, 2011
Isis asked about pyramids and the colours of people's skin being used to deceive...

Queen Elisabeth Go Feed Somolia

brianisyahweh2 on Aug 10, 2011
Move over Light Bearer, The Grand Architect, The Light and the Life of mankind is taking over all the Freemason Lodges on the planet and forgives the stupidity of the good men who seek to lay down their lives for their fellowmen and community. And no, no prizes for naming the fuckwit in the background.........

Elizabeth feed Somalia like any Jesus loving person would do and what about the rest of the world's leaders??...having trouble uploading again so keeping it short

simple call to action in a silent revolution. A call to the queen to use her military to get food and supplies to the famine in samalia and mogidshu .. if not the take her head by any means. use this as a real cause for the attrocities in your back yard and on your doorstep .youth raise up

Kristi with the brain anuerism says she is going to expose us and we will be locked up......been trying for the longest time to get locked up, let's see if she can pull it off...

In The Beginning

brianisyahweh2 on Aug 7, 2011

the bible is Lucifer's trap for mankind however the returned Christ reveals the codes in the numbers of the bible to hang Lucifer upon the gallows it built for it's own execution,. Yahweh as Jesus said that the Truth will set you free, from from the brainwashing of the Freemason controlled churches and media and governments who have been bought by the Jews who call themselves Jews and are not. To be of Judah the Royal line one must be born of England, Ireland or Scotland.
brianisyahweh2 4 days ago

Great Pyramid is the Altar to the Lord in the midst of Egypt, Isaiah 19:19,22 it is the bible in stone almost 5000 years old built by the descendants of Noah, it identifies the Christ and his family in his second incarnation by the measurements of the Pyramid and the solar and lunar eclipses that can be measured to his place of birth lining up with the masonry layers of the pyramid, it is the most Holy building upon the earth and reflects the mind of the Creator in the beauty of the numbers

He is rejected by all Christian nations who have been devoured by the book Lucifer produced by the Jews who call themselves Jews and are not through Freemasonry that controls all /churches, governments, universities, schools etc..They are out to kill God who are all mankind, but you already know this and is why they have been poisoning the nations through water, food, air, vaccines, and got your mind focused in the heavens so that you miss the Lord who comes as a thief just as he said he would


@dontpoisonme No Eddy what is rubbish is the book you quote put together by Lucifer who caused the scholars of the time to omit the conversation that Yahweh as Jesus really had with Nicodemus, if you are interested in the Truth that sets all men free then I suggest you take the time to go back and listen first of all to the 13 part series at this site, there have been 900 teaching videos of the returned Lord Jesus Christ Yahweh removed by the very ones who have you thinking that this is shit.

By the way, love your work on the water analysis I tried to contact you some time ago as a man who says he is about truth you should know that the Christ returned on January 11th 1944 at 2;22am Sydney Australia into 105 Rothshild Av Rosebery Sydney, identifying Lucifer today as in Rothschild since we are in hell and the biggest conspiracy of all time is the knowledge the Christ has been on the earth since that time, the only way onto the earth is through the womb, not bullshit riding the clouds