Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In The Beginning

brianisyahweh2 on Aug 7, 2011

the bible is Lucifer's trap for mankind however the returned Christ reveals the codes in the numbers of the bible to hang Lucifer upon the gallows it built for it's own execution,. Yahweh as Jesus said that the Truth will set you free, from from the brainwashing of the Freemason controlled churches and media and governments who have been bought by the Jews who call themselves Jews and are not. To be of Judah the Royal line one must be born of England, Ireland or Scotland.
brianisyahweh2 4 days ago

Great Pyramid is the Altar to the Lord in the midst of Egypt, Isaiah 19:19,22 it is the bible in stone almost 5000 years old built by the descendants of Noah, it identifies the Christ and his family in his second incarnation by the measurements of the Pyramid and the solar and lunar eclipses that can be measured to his place of birth lining up with the masonry layers of the pyramid, it is the most Holy building upon the earth and reflects the mind of the Creator in the beauty of the numbers

He is rejected by all Christian nations who have been devoured by the book Lucifer produced by the Jews who call themselves Jews and are not through Freemasonry that controls all /churches, governments, universities, schools etc..They are out to kill God who are all mankind, but you already know this and is why they have been poisoning the nations through water, food, air, vaccines, and got your mind focused in the heavens so that you miss the Lord who comes as a thief just as he said he would


@dontpoisonme No Eddy what is rubbish is the book you quote put together by Lucifer who caused the scholars of the time to omit the conversation that Yahweh as Jesus really had with Nicodemus, if you are interested in the Truth that sets all men free then I suggest you take the time to go back and listen first of all to the 13 part series at this site, there have been 900 teaching videos of the returned Lord Jesus Christ Yahweh removed by the very ones who have you thinking that this is shit.

By the way, love your work on the water analysis I tried to contact you some time ago as a man who says he is about truth you should know that the Christ returned on January 11th 1944 at 2;22am Sydney Australia into 105 Rothshild Av Rosebery Sydney, identifying Lucifer today as in Rothschild since we are in hell and the biggest conspiracy of all time is the knowledge the Christ has been on the earth since that time, the only way onto the earth is through the womb, not bullshit riding the clouds