Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Glory of the Stars

brianisyahweh2 on Aug 22, 2011
The stars are all to do with astrology and it predicts when and where Christ would be born as Jesus and then when Christ would return as Yahweh in the flesh eg.the star of Bethlehem was a conjunction (eclipse) between Venus the morning star rev.22;16 and Jupiter which occurred at 8.00am Bethlehem time sunrise to sunset 855 minutes followed by moonrise 33 minutes later for a total of 888 minutes. The same numbers occurred once again this time predicted by the solar eclipse of January 1944 along the 25 n lat. to the very bedroom that Jesus Yahweh was born into on January 11th 1944 a distance of 8888.88 miles and the sunrise to sunset for sydney Australia was 855 minutes was 33 minutes later for 888 minutes from sunrise to moonrise the same as the star as Bethlehem June 17th 2BC. Jupiter is 88800 miles wide Jesus is 888 Greek gematria I was born 8.88 years after my brother and 8880 days before my daughter who was born in Port Alberni Canada when the sunrise to sunset was 888 minutes. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE. IAM YAHWEH Plain and simple.

Hungarian translation
A csillagok mind köze asztrológia és megjósolja, mikor és hol Krisztus fog születni, mint Jézus, majd, amikor Krisztus visszatér, mint Jahve a testben eg.the betlehemi csillag volt együtt (Eclipse) között a Vénusz a hajnalcsillag rev. 22; 16 és Jupiter bekövetkezett a 08:00 Betlehemben ideje napkeltétől napnyugtáig 855 perc után holdfelkelte 33 perccel később, összesen 888 perc. Ugyanez a szám történt ismét ezúttal előre a napfogyatkozást a január 1944 végig a 25 n lat. A nagy hálószoba, hogy Jézus Úr született a január 11, 1944 távolságban 8888,88 mérföld és a napkeltétől napnyugtáig a Sydney Ausztrália 855 perc volt, 33 perccel később a 888 perc alatt napkeltétől holdfelkelte ugyanaz, mint a csillag a betlehemi június 17. 2BC. A Jupiter 88800 mérföld széles Jézus 888 görög gematria születtem 8,88 évvel azután, bátyám, és 8880 nappal a lányom, aki született Port Alberni Kanadában, amikor a napkeltétől napnyugtáig volt 888 perc. Nincs olyan dolog, mint véletlen. IAM Jehova Sima és egyszerű.

brianisyahweh2 on Aug 23, 2011

Nebula M42 in the belt of Orion is the
star of Bethlehem, He knows the end from the beginning because it is all written in the stars of heaven, they are the witness of the coming of the Christ to the earth the first and second time. M42 has been flashing on and off for 2000 years sighted at times and recorded through history by various men moved by their angels to do so, all for the Christ in His return to a deceived mankind to be able to find and then measure and then translate the numbers into language and then to reveal the Truth that sets mankind free. On June 17th 2BC, his birthdate as Jesus, Jupiter aligned with Venus at the same time as M42 was visible in the sky. You could look at it like a clock, M42 was the hour hand, venus was the second hand and Jupiter was the minute hand of the celestial clock....all rather wonderful as you would expect of the Creator Yahweh.

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