Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Internetually Factual! SherrieLea Laird Is Aileen Wuornos!

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS,  Absolutely Priceless

Fits Sherrie lea to a T. Being called out for the Scam that she is. No Crediblity what so ever. Good on Pete Santilli for Exposing this Fool of a woman

Hatrick Penry & Sherrie Lea Kicked To The Curb

Full Episode & Article:

talks about sherrie lea here too

and this one is a must listen

Saturday, December 8, 2012

One of Brian and Janelle's house slaves

Karen is one of Brian and Janelle's house slave's, Joel is the other one. They are often seen in the background doing dishes, but mostly stay out of video sight being quiet nodding yes and no to what ever their wanna be god status masters are spewing about at the moment in total agreement with everthing they say. Like good little cult followers do. Notice the Unholy christmas tree and decorations in the background as brian has deemed dec 25th a day unto satan worship, but it's okay if they have fun and drink coca cola and wine etc, though they demonize others for doing so. The Christmas tree is an old tradition of the asherah pole, in tribute to the Goddess, but has Nothing to do with janelle as she thinks she is the reincarnation there of. Her and Brian has proven to me the only thing they are is Scam artists, they have No knowledge of scientific facts and their math is fudged to promote their lies. They Admitted stealing 10,000 dollars off a couple in Fiji via video. They called for the killing of 3 year old zionist jewish children also via video. They constantly condem others to a firey hell for not bowing down to brian. They got Big Time Karma coming ther way, as Many wait patiently for them to Fall on their faces in Shame.

Brian Marshall and the crew Cult of Briantolgy -- Loves Hitler, calling him a good man and think the KKK are Saints.

Brian says the KKK takes over and when they burn a cross, they're standing in the light of Jesus, they the saints are being demonized, then jokes about how they should dress up in white sheets run around australia doing something about the ...
mother, burning crosses. They are SICK MOFO's, and people continute to believe them? then 2 more vid titles I havent watched yet. (Il bring the condoms) and (Iv got a hard on for ya Julia Gillard) --- brian jesus the SOUL Sucking Vampire
the latest End of evil dates have been Nov 30th, then its Nov 24th to dec 4th, now they said the 6th, and dont forget dec 21 is coming up too.

Hitler shines the light on the magot

you should see janelle when she's on a hate rant. her eyes look like snake slits. And they think brian will be sitting on Queen Lizzie's throne come his 69th birthday Jan 11 2013. like thats gonna happen, with their threatening nature and behaviour, I cant understand why the authorites havent dealt with them yet.
Talk about hatred Vid (His story 1) is about janelle hating and trashing her family members sisters etc. It's not a wonder one sister had her by the throat at one time, having to listen to janelle's spew for a lifetime, then throw in her undying devotion to the lie of brian marshall. I can imagine her Frustration over it. I see janelle as a instigator causing trouble from way back as It's all she's ever done since teeming up with marshall, preying on the lost and weak, breaking up families, taking what isn't theirs to begin with. they hav No shame in anything they do to others. On Vid (His story 2) brian mumbles while Janelle verbulates hoiw there will No alcohol or cigarettes in paradise, then she picks up a glass of wine and drinks it a few times after saying that. These 2 are Sooo full of themselves
what to do with the zionist jew?
they are speculating what is the job of the 144000, if brian is no longer here, (start watching at 6:00) as Brian talks about needing a cutoff point and damn well goes into saying that after a male or female reaches anything over the of age of 3 years and one month, we kill it. then he says yo got to have a shot up to the age of 7 to train them. Then he's sooo Arrogant saying He's the one who sets the rules and the numbers, live by it or die! This man is dangerous!!! All while Janelle, Joel and Karen stand there listening to Brian rant about this and say Not a word against his Madness.
Wall with Marshal written apon it in MALTA FOREST POLAND
Start watchin at 14:00 janelle winding up for her Dis on Jeremy and Kasia. Janelle is Utterly an unsympathetic pig of a woman, tear in into Kasia who is said to have major depression and just recently had a new baby girl. Congratulations on the new additon Honey, Hoping you are feeling better soon. Dont worry about what the Mother of All DEAD things says. She's a mental cast off, not worth anything good in the scheme of your life. A Spiteful Fear Mongering Biatch is all she is. Even so Jer, I hope your standing by Kasia as she really needs you right now along with your 2 precious little girls, Janelle is saying your a devil and wants your Head on a platter along with Alex Jones!
She is saying that the 'Bloodline" (25:00) will continue through Adam and Klaudia ??? Hows does that work? lol Thru Martha but not brian lol. as this Spewing attack contiues... on with Janelle ADMITTING They STOLE Jeremy's Money! at (26:00) she says Yes we Confiscated your worldy treasures you Fuckwit! Can they go to jail now?!? Did Janelle Falsifiy her Passport to Fiji also, like she did with New Guinea? Janelle is a Fuking Evil Lunatic, Lock her away Please, and apparently I am still on her go to Hell list, Fuk off you Lizard Eyed Nobody.
This are just some of the Fraud, lies and antics they come up with for Attention etc. They make me want to puke. No I Don't believe in them any more and Ashamed that I ever did.

The Soul of Sherrie Lea Laird as I see it

                                 How i see sherrie lea's soul and it one Ugly Biatch!

Sherrie Lea as the Soul sucking vampire

Zombie Marilyn - It's a Fungus Laird

Sherrie Leas' alter personas

Just checking out some pics of sherrie lea for face recognition to see if she matches MM and Not one of them show her to look like Marilyn at all. She is as Fake as Monroe's facial mole.