Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Brian Marshall Cult leaders are off to scam the people of India now

The never ending recycled BS from the Marshall cult. Now your off to India to peddle your non sense and fake cures eh? Maybe, finally Karma will bite you on the ass, time to pay your dues for all the lies and dirty dealings you do Brian and Janelle Heil Furrer ... bottom feeders of humanity, preying on the gullible like the vultures that you are. How many more people are going to die because of your frauds? How many more people have you conned money from since your all expenses paid trip to the Vatican scam, to confront Pope Francis and pretend to save the pedophile enabler Pope Benedict?

And your trip to Egypt was a fail, almost had a heart attack and pissed your pants walking up to the kings coffer just to prove your name was Not written all over the walls like you have said for years. How many more people are you going to use and step on while you climb the Narcissistic Sociopath ladder to stand on your arrogantly delusional of self worth pedestal? One day it's going to catch up with you. Many are waiting for Justice to be delivered and see you both tumble off your self serving high horse wearing orange jumpsuits the rest of your miserable days.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Youtube is GANGSTER Tube Lisa Marie Wonders ATTACKED

I am being Attacked by a Gang of Cyber Bullies for Sherrie Lea Laird who Protects the Cult Of Brian and Janelle Marshall. They are trying to erase the Proof of this cult lies and fraud. They have False claimed impersonations of myself with soc accounts and mass spamming causing me to lose my 2 youtube accounts user/LisaMarieWonders and user/lisawonders and also False impersonations claim om my Facebook causing that to also be shut down. What they do is criminal. Using my real last name to get away with it. And I have Not been able to fight these false claims as I havent been able to upload pics of my Id on those sites. Which I find Very Frustrating. I had trouble getting on to this site as well, as google told me there has been suspious activity on this my blogsite. but thankfully I was able to take care of that problem. So they are trying to erase the truth of this cult and Sherries involvment in it from the net. I am not the only one they target on youtube, anyone who doesnt believe what they do and says so, gets harassed and bullied, they claim Alex Jones is Bill Hicks and many people are other people it's just a farce. And they have threatened many people lives.they have been reported many times on youtube, but they dont really do anything about the attacks and it seems the cyber Bullies have used and Abused the Youtubes terms of Service in a back handed manner to get away with their nerfious deeds. YOUTUBE HAS TURNED INTO GANGSTER TUBE. The main culprits go by the names CaliberHitter, MsSherrieLea, Sicilian0King, BRIANHASPWNEDYOU, Lulzcow4u, Glen NUKE WARZ, SiriusWarrior777, NNNyc550... THERE ARE MANY MORE Soc accounts... For my birthday my LisaMarieWonders youtube comment section was mass spammed with over 100 bots from India, then they make a vid to gloat about it. Oh they have made many videos trasheing me and telling lies about me. They are TOTAL Bullys. There online behaviour is Disgusting. I tell the TRUTH of Sherrie Laird and This cult she Protects that I myself was in for 4 yrs, till I woke up and been a whistle blower ever since, Calling them out on their lies and Fraud. Brian wants his followers to Kill 3 yr old jeweish Children, They scam money from people, took big money from a couple from Fiji. This is all on their own vids they posted. Brian and Janelle got kicked out of New Guinea and Fiji for Fake cures for Cancer and AIDS. NObody has ever come out and said they have been cured by Brian's methods, Never. None of their Predictions has ever come true. Brian Admires Nazi Hitler, the KKK and thinks Charles Manson got a bums rap. This Septic Cult Preachs Hell and Damnation to all who won't bend their knee to him, and they Hate most everyone. They put Homosexuals on the same level as Pedophiles. They Hate the Jews, They spread hate everywhere its make me sick to my soul. Their pyramid maths are altered for his desired out come.. this has all been Prove He is a FRAUD. Their latest vids can be found at youtube SwordOfTruth888. Their latest scam is Ex Pope Benedict has annouced that the Christ (BLGM) has returned. With made up players, one is FR Giuseppe Civello who Photo is of a real Rev named Luke Suarez of Newton Connecticut. http://www.strosechurch.com/mass-times/staff/ Well I wanted to upload some pics, but am not able to, so I will leave this post as it is for now. I was able to upload a vid yea! ---------------------------- Threats Against me and my family recorded Threats of bodliy harm against me, my family and my friends. Stalking and Online Bullying, you people have crossed the line. With the Approval of your wanna be World Dictators Brian Golightly and Janelle Hore Furrer Marshall No Doubt. Making Multi youtube accounts just to harass people. and Threats of remote viewing. You people show yourselves to be a Satanic Cult with ill intent for anyone who disagrees with your Constant Slandering of many innocent people with Pseudo claims of proof. If anything Happens to us, the Authorities know who you thugs are and where you live. From Felix Pantaleon aka 22Caliberhitters, ITISTIMEN0W, JonbenetsGh0st, Sicilian0King, DallasJewBug, TheJersyGuido Sherrie Lea Laird aka dudezones4, current channel is THEJAZZNEWB Joel Neilsen aka Rebel Saint, current channel is SwordOfTruth888
The vid above I uploaded to my LisaMarieWonders youtube when I still had it as Proof of the Threats of what this Stalker bully gang was doing... but Youtube had it removed for bullying and harassment! because they spam flagged it so much. So Showing the Truth must be against youtube policy now, an Innocent people can't defend themselves from cyber stalkers? ------------ Lisa Marie: Sometimes those who accuse you of being a stalker demon are the ones that actually are... and use youtube terms of sevrice in a back handed manner to have your 2 channels and 1 facebook falsely taken away as they inpersonated me and I tried to fight against these claims to no avail. All the stuff that brijan marshall , sherrie and gang of goons get away with.. they have got to be paid shills or something. Or ist it the bad guys always win in hell on earth. I dont know, but its hateful and Frustrating. When people like me tell the Truth of that cult and I am the one gets stomped on.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Brian Marshall Apostolic Letter "In Christum Credunt" Scam

Published on Mar 26, 2013

Sherrie and BriJan made a BIG Boo boo. The Apostolic Letter "In Christum Credunt" in where Ratzinger proclaims brian is the christ, but the new pope dont agree with him, but anyways the IP address is from Toronto, Ontario which is in Canada. doesnt come from Rome Italy. So thats why you been so quiet lately sherSharia, you been workin the scam you Nazi trollop!

The "official" fb pope page with 44 likes now, while the other REAL Pope Benedict pages have over 1000's of likes. whatever you liars and there doesn't seem to be a Fr. Giuseppe Civello or a Monsignor Giovanni Rossini coming up in any search.

The time diffence between Rome Italy and Melbourne Australia is 10 hours, so thats when updates are added is when BriJan are awake and it's the wee hours of the morning in rome, also that sherrie lea is a night owl, so most of her awake time coincides with that of brian and janelle.

Sherrie just lies all the time too. she has been outed for her being in on the brian and janelle marshall shot vid. It's been Proven. She's sick in the head, a skank Bimbo punk rockin barbie doll and now she's been shown to be in on the Pope scam. Dont know how she can live with herself. and so has Mike n Manon (Godbout) Ouellette also from Canada.

Tell me sher, are you going to be in on the new Hoax of Brian and Janelle in the making trying to look like the 2 witnesses once again being shot with the first hoax and coming back to life, No bullet wounds. are you going to be in on this new one their trying to cook up too? Last one she admitted in comments she was in on the shot thing and had prior knowledge of that vid


Sherrie Lea
Stop lying all I admitted was finding out before you but I was told before hand why certain things needed to be done and its EXACTLY how I do my stuff. I wont reveal more than that because it comes from past 5 senses you were enslaved to only believe in. My last comment to you. Whoever believes you. Deserves you and I'm not going to save retards ANY more. EVER.

there you go again trying to sidestep the facts, you always do this. Your Crediblity is Zero. So you were told before hand how brian and janelle were going to scam the people into believing they got shot. Way to go sherrie lol



orginal upload Uploaded on Nov 6, 2010
Now Brian Loves the ex pope Ratzinger pedophile/enabler, Hilter and the KKK and doesn't blame anything on the queen now either, even though he served her papers to get her fat evil ass off the throne cause it belonged to him. the rantings of a madman. everything is the fault of the jews, according to him and those that follow his insanity faithfully. I think if they go to rome, him and jezza will be put into a mental hospital. they are playing with fire this time. maybe the wailing banshee was a warning they should take heed of their coming demise.

(Destruction of the Vatican 1) at marker 5:13 The Vatican houses Lucifer, the Jesuit Pope. After the 666 day 6:36 pm any of the remaining bishops inside the area will be no longer able to leave and it will be open slather for anyone to kill them including the pope, in the name of Yahweh gratis, if they attempt to leave. Ity will become their prison. (this was to happen in 2011) oh there's more said if you want to view the rest of the vids http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaNsOh8Tm40

(Destruction of the Vatican 3) marker 3:39 The Jesuits have taken an oath to crush the heads of babies to defend the Pope. We intend to kill him, so send your assassins and give it your best shot you black bastards!!!

Hey Pope, I hope you have some polarized sunglasses!!http://www.youtube.com/user/VaticanCountdown2011

More scam BS. Brian has always hated the Vatican and calls the pope the vicar of Lucifer, and never did like his own mother.

The Protestant Whore

Pope and the Christ Update - there be 2 new endtime witnesses now
Published on Mar 22, 2013

The meeting between Pope Francis I and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will take place at 12:15pm Rome time on Saturday 23rd March 2013. Pope Francis will learn of the return of the Christ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall who has been in constant communication with Pope Emeritus Benedict since March 11th 2013. All at the Castelgandolfo Pontifical household are very excited to see Pope Francis learn what they have known for 12 days. These 2 humble men of God are the 2 elect, the 2 end time witnesses of the Christ and no they do not have to die, the end of the prophecy of the Revelation is Chapter 11:19. Lunation 1119 aligns with Revelation11:19 and ends with the Marriage supper of the Lamb which will be held on June 17th 2013 when the Christ will be 3623 weeks old and 3623 is the number in Hebrew for espousal. The espoused are the 144, 000, the saints, the poor in spirit, the meek, the broken hearted and the pure in heart who all will see God, the garment of righteousness is the garment to be worn to the wedding.

oh now their on about the marriage supper of the lamb again, first it was Michelle was the mother then it was janelle, when they were suppose to get married on Dec 25 2010 was to be the marriage supper, that Never happened even though even more dates thereafter were to be the "scared" wedding that never happend either. Brian will not marry her. Now its the bride of Christ being the Catholic church, and Ratzinger is Peter the rock Lol He already gave jeremy the title of reincarnated Peter. you cant take it back brian.

Pope Benedict signatures and a Brian Marshall Cult Forgery

Mike n Manon (Godbout) Ouellette must be in on this scam too as it looks like they are forging signatures with this document. this is another couple from Canada, who mostly stay in the background, they very well could be part of this Pope Set up also. Caught you frauds. I cant believe what all these cult followers of brian and janelle are so Blindly willing to do for them. It's a crime. These are the same people who try to sell jockey shorts, underwear etc... with the words YHWH and Brian marshall's Crest to make a few bucks.

Brian Marshall Is NOT Heir to the Throne, He’s a Pretender

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sherrie Lea Laird: Fake Marilyn Fake mole

Published on Jan 30, 2013
This my first vid, but it shows what I've been saying here is evidence of sherrie lea not being reincarnated Norma Jean AKA Marilyn Monroe.

You'll have to go to this link to read the article, cause it doesn't show up right in the vid so I didn't add the rest of it. See the "Doc" lead/feed sherrie her questions for the answers while under a "regressed' state. http://www.healpastlives.com/pastlf/bkreview/bkmonroe.htm

We already know Brian marshall is a Fraud, looks like she is too

Published on Dec 27, 2012

I am outing her for her continued BS.

1.Says "Brian and Sherrie the most stalked people online" as she points to one of her own channel's info to verify that statement as proof of common knowledge

2. Why does she continue to say people stalk her and brian. It's more like those of us who care go to those pages to out them on their lies and BS. I go with facts and ask questions, make statements to sherry about brians past fails and lies, in which she never answers me back with any sense, she just attacks the mesenger. That's what people in cults do when they feel threaten cause they cant come back with a real answer. Quite telling is their behaviour.

3. Continues to call me a demon. I am a Human being. I am tired of her and the Briantology cult labeling people with such derogatory terms such as Possessed demon, Troll. Stalker, Talmud Queen Lover, Jew Jew Jew, She Hate the Jews, but think she is one. Though Her Brian and Janelle claim its just the Zionist Jews that arent the true Jews, but who are they to make a discernment on who is a true jew and who isnt and who they deem worthy of death?

4. Why did Pete Santilli make a vid about you? because you OCD hounded him, trying to bully your pseudo facts about the Sandy Hook Tradgey and He was Having None of it. Because your facts amount to slanderous BS. You use DallasGoldBug type investigating skills that are a joke and claim them as proof. eg; Claimed ChangeDaChannel and Photohelix are the same person (who are not), then proceeded with your friends to go an Harrass both of those men, and still havent said you were sorry to either of them.

5. Sherrie Lea, your a living Hoax and Pete Santilli brings that out in the open. this vid of how you handle supposed proof is Classic, Is Priceless Cause t's the truth of what you do and Yes it sure did make my christmas an extra special one this year. ;-)
Internetually Factual! SherrieLea Laird Is Aileen Wuornos!


6. And James Dark Knight Shooter 'father' (Looks Absolutely NOTHING like) FOCKING KELLY THOMAS FATHER. Sherrie, you are proving to the world your a LOONEYTUNE, back off the booze and pills n get some help

7. https means your using a secured browser, duh
8. I am not of jewish heritage. I am german and polish
9. Also want to add that sherrie admited in comments that she knew she was being recorded by Pete Santilli on this Sound Cloud audio. So then she is caught in another lie.


Well it just goes on and on with her, the fabrications, out right lies, her backengineering proof lol. She's Lost her mind

Hitler Was A Saint - Brian Marshall's own words but he didnt always think so

Word's of the Dictator god wanna be:
Fuckwits, there's people over there, 90% of the people are going to die there because of people just like you, too tired, too stupid to get off your fat fucking asses, your all fucked in the head. and you deserve the hell that i'm going to give you. and your gonna get paid back big time.

Read Mein Kaumph, the first 4 or 5 pages is enough to convince you, that this man was given the bums rap of all time, Hitler was a Saint. and only Hitler got it right.

What Brian Marshall Thought of Hitler in 2001



"I am a man who looks at the facts. First no matter what Hitler thought of the Jews, he disobeyed several laws of God. Love one another and Thou Shalt not kill."
"Many of you may feel I am soft on Hitler, I am not, but I do understand why he did what he did, as I also understand why the Jews feel the way they do. It is simply a matter of opening all secrets to the masses, and understand that normal people of love do not do what the Nazi's did nor what the Jews teach today, for if the numbers were reversed the Jews would do what Hitler did openly, and so it is my judgment that circumstance produces insanity."
Brian Marshall says Satan has many faces, Hitler was one, the NAZI another etc in 2003

"The lunatic Hitler was maneuvered to power. Had it not been Hitler it would have been some other fool. His hatred for 'Jews' was unjustified as it was what the big business moguls had done to Germany prior to the war that was to blame. This caused Hitler to mistakenly target the average Jewish family as the cause. Hitler offered the allies the opportunity to take all of the Jews from Europe, but this was refused."
"Satan has many faces, Hitler was one, the NAZI another, Stalin yet another. Today it is Bush and the USA overall,"


Overall Jews are waiting to be saved from the rising tide of anti-Semitism world wide. Their Messiah must be a genetic descent of king David, according to the book of Isaiah. Prophecy predicts that this man will liberate them and lead them to world power."

"Jewish prophecy reveals that the 'Lord' the resurrected David, crushes the nations like a man treading a winfat, his 'white' garments of resurrection, was seen in a vision by the prophet Isaiah. He saw the Lord David walking from the Western nations,"
Brian Marshall claims he is (The Messiah (King) David) in 2002


The Messiah David is with us today, linked by the hand of God to the numbers pertaining to Jesus in Greek gematria, this man stands alone, waiting for the moment in time, preordained by God, when the righteous Jews who love Jehovah will RECOGNISE HIM as being David himself, raised from the dead, made possible by Jesus's death on the cross.

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, the Australian pensioner, fraudster and would-be cult leader, who claims to be Yahweh, Jesus and the rightful heir to the throne of England, is a despicable and disgusting Nazi. He also claims to have discovered a cure for AIDS


And I throw this one in for good measure

Kukulcan is Gabriel 20 May 2012 USA destruction
Published on May 16, 2012
here you say all the pyramids were built by angels. In vid (Ammah Speaks of The Returned Christ) you say that Noah's son built the great Pryamid. In vid (Creation and Brian Marshall's delusion) you say When Yahweh builds He uses angels, when Lucifer builds it uses men....no comparison!! Just what kind of god are you? Can't keep your stories straight!


Janelle Furrer Golightly Marshall TOTALLY HATEFUL AND INSANE

Published on Feb 10, 2013
I debated whether I should upload this or Not, but I believe the world has a need to see the real Janelle Furrer Marshall in all her Unglamorous Hate Filled, Split tongued Spewing Reptile that she really is. And she thinks she the mother of all living? She slams the very Bible that her and Brian Preach to the world with, Cherry picking verses to verify their bible codes that brian has been caught fudging the number thereof several times. I think atheist have more common sense then the likes of her could ever dream of. I cant Stand this Deceiving Rag of a woman. Her ARROGANCE of self worth are Over the Top Insanity. Sherrie lea has done the Forensics on the Sandy hook massacre? Well we all know What thats worth. Not a Damn thing. Those people died, those children and the poor families that have to suffer online the likes of sherrie, her youtube buddies and this arsehole of a woman, using Psuedo science and Slander as fact. It's Appauling Criminal behaviour.
The dunce Brian self appointed yahweh jesus pretends he's upset saying kates babies have been killed by the queen and her blood sucking vampire ilk, to be possessed by demons, but then he puts drops of blood in colloidal silver and thinks people should drink it cause hes god. Brian your a Fraud and a Fool. your Cult 101 Homophobic sociopaths.

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane Janelle