Monday, April 1, 2013

Brian Marshall Apostolic Letter "In Christum Credunt" Scam

Published on Mar 26, 2013

Sherrie and BriJan made a BIG Boo boo. The Apostolic Letter "In Christum Credunt" in where Ratzinger proclaims brian is the christ, but the new pope dont agree with him, but anyways the IP address is from Toronto, Ontario which is in Canada. doesnt come from Rome Italy. So thats why you been so quiet lately sherSharia, you been workin the scam you Nazi trollop!

The "official" fb pope page with 44 likes now, while the other REAL Pope Benedict pages have over 1000's of likes. whatever you liars and there doesn't seem to be a Fr. Giuseppe Civello or a Monsignor Giovanni Rossini coming up in any search.

The time diffence between Rome Italy and Melbourne Australia is 10 hours, so thats when updates are added is when BriJan are awake and it's the wee hours of the morning in rome, also that sherrie lea is a night owl, so most of her awake time coincides with that of brian and janelle.

Sherrie just lies all the time too. she has been outed for her being in on the brian and janelle marshall shot vid. It's been Proven. She's sick in the head, a skank Bimbo punk rockin barbie doll and now she's been shown to be in on the Pope scam. Dont know how she can live with herself. and so has Mike n Manon (Godbout) Ouellette also from Canada.

Tell me sher, are you going to be in on the new Hoax of Brian and Janelle in the making trying to look like the 2 witnesses once again being shot with the first hoax and coming back to life, No bullet wounds. are you going to be in on this new one their trying to cook up too? Last one she admitted in comments she was in on the shot thing and had prior knowledge of that vid


Sherrie Lea
Stop lying all I admitted was finding out before you but I was told before hand why certain things needed to be done and its EXACTLY how I do my stuff. I wont reveal more than that because it comes from past 5 senses you were enslaved to only believe in. My last comment to you. Whoever believes you. Deserves you and I'm not going to save retards ANY more. EVER.

there you go again trying to sidestep the facts, you always do this. Your Crediblity is Zero. So you were told before hand how brian and janelle were going to scam the people into believing they got shot. Way to go sherrie lol



orginal upload Uploaded on Nov 6, 2010
Now Brian Loves the ex pope Ratzinger pedophile/enabler, Hilter and the KKK and doesn't blame anything on the queen now either, even though he served her papers to get her fat evil ass off the throne cause it belonged to him. the rantings of a madman. everything is the fault of the jews, according to him and those that follow his insanity faithfully. I think if they go to rome, him and jezza will be put into a mental hospital. they are playing with fire this time. maybe the wailing banshee was a warning they should take heed of their coming demise.

(Destruction of the Vatican 1) at marker 5:13 The Vatican houses Lucifer, the Jesuit Pope. After the 666 day 6:36 pm any of the remaining bishops inside the area will be no longer able to leave and it will be open slather for anyone to kill them including the pope, in the name of Yahweh gratis, if they attempt to leave. Ity will become their prison. (this was to happen in 2011) oh there's more said if you want to view the rest of the vids

(Destruction of the Vatican 3) marker 3:39 The Jesuits have taken an oath to crush the heads of babies to defend the Pope. We intend to kill him, so send your assassins and give it your best shot you black bastards!!!

Hey Pope, I hope you have some polarized sunglasses!!

More scam BS. Brian has always hated the Vatican and calls the pope the vicar of Lucifer, and never did like his own mother.

The Protestant Whore

Pope and the Christ Update - there be 2 new endtime witnesses now
Published on Mar 22, 2013

The meeting between Pope Francis I and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will take place at 12:15pm Rome time on Saturday 23rd March 2013. Pope Francis will learn of the return of the Christ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall who has been in constant communication with Pope Emeritus Benedict since March 11th 2013. All at the Castelgandolfo Pontifical household are very excited to see Pope Francis learn what they have known for 12 days. These 2 humble men of God are the 2 elect, the 2 end time witnesses of the Christ and no they do not have to die, the end of the prophecy of the Revelation is Chapter 11:19. Lunation 1119 aligns with Revelation11:19 and ends with the Marriage supper of the Lamb which will be held on June 17th 2013 when the Christ will be 3623 weeks old and 3623 is the number in Hebrew for espousal. The espoused are the 144, 000, the saints, the poor in spirit, the meek, the broken hearted and the pure in heart who all will see God, the garment of righteousness is the garment to be worn to the wedding.

oh now their on about the marriage supper of the lamb again, first it was Michelle was the mother then it was janelle, when they were suppose to get married on Dec 25 2010 was to be the marriage supper, that Never happened even though even more dates thereafter were to be the "scared" wedding that never happend either. Brian will not marry her. Now its the bride of Christ being the Catholic church, and Ratzinger is Peter the rock Lol He already gave jeremy the title of reincarnated Peter. you cant take it back brian.