Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Brian Marshall Cult leaders are off to scam the people of India now

The never ending recycled BS from the Marshall cult. Now your off to India to peddle your non sense and fake cures eh? Maybe, finally Karma will bite you on the ass, time to pay your dues for all the lies and dirty dealings you do Brian and Janelle Heil Furrer ... bottom feeders of humanity, preying on the gullible like the vultures that you are. How many more people are going to die because of your frauds? How many more people have you conned money from since your all expenses paid trip to the Vatican scam, to confront Pope Francis and pretend to save the pedophile enabler Pope Benedict?

And your trip to Egypt was a fail, almost had a heart attack and pissed your pants walking up to the kings coffer just to prove your name was Not written all over the walls like you have said for years. How many more people are you going to use and step on while you climb the Narcissistic Sociopath ladder to stand on your arrogantly delusional of self worth pedestal? One day it's going to catch up with you. Many are waiting for Justice to be delivered and see you both tumble off your self serving high horse wearing orange jumpsuits the rest of your miserable days.