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Life, Love and Laughter

brianisyahweh2 on Jul 30, 2011

Truth Sucks!!!

brianisyahweh2 on Jul 29, 2011

Regions Of Saturn

MichaelFugazi on Sep 11, 2009

Regions of Saturn is a short video production which highlights an important historical truth in respect of what was recorded by Jonathan Williams (1750-1815) in his 1781 book, 'Legions of Satan'. Williams, a dedicated American patriot, wrote of a warning that had been given to George Washington by General Charles Cornwallis after Washington, along with his French allies, had secured the surrender of Cornwallis at the Battle of Yorktown, on 19th October, 1781. History has since accredited Cornwallis as being responsible for the loss of British-held colonies to continental forces.

The removal of Legions of Satan from the U.S. Library of Congress ought to ring alarm bells within all Americans of good conscience simply because this act of public censorship is part of the ongoing effort to erase the tracks of those who are or have been actively engaged in the subversion of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The removal of such an important historical document from the public record was, in our opinion, done by James Billington who, since 1987, has been head of the Library of Congress. Prior to that, Billington, a Rhodes scholar, was director of the 'Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars'; yet another tax-exempt foundation actively engaged in the rewriting of American history either through lies, distortions or omissions of pertinent facts.

Billington wrote a book titled Fire in the Minds of Men which was published In 1980. The book is an important work insofar that it deals primarily about pre-revolutionary Russia and a secret society of nihilists. Billington is evidently relating this paricular period of history with what is currently happening not only in America but globally. One should easily spot the similarities if one is able to perceive how these people think and operate within their network.

Cornwallis was no prophet though. He merely understood how the B'rith (British) Empire for world domination worked because of his close ties with the power-structure within the upper levels of the British establishment. Yet despite Cornwallis being made the 'scapegoat' for the apparent loss of British colonies, he nonetheless continued to enjoy the confidence of the British establishment, and as such, was made a member of 'The Most Noble Order of the Garter' in 1801. Just five years after his 'incompetence' at Yorktown, Cornwallis was appointed Governor-General and commander-in-chief of India in 1786. Cornwallis used this authority to 'secure', or rather, steal land on behalf of the British crown by whatever means he and those under his command saw fit. This usually meant genocide.

Attention is also drawn to yet another infamous historical character who was also made a member of 'The Most Noble Order of the Garter'. The man in question is Arthur James Balfour who, in November 1917, authored the infamous Balfour Declaration addressed to Lord Rothschild informing him of the British governments sympathies with Jewish Zionist aspirations vis a vis Palestine.

The last few minutes of 'Regions Of Saturn' is more a preview of a soon-to-be-released documentary which through documented evidence, connects all the seemingly unrelated topics that so many supposed 'truth-tellers' are working very hard to keep partitioned at worst, or muddled at best.

An extended version of this text is available at FugaziQuo.Com along with a recommended reading list:

Mary Magdalene incest with Jesus

brianisyahweh2 on Jul 30, 2011

The end time battle for your faith is a chess match of sorts, I wait for the churches beast propaganda machine to link Mary and Jesus as brother and sister the son and daughter of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, then invent a royal line of the incest between Jesus and Mary to produce the Moravian line of Kings to William via the Queen.

Regions Of Saturn

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The Image of the Beast

brianisyahweh2 on Jul 25, 2011

The image of the beast is the image of Jesus, that has been promoted by paintings, stained glass windows, etc based upon the beasts presentation of Jesus in it's book, the bible. This was so that when He has returned nobody recognizes Him.
All of those with their youtube sites displaying pictures of Jesus in robes with light brown hair to the shoulders, and a short beard, arms outstretched yada yada yada... are the image of the beast.
As Jesus, Yahweh wore his very dark brown, almost black curly hair pulled back very tight into a braided tail, that reached down to his lower back. His beard was black and white striped, full and bushy, down to just above the navel.

The biblical reference to the Mount of Olives has already been accomplished. The mount of Olives is a symbolic reference to the masses or mountain of people. They have already been split into 2 camps on the left and the right , the sheep and the goats. The goats are Christianity worshiping the beast and it's image and have the mark of the beast which is the beast book the bible imprinted in their minds (forehead) and in their right hands (holding the beasts book while reading or swearing by it)


Jesus was an Essence. Christians why do you totally follow a book that was constructed from the very people that Jesus Himself Preached against? the Jewish Pharisees and Sadducees, then later the Roman Catholic church who are also the freemasons and the Illuminati. who is in control of the world today being the seeds of the lucifer bloodline thru cain. Brian is Yahweh Thru the Royal Bloodline of King David, as is Prophecy He would come back to Open the eyes of the world to the Deception and be rejected once again, by the very same people who claim to Love him. He is Here to show Us His children the Truth. So keep coming To Yahweh's pages Christians, this where you get your History lesson, Woe to your foolishness.

The True Image of Our Jesus is on the Shroud of Turin, with the Face of the Father Yahweh Brian today on the front of the cloth.

the history of "Christianity: Wars, Torture, Starvation, Famine, conquering Everything that doesnt belong to them, and squander all their riches, with the convert to our Religion or Die Agenda. Same as the old lucifer jews in the old testament. Yeah you have shaped the world alright, from your B.S. bible that you worship Jesus with the mask of Lucifer. Your life as you know it is a Lie Christian

He Wrote across the sky, in the stars above just like when He was born as Jesus in June 17 2BC. Same as His 2nd coming Jan 11, 1944. watch vid titled (Star of Bethlehem ~ The Rebirth of Yahweh/Jesus)

It is the Sheep who recoginze the Shepherd on the return of His 2nd coming onto the earth to Bring about Paradise for Their Children with Mother Asherah by His side. Goats with sheeple mentality just dont get it. and they have fits of anger and rage condeming everyone for their true father lucifer, cause they dont know any better.

and Oh it seems we are sending the Christian community into a Frantic Tizzy over our belief in Brian Yahweh and Mama Asherah. Damning us to hell on behalf of their Creator and Savior Jesus who is you but they be fools not to see it. Jesus Himself told you rejects Not to Judge other people but that is your mainstay of being a So Called "christian" to judge and comdem everyone that dont have your goatish (sheeple) mindset. You are Nothing like your christ. I offend you? Good thats what we are here to do, to Wake You Up, enjoy oxoxo

These verses keep going thru my mind:
YOU Lose, YOu Lose, You Lose Lucifer. I'm Not the Man everybody woe woe woes, but I Am Love. Sweet Sweet Sweet Jesus, Yahweh He's My Only King. oxoxo

Jesus was an Essene, The Unholy bible will tell you that much, but that is the end of that story and they knew about Reincarnation and taught it.

Reincarnation and the Bible

Evidence for Asherah

Revelation 19:12
His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.

Brian 44 Leonard 69 Golightly 115 Marshall 84 = 312

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall is His New Name!

Revelation 3:12
Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

Since God the Father 's Soul was within Jesus then that would mean that the phrase "Father why has thou forsaken me" was mearly concocted to minimize Jesus's strength as seemingly being abandoned and shedding light that the Father was not one of Love but one to be feared since this phrase paints God the Father as turning His back on Jesus when in fact He was there being Crucified in His Son's stead, the writers were not supporters opening the door for fear based teachings.

Tommy, you got it exactly right, it was the Father being crucified now you are on the right track, the ones who call for hell and damnation are the writers and fabricators of their own agenda, fear and terror to control the people.

For those of you that dont believe this google it
(The Queen owns the copyright of the Authorised King James Version)

Message From A Freed Soul, Readjusting & Rejoicing

brianisyahweh2 on Jul 26, 2011


brianisyahweh2 on Jul 27, 2011


Ufo's The Demonic Deception*

For Android and the Christians

Uploader Comments:

The Word of God is his name, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall. It does not matter what you believe, only those ordained will get it and they are the ones this site is for, the more everyone rejects Him the more the quantum shifts to Him so you are fulfilling the prophecy of the rejected capstone. You are forgiven since you have no idea how dumbed down you have been. He is here for the children, the adults are too far gone and have no spirit of humility in them to recognize the Truth.

Jesus delared the Father and told of His return at the end of the age as the King Priest and He would occupy His Throne and the Light of the Truth would go out to all the nations. The royal bloodline of King David is through his seed, Jesus was the King of Judah and returns as the King of Kings and Lord of lords, The Word of God which is the new name that only he will know according to the Revelation 19:12, He has been revealing that name ever since the power of the internet came to be ....

This site is for the gathering of the 144,000 who are the first to recognize their shepherd and the Truth and they go back to tell their part of the world. The murder and mayhem stops when the world wakes up that the Christ is already on the earth instead of wasting precious time looking up for a phantom that will only come through the holographic imagery of the beast, the lying wonders. John the Baptist was the last prophet, there have been none since, Elijah today is a 20 year old boy.

The fallen angels are headed to the abyss which is the emptied heavenly realm because after October 28th 2011 heaven will be empty with 7 billion souls on the earth. You have been deceived into believing you are nothing more than a sinner when you are made in the image of God the Father and God the Mother, you are the offspring of God and life on earth is a training ground for the perfection of your soul, you as God cannot sin, you learn from your mistakes in life until you grow up to Truth

The soul of Jesus was the soul of the Father Yahweh, Yahshua means Yah the Father saves, it was the Father himself who went to the cross so that He could be back here now through the reincarnation of His resurrected soul, at the time of the end of Lucifer's reign of terror to reveal to you the deceived, the great delusion mankind has fallen under, He does not judge, your angels dothey are the reapers of the souls of the wicked, who are the fallen angels cast down to the earth at the cross.

So you're saying that only those with internet and can watch this channel are the only ones who can be saved(5:08)?

@chillart02 , No, all human beings are saved because all have been deceived by Lucifer, you are in hell, the victory at the cross was won in the realm of no time and because the earth travels at 69000kph we are catching up the time lag to what has been won already. He bought salvation to all, however only 144,000 get it, the others are too devoured by their Freemason controlled churches preaching from their Freemason Bible..Royalty, Vatican as well as all governments and institutes of education

brianisyahweh2 on Jul 26, 2011

Glastonbury girl leads the way right behind Lucifer into the abyss for a taste of what she and her minions have allowed to go on, only it will be this hell on earth amplified for her with no way out for wasting Yahweh's gift of life, the reign of terror Lucifer has conducted against the offspring of God goes on because of the likes of her who are the image of the beast internally and have the mark of the beast recorded in their minds while holding onto it with their right hands seated in their pews or on their computer chairs all the time rejecting the salvation bought for her by the only one who cared enough to do it....not any more, she and the others have stepped over the line to no forgiveness by blaspheming the Holy Ghost,...the only unpardonsable sin is that of blaspheming the Holy Ghost who is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall...she as a beast worshiper will know exactly what that means...

There is obviously something in the name Android so we will name all of the vids Android it has a certain ring to it and sounds a hell of a lot better than Christian...all about the quantum doesn't matter what your saying just as long as you are so thank beast worshipers and Hitler haters you are doing the work of your father Lucifer and it has defeated him....

brianisyahweh2 on Jul 28, 2011

For surface 110 who asked some questions.

Norway Shooting Hoax Exposed

Pandamonia on Jul 25, 2011

Make his and my vid Viral. They changed the blog date cause they DO CARE if it gets around.
X X X bzzzt wrong answer.
They've now changed the blog to read July 24th.
Do you know the divine intervention that cause Bookz to get this when I was exposing the Eskil Pedersen Socialist group as a fake. With a fake youtube and a fake facebook!

If you want to know more about the enemy ask Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall he knows all of it. You've been had. THey sacrifice Flesh. They do not care if you meet a 'False Prophet' False Prophets are the evangelists and churches and they have COME..
they are worried you will meet the real one.

Make his and my vid Viral. They changed the blog date cause they DO CARE if it gets around.

Pandamonia on Jul 24, 2011

Reload from
Blogger busted. Put out the bomb Norway info Before it even happened.

blogged 2 days before event happened

must see these videos
In case you are too busy watching know what's what.
BOMB ripped thru Norway and then 87 people were gunned down on JULY 22
But the BLOGGER said they were 2 Days before hand. Psychic???he should quit blogging and play the lottery for the rest of his life!

Pandamonia on Jul 23, 2011

Fake Shooting. No Tears. No recall, no shaking, no trauma, no post traumatic shock & Awe. They're about to laugh infact.
They picked these people up and paid them.
NO TEARS. First sign for any real cop!
They don't cry. They don't look scared just like the MARY REED family in "Mary Reed 3 bullet Lady" Fake staged shootings. Didn't happen.
NO Emotions. If you watched 91 people get killed you'd have POST TRAUMATIC SYNDROME and be off work for weeks/months.

Mary Reed & the Movable BULLETS. Gabrielle Giffords Shooting HOAX EXPOSED

Gabrielle Giffords Shooting HOAX. FAKED. GUN GRABBING FALSE FLAG. Make Viral

chrisblakk on Jun 28, 2011

Back all the giffords videos up. It's going to come in handy if needed
Mary Reed caught lying in several videos.
Also see her 'daughter' lie here

They pretended it was in Tuscon but it was at CASA ADOBES and 2 mins from

chrisblakk on Jun 28, 2011

I'll be back with an edited version of conflicting reports out of her own mouth

The '3 Bullet Lady" Gabrielle Giffords SHOOTING HOAX

Pandamonia on Jun 28, 2011

Reupload anything pertaining to Norway Shooting HOax and Gabrielle Giffords HOax
3 bullet lady..
.to hear what it's like to be shot..

click here and scroll down to last one
Notice how they don't mention that the daughter worked with GIFFORDS. And the daughter doesn't mention her own mum being shot....what a strange crew.
But hey, she and giffords have one thing in common....they are SHOT and making miraculous recoveries... The Rich and the Soul Less sure must be eating right!!!!

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The Rosetta Stone

brianisyahweh2 on Jul 20, 2011

A hunk of basalt found in a building in Rashid Egypt at the time of the Napoleonic invasion had 3 languages on one in egypt could tell what it was scholars from France and england took years to guess their way through to give the hunk of junk the mayan calendar, do the mayans know what it is about can they read or understand it? they were chosen by the angels to be the foolish that would confound the wise in this day now ...these things are all part of the creation, the Egyptians wandered into the area of the Pyramids that had been built by the descendants of Noah, they looked for the centre of the earth's ;land mass and when they found that they laid out the foundations of the Pyramid on 27th march is the Altar to the Lord in the midst of Egypt, they were following the very specific instructions of their angels who were using them to build the most Holy monument in the Universe for a witness to the Lord Jesus Christ Yahweh in HIs second incarnation. If you put a way point in the centre of the King's chamber it will give you a number that is the same number as the speed of light over a metre long but a metre is detemined by water, 100ml of water cubic is the basis of a metre, so 40000km around the earth divided by the speed of light divided by 4 will give you the smae number of the latitude in the centre of the king's chamber...these are impossibilities yet are so...synchronicity is the name of the game and the way of the Creation....

"You Lose, Lucifer" Song (Yahweh breaks it down for Luc')

Pandamonia on Jul 18, 2011

Temporary mix/ruff vocal take, Blakk typed it 8am no sleep. (typos) but we wanted the Quantum up, just to get working for Yahweh. Time is of the essence and we need the Sheeple waking up NOW!
Brian is Yahweh.
Reincarnated Jesus sings to Lucifer and whoops his ass!!!
Written from the words of Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall.
Having fun with the 'Quantum' smackdown, every time this song is played the dark forces of evil are crushed and the Freedom Loving Rebel Freeman God Jesus Quantum resonates through out space. It's over Kiddies. GOD wins.

See...Lady Gaga?
We get to make music and keep our souls!!! :)

Get ready for the big win!!!!
All evil on this planet got their walking papers.

Creation and man's delusion

brianisyahweh2 on Jul 19, 2011

The Creation is mirrored on the earth and it is man's delusion to think he is smart enough to decode it, man falls short when it comes to the how of the Creation, man can only try to explain and because they have no creator they can't... they have only Lucifer who can only counterfeit. When Yahweh builds He uses angels, when Lucifer builds it uses comparison!!


brianisyahweh2 on Jul 15, 2011


Lucifer can have it!

brianisyahweh2 on Jul 14, 2011

Lucifer wants to be God and the deal was it would give me the kingdoms of the earth if I would bow down and worship it...So I do, I worship you Lucifer you are Almighty God so now all the kingdoms of the earth are mine for 1000 years and you can go back to the heavenly realm from whence you came and you can take with you all who are prepared to die for you.........Hasta la vista Babyyyy!!!!! BLGM

Monday, July 18, 2011

Secrets in Plain Sight 1-23 (Full video)

This really shows the secret knowledge of God setting up the earth by those that reject him, (being the capstone that the builders rejected) is So In your face obvious. Proves Yahweh the Creator Brian with all His Measurements of Math, Gematria, bible Concordance codes etc. I mean How much more Proof do these people need? It's redundant, how retarded people can be. Frustrating to the Max.

so Osiris lost his manhood and Isis who is his sister felt bad for him and made him a new one out of gold and then had sex with the fake thing then they had horus. so thats why we have pillars of phallus all over the world because of this. I find that kind of comical :-P lucifer couldnt come up with something better than that? he Fails at Everything!

I am overlooking his possible mason loving tendencies in this vid. It is good info about the math and why it is prevelant in symbolism all over the world.

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1111 Solomon

YahwehNow3168 on Jul 16, 2011

The Truth Will Set You Free

YahwehNow3168 on Jul 15, 2011

Ripping Yarn 22nd January 2011

YahwehNow3168 on Jul 15, 2011

Yahweh's Declaration & Notice of Claim to Queen of England

YahwehNow3168 on Jul 15, 2011

1st of June 2010

Crossing the Milky Way Galaxy

MrChumz2010 on Jul 10, 2011

On Dec. 21, 2012 Our Solar System will be crossing the MilkyWay Galaxy north bound at 69,000 KM/H heading for the Heavenly Realm where no evil can enter... Peace to you and your family...


177France on Jul 6, 2011

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The Comforter - ride the10th wave

brianisyahweh2 on Jul 10, 2011

Yahweh explains the significance of the population reaching 7 billion lining up with the Mayan calendar 9th wave October 28th 2011 the waking up of mankind as to who they are, you are our offspring made in our image and so get on with paradise.... this is the bibilical resurrection to everlasting life....all good...the plans the enemy have will all fall away they will come to nothing...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

End of the World - ride the10th wave

brianisyahweh2 on Jul 10, 2011

We have reached the end of the geo political world construct of evil, time has been shortened and the end of the mayan calendar is reached on 28th october 2011, 109 days from 11th july 2011 when the worlds population will have reached 7 billion people, the quantum has been won by Yahweh and we ride the10th wave all the way home to the North side of the Galaxy the heavely realm.....the ninth wave actually began on March 9th 2011 and culminates with all of the previous waves converging into completion on October 28th 2011....