Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"You Lose, Lucifer" Song (Yahweh breaks it down for Luc')

Pandamonia on Jul 18, 2011

Temporary mix/ruff vocal take, Blakk typed it 8am no sleep. (typos) but we wanted the Quantum up, just to get working for Yahweh. Time is of the essence and we need the Sheeple waking up NOW!
Brian is Yahweh.
Reincarnated Jesus sings to Lucifer and whoops his ass!!!
Written from the words of Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall.
Having fun with the 'Quantum' smackdown, every time this song is played the dark forces of evil are crushed and the Freedom Loving Rebel Freeman God Jesus Quantum resonates through out space. It's over Kiddies. GOD wins.

See...Lady Gaga?
We get to make music and keep our souls!!! :)

Get ready for the big win!!!!
All evil on this planet got their walking papers.