Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Rosetta Stone

brianisyahweh2 on Jul 20, 2011

A hunk of basalt found in a building in Rashid Egypt at the time of the Napoleonic invasion had 3 languages on one in egypt could tell what it was scholars from France and england took years to guess their way through to give the hunk of junk the mayan calendar, do the mayans know what it is about can they read or understand it? they were chosen by the angels to be the foolish that would confound the wise in this day now ...these things are all part of the creation, the Egyptians wandered into the area of the Pyramids that had been built by the descendants of Noah, they looked for the centre of the earth's ;land mass and when they found that they laid out the foundations of the Pyramid on 27th march is the Altar to the Lord in the midst of Egypt, they were following the very specific instructions of their angels who were using them to build the most Holy monument in the Universe for a witness to the Lord Jesus Christ Yahweh in HIs second incarnation. If you put a way point in the centre of the King's chamber it will give you a number that is the same number as the speed of light over a metre long but a metre is detemined by water, 100ml of water cubic is the basis of a metre, so 40000km around the earth divided by the speed of light divided by 4 will give you the smae number of the latitude in the centre of the king's chamber...these are impossibilities yet are so...synchronicity is the name of the game and the way of the Creation....