Wednesday, July 27, 2011

For Android and the Christians

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The Word of God is his name, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall. It does not matter what you believe, only those ordained will get it and they are the ones this site is for, the more everyone rejects Him the more the quantum shifts to Him so you are fulfilling the prophecy of the rejected capstone. You are forgiven since you have no idea how dumbed down you have been. He is here for the children, the adults are too far gone and have no spirit of humility in them to recognize the Truth.

Jesus delared the Father and told of His return at the end of the age as the King Priest and He would occupy His Throne and the Light of the Truth would go out to all the nations. The royal bloodline of King David is through his seed, Jesus was the King of Judah and returns as the King of Kings and Lord of lords, The Word of God which is the new name that only he will know according to the Revelation 19:12, He has been revealing that name ever since the power of the internet came to be ....

This site is for the gathering of the 144,000 who are the first to recognize their shepherd and the Truth and they go back to tell their part of the world. The murder and mayhem stops when the world wakes up that the Christ is already on the earth instead of wasting precious time looking up for a phantom that will only come through the holographic imagery of the beast, the lying wonders. John the Baptist was the last prophet, there have been none since, Elijah today is a 20 year old boy.

The fallen angels are headed to the abyss which is the emptied heavenly realm because after October 28th 2011 heaven will be empty with 7 billion souls on the earth. You have been deceived into believing you are nothing more than a sinner when you are made in the image of God the Father and God the Mother, you are the offspring of God and life on earth is a training ground for the perfection of your soul, you as God cannot sin, you learn from your mistakes in life until you grow up to Truth

The soul of Jesus was the soul of the Father Yahweh, Yahshua means Yah the Father saves, it was the Father himself who went to the cross so that He could be back here now through the reincarnation of His resurrected soul, at the time of the end of Lucifer's reign of terror to reveal to you the deceived, the great delusion mankind has fallen under, He does not judge, your angels dothey are the reapers of the souls of the wicked, who are the fallen angels cast down to the earth at the cross.

So you're saying that only those with internet and can watch this channel are the only ones who can be saved(5:08)?

@chillart02 , No, all human beings are saved because all have been deceived by Lucifer, you are in hell, the victory at the cross was won in the realm of no time and because the earth travels at 69000kph we are catching up the time lag to what has been won already. He bought salvation to all, however only 144,000 get it, the others are too devoured by their Freemason controlled churches preaching from their Freemason Bible..Royalty, Vatican as well as all governments and institutes of education

brianisyahweh2 on Jul 26, 2011

Glastonbury girl leads the way right behind Lucifer into the abyss for a taste of what she and her minions have allowed to go on, only it will be this hell on earth amplified for her with no way out for wasting Yahweh's gift of life, the reign of terror Lucifer has conducted against the offspring of God goes on because of the likes of her who are the image of the beast internally and have the mark of the beast recorded in their minds while holding onto it with their right hands seated in their pews or on their computer chairs all the time rejecting the salvation bought for her by the only one who cared enough to do it....not any more, she and the others have stepped over the line to no forgiveness by blaspheming the Holy Ghost,...the only unpardonsable sin is that of blaspheming the Holy Ghost who is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall...she as a beast worshiper will know exactly what that means...

There is obviously something in the name Android so we will name all of the vids Android it has a certain ring to it and sounds a hell of a lot better than Christian...all about the quantum doesn't matter what your saying just as long as you are so thank beast worshipers and Hitler haters you are doing the work of your father Lucifer and it has defeated him....

brianisyahweh2 on Jul 28, 2011

For surface 110 who asked some questions.