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June 24 2010 Cross in space

LisaMarieWonders | September 28, 2010

MichelleNye — June 01, 2010 —

Great Cross in space and the weeks leading up to the heralding of the Lord here upon the earth. 1 June 24 2010 Cross in space.
June 24th 2010 Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Astronomy Lord in the stars

Great Cross Yahweh Venus Mars Neptune Polaris YBS0286 Alpha and Omega Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Jesus Proof of the Creator Astronomy Space Heaven Universe Stars Planet Alignment Measurement The Firmament

Great Cross Yahweh Venus Mars Neptune

LisaMarieWonders | September 27, 2010

MichelleNye — May 29, 2010 —

Perfection is revealed in the planets that are not part of the Cross in space revealing Yahweh on the earth, the prefetcion of orbital distances can not be understated as these plants distances from the sun vary minute by minut. In this series we mantion Barabbas, which resulted from a phone call interuppting recording and as usual the flow is not as was intended.

Great Cross Yahweh Venus Mars Neptune Polaris YBS0286 Alpha and Omega Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Jesus Proof of the Creator Astronomy Space Heaven Universe Stars Planet Alignment Measurement The Firmament

Drawings of Paradise by Shaina

2 days ago Shania Honey, You are soo Cute, I Love your Drawings! Yahweh and Asherah taking care of us her little chicks. and Evil queen with the forked tongue, you got that right. and that bad woman is going on vacation soon, then Paradise be here! Yahweh and Asherah Bless you little sweetheart.

177France | September 25, 2010

The little English girl Shaina is showing her drawings of Ashera who is looking after her chicks with Yahweh in Paradise.

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Apostle Paul is the devil 3

WOW! That is One POWERFUL Message Mum! The Christians are gonna have a FIT, Wake Up you Misguided Masses, it's about the Babies, and Asherah/Martha/Janelle and those of US that BELIEVE In Brian/Yahweh/Jesus is HERE NOW!!!

BrianIsYahweh | September 28, 2010

Paul = Saul= Satan...the biggest lie of all time is that Jesus died for all of mankind and so they are then "saved by grace" He did not die for all now there was NONE worth saving...He died for one...His beloved wife MarthaAsherah who was pregnant at the cross 82 days with His twin was their love for each other that He went to the cross so that He could come and get Her from hell in this time for she alone He was crucified and then the 144,000 and the children who follow her.....

Apostle Paul is the devil

BrianIsYahweh | September 28, 2010

Paul was NOT an apostle for Jesus, rather an apostle to Lucifer.
Paul = Saul = Satan


Every good soul around the world should have their ears and eyes open right now because it seems like something big is going to happen soon. Just as richb7a writes about California, it is being reported on that the US ARMY 82nd AIRBORNE DIVISION out of FT. BRAGG, NC has been put on 18 hours notice for domestic duty. That means they must be available for deployment to anywhere in the US within 18 hours of alarm activiation. We have also been informed the Navy has an aircraft carrier just off the cost of Pensacola, FL. Lucifer's Illuminati satanists are desperate because more and more people around the world are waking up. They could try a domestic false flag terror operation to blame Iran or North Korea, they could shut the banks down in order to deflate the currency, they could stage an ET/UFO incident, they could hit Southern California with a haarp earthquake. Everyone must be vigilant and continue to pray in the name of Yahweh Jesus.

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Peter and the Cock's Crow

From: BrianIsYahweh youtube channel
Sept 27, 2010

Well right now, you have 144 subscribers, 88 friends, 11 subscriptions, #24 most viewed today and 266 channel comments before mine. Interesting numbers.

OMG, Praise Yahweh and Asherah and the Heavely Angels These numbers add up to 533 in Greek Concordance is to Deny, and brings up All the Peter Denying Jesus and the Cocks Crow!!! and in Hebrew is strong mighty courageous Wow! I Love You, Mum and Dad The REAL DEAL! Wake Up People, how much longer are Going to Deny Yahweh is Back in Town? Go here to see for yourselves! ( blueletterbible )

BrianIsYahweh September 27, 2010

Peter was the true apostle for Jesus, not Paul

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Why I proclaim the name of Yahweh

The most common question I hear among those that I share the truth of the name is "Doesn't Yahweh know who I'm talking to? Why does it matter what I call Him, He answers me anyway?"

I believe that it is true. Yahweh does and will answer prayer and accept praise from those who have no knowledge of His true name. But what about those who DO know but don't care?

Psal 44:20 (NKJV) If we had forgotten the name of our Elohim,
Or stretched out our hands to a foreign god,
21 Would not Elohim search this out?
For He knows the secrets of the heart.

What does Yahweh really want us to do on this issue? Continue to call Him whatever we want? Or to call Him by the name He has assigned to Himself?

I do not think there is anything wrong with calling Yahweh our Father, Master, Creator, etc. which are all fitting titles. What I think Yahweh would have a real problem with is changing His name from Yahweh to "Lord" It is extremely ironic, if not prophetic what Yahweh declared to Jeremiah when we understand that the word "Baal" means "Lord."

Jere 23:26,27 "How long will this be in the heart of the prophets who prophesy lies? Indeed they are prophets of the deceit of their own heart, who try to make My people forget My name by their dreams which everyone tells his neighbor, as their fathers forgot My name for Baal."(LORD)

Also consider what Yahweh declared to Hosea:

Hose 2:16 (KJV) And it shall be at that day, saith Yahweh, that thou shalt call me Ishi (My Husband); and shalt call me no more Baali. (My lord) For I will take away the names of Baalim out of her mouth, and they shall no more be remembered by their name.

I tell you, it struck me as odd that Baal's name is never changed or translated and therefore lives on while Yahweh's name is falsified over 7000 times in scripture! But I think I might know why. See here, if they did try to translate the name Baal, then there is one thing they would have to deal with. Look at how the verse would read if they did not restore Yahweh's name:

1Kin 18:21 (NKJV) And Elijah came to all the people, and said, "How long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Lord (Baal), follow him." But the people answered him not a word.

One might be quite confused when reading the text. Because of this relationship between Baal and Lord, I prefer not to use Lord at all. Lord is the word used to replace Yahweh's name. I'm not saying that the entire Christian world is worshiping "Baal", but the coincidence here seems quite striking.

It is truth that many times in scripture, we see His people calling on His name. Men during the time of Adam called on the name of Yahweh

Gene 4:26 (NKJV) And as for Seth, to him also a son was born; and he named him Enosh. Then [men] began to call on the name of Yahweh.
Abraham called upon the name of Yahweh:

Gene 12:7 (NKJV) Then Yahweh appeared to Abram and said, "To your descendants I will give this land." And there he built an altar to Yahweh, who had appeared to him. 8 And he moved from there to the mountain east of Bethel, and he pitched his tent [with] Bethel on the west and Ai on the east; there he built an altar to Yahweh and called on the name of Yahweh.

Moshe called upon the name of Yahweh:

Exod 3:15 (NKJV) Moreover Elohim said to Moses, "Thus you shall say to the children of Israel: `Yahweh Elohim of your fathers, the Elohim of Abraham, the Elohim of Isaac, and the Elohim of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is My name forever, and this is My memorial to all generations.'

David called upon the name of Yahweh:

Psal 116:13 (KJV) I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of Yahweh.
Psal 116:17 (KJV) I will offer to thee the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of Yahweh.

EliYah the prophet called upon the name of Yahweh:

1Kin 18:24 (KJV) "Then you call on the name of your gods, and I will call on the name of Yahweh; and the Elohim who answers by fire, He is Elohim." So all the people answered and said, "It is well spoken."

Yahushua the Messiah called upon the name of Yahweh:

John 17:25 (NKJV) "O righteous Father! The world has not known You, but I have known You; and these have known that You sent Me. 26 "And I have declared to them Your name, and will declare [it], that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them."

What more do we need? If the scriptures are written for our learning and righteous men for our example, do the scriptures not clearly show that HIS people call on His name? Let's see what else the word of Yahweh says:

Isai 52:6 (NKJV) Therefore My people shall know My name; Therefore they shall know in that day That I am He who speaks: `Behold, it is I.' "

Let's look at an end time prophecy. Will Yahweh's people be calling on His name at that time, in this age?

Zech 13:7 (KJV) "Awake, O sword, against My Shepherd, Against the Man who is My Companion," Says Yahweh of hosts. "Strike the Shepherd, And the sheep will be scattered; Then I will turn My hand against the little ones.
8 And it shall come to pass in all the land," Says Yahweh, "That two-thirds in it shall be cut off and die, But one- third shall be left in it:
9 I will bring the [one]-third through the fire, Will refine them as silver is refined, And test them as gold is tested. They will call on My name, And I will answer them. I will say, `This [is] My people'; And each one will say, `Yahweh is my Elohim.' "

Here is another prophetic scripture reveals His people are using His name:

Reve 14:1 (NKJV) Then I looked, and behold, a Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with Him one hundred [and] forty-four thousand, having His Father's name written on their foreheads.

Clearly, His people use His name. Some have said that these scriptures that speak of His name do not actually speak of the literal spoken and written name of Yahweh but rather His character and reputation. A simple study of the meaning of the word "Shem" that is translated "name" in our english bibles will reveal that this word, very much like our English word, not only means a "character" but also means a literal written and spoken name. If I say to you that I come in the name of peace, then I am telling you that I want to characterize myself as offering peace. These things are indeed true.

However, if I told you that my name was JimBob then I would not be telling you the truth. Here is an example of a falsification:

Isai 42:8 (KJV) I am Yahweh, that is My name; And My glory I will not give to another, Nor My praise to carved images.
has been changed to:

Isai 42:8 (NKJV) I am the Lord, that is My name; And My glory I will not give to another, Nor My praise to carved images.

The latter statement is simply not true! And its not like it was a simple mistake by the translators. It was completely on purpose. And it had unscriptural intentions. Most prefaces of bible translations will cite familiarity and tradition as the reasons for the substitutions. This is clearly against what Yahweh has told us to do in the scriptures. (many of which I have indexed on this Home Page).

If we say HalleluYah, we can know what it really means! (HalleluYAH means "Praise You YAHweh") When we end a prayer in Yahushua's name, we can know what it really means. (YAHushua means "YAHweh is salvation") When we speak to Yahweh, it is on a personal basis through a personal name. If we proclaim Yahweh, we can know that we are proclaiming His name, just as all those in scriptures have done.

As Moshe said:

Deut 32:1 (NKJV) "Give ear, O heavens, and I will speak; And hear, O earth, the words of my mouth. 2 Let my teaching drop as the rain, My speech distill as the dew, As raindrops on the tender herb, And as showers on the grass. 3 For I proclaim the name of Yahweh: Ascribe greatness to our Elohim.

I believe it all comes down to a choice. Whether one will choose the excuses of
men or the word of Yahweh Almighty.

interview with Maytrea + ATTENTION COMPUTER HACKERS!

BrianIsYahweh September 24, 2010
Recorded on September 24, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.


Announcement from Yahweh:
Do not hack the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) which is a Rothschild clearing house for settlig International transactions. Don't do this as it will bring economic chaos to the world! Do not hack the court clerks. Don't hack the UN. Do not hack the DTCC on Water St NY. This is were your Strawman accounts are held.
Don't hack the IRS which is an offshore Puerto Rican trust of the Royal family and the Vatican.
Do not hack any of these institutions as this will bring economic chaos to the world!

"Before the cock crows you will deny me thrice"...the Apostle Peter is famous for his denial of the Lord 3 times before that famous cock crowed...the reality is that it is not in the words it is in the numbers of times the cock is mentioned in how many verses 21 times and then 9 ...219 in greek means219. alektorophonia {al-ek-tor-of-o-nee'-ah}; from 220 and 5456;
cock-crow, i.e. the third night-watch: -cockcrowing.
a cock crowing is all a code for this time now that leads into Chronicles....we will explain later...

Friday, September 24, 2010


BrianIsYahweh | September 21, 2010

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

End of the World 9/23/2010

BrianIsYahweh | September 19, 2010

The full moon over the Great Pyramid at 9.18am on September 23rd 2010... just 12 days after Yahweh turned 66.66 on 9/ 11 which was the 2012 anniversary of his coming into the womb of His mother Mary in 3BC ...spells out the end of the world as predicted by Jesus and recorded in the gospels of Matthew and Mark..the separating the wheat from the tares begins as the tares are bundled together and cast into the fire ...the angels are the reapers called forth by Yahweh to begin the cleansing of the earth from all evil...the severing of the wicked from the just...the angels have 820 days to complete the cleansing from 9/23/2010....the splattering of the blood of evil men will begin as the prophecy of Isaiah 63.3 comes to pass...

An interview with Grant

LisaMarieWonders | September 22, 2010

MichelleNye — June 09, 2010 —

Grant asked me to explain several points concerning the Great Cross of June 26th 2010 and I explain the perfect configuration May 24th 2010 that reveal my age, 24240 days, 942 days to the end December 21st 2012 as well as the date I sent the proclamation to the queen to stand down from my throne of David. We then share Grants theories and we drift off into gargarland concerning the Intergalactic Federation, black holes and how the aliens are sucking the energy from the Federation of the planets orchestrated by the reptiles.... Lucifer is Christ... Black holes used by the Galactic Federation.... O fuck, he is back into Grantism. It was chilly that day and at least the air I wasted talking falling on deaf ears, did however warm the room a degree or two, which my cat appreciated.

We share Grants theories and suddenly Grantism resurrects. For a time my logic seems to dominate, facts numbers dates the normal stuff, universal truth of Creation. Then the table is turned over to another entity and we drift off into gargarland concerning the Intergalactic Federation, black holes and how the aliens are sucking the energy from the Federation of the planets orchestrated by the reptiles.... Lucifer is Christ... Black holes used by the Galactic Federation.... O fuck, he is back into Grantism. It was chilly that day and at least the air I wasted talking did however warm the room a degree or two, which my cat appreciated.

Grant and I are great friends, he is a barometer of information, his insight into the demonic worlds latest attempts to seduce the masses bemuses me, I inevitable turn the tables on Grantism with logic and usually add toi the thousands of miracles I have shown Grant over more than ten years now. We never agree but old men never do.

An interview with Grant Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Yahweh Jesus Creation Fibonacci Great Cross of June 26th 2010 black holes New Age Bogus Space Aliens Galactic Federation reptiles UFO fallen angel demonic Deception Hell on Earth

Pair o Balls

LisaMarieWonders | September 22, 2010

MichelleNye — May 26, 2010 —

Secret question, 'what is a pair o balls?'
and the answer is......... Gen 49:10 and 49:11 see the end of the video (2)

Asherah punches Yahweh

LisaMarieWonders | September 22, 2010

MichelleNye - July 2010

*Remember to Quantum Pray Yahweh/Jesus/Gabriel/Michael/Asherah (demon fallen angels BE GONE, BRING PARADISE TO EARTH, Amen!)

Love to All, LisaMarie

Brian Golightly Marshall Yahweh Jesus Janelle Asherah Remember to Quantum Pray evil Generation Rabbit Holes illuminati Depopulation Hell on Earth Food Safety Bogus Religions 144000

Backwards Speed Odometer - Miracle right before your eyes

LisaMarieWonders | September 22, 2010

MichelleNye - July 2010

Backwards Speed Odometer Miracles Brian Golightly Marshall Yahweh Jesus Janelle Asherah Little Red Freedom Wagon

MichelleNye's webcam video July 01, 2010

LisaMarieWonders | September 22, 2010

MichelleNye - July 2010

Backwards Speed Odometer Miracles Brian Golightly Marshall Yahweh Jesus Janelle Asherah Little Red Freedom Wagon

Brian/Yahweh's Gardner 1698 Bible

LisaMarieWonders September 22, 2010

MichelleNye - July 2010

1698 Bible Miracles - Yahweh Science*

Okay World, Now you all Look at this pic and tell me, "Who's your Daddy?" Gee, it Look's just like Brian/Yahweh. Then i say "well, Of Course it does" ;-) peace and Love to all


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Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head

LisaMarieWonders | September 21, 2010

Michellenye - July 2010

Yahweh Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall DNA Bloodlines Reborn Cloud Reincarnation Asherah Martha Janelle Mary Magdalene Michelle Nye Apathy Little Red Freedom Wagon

Lunation 1084 two wives of Yahweh Jesus

LisaMarieWonders | September 21, 2010

MichelleNye | August 25, 2010

On August 11th Australia time Lunation 1084 occurred. This is how the universe is mine and the earth under the hold of Lucifer and it via the world powers and man allowing it via Free Will, submits to the bullshit world of greed and lust.

1084 is a lunation number and we are in it now, however this number is the value of Lord Jesus Christ in Greek letters then inserted into an English\sh gematria program as it has a value of 1084 and means Greek Dictionary 1084. gennetos {ghen-nay-tos'}; from 1080; born: -they that are born.

Alaska was born on that date in 2001 she was my mother Mary, on that date in New Jerusalem the sunrise to sunset was 629 meaning redemption for mankind. It was the 222nd day of the year meaning Truth and Wisdom

these words found in 222 verses of the KJV 1611. The background photo was taken from room 1112 Hamilton Island July 20th 2004 when I an Michelle had a holiday and as you know 1112 is Daniel and Michelle Alaska's grand mother is Mary Magdalene she the key of revealing all of these wonder's and codes.

Without Michelle my wife, and then Janelle who was Martha my wife, I could not have revealed it all. Therefore Michelle is the key and now understands what I have to do is out maneuver the beast as they intend bringing forth the Isis figure as the reincarnate of Mary who was the mother by Jesus to the royal line of Europe down to Lucifer the Queen and Prince Charles.

If I have proven both women are and were my wife then the checkmate is in as I am with them today and they can not produce any woman who they will attempt to make out is Isis and have her the deity representing mother earth demanding blood sacrifices.

Today in Mittagong Bowral New South Wales the area is the heart of wealth and support for the culling of the earth, the date August 26th 2010 the sunrise to sunset is 666 minutes. This is why we had to be here to break the upload curfew on us as they simply had not thought of it..

as said the distance from the Jesus Rio Redeemer is 118.88 degrees, to where I was born. the value of that verse Psalms 118.8 is in English gematria 629. {It is} better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

Lunation Yahweh Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall DNA Bloodlines Reborn Cloud Reincarnation Asherah Martha Janelle Mary Magdalene Michelle Nye Apathy Concordance Proof of The Creator


LisaMarieWonders | September 21, 2010

MichelleNye | July 01, 2010

Yahweh Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall DNA Bloodlines Reborn Cloud Reincarnation Asherah Martha Janelle Mary Magdalene Michelle Nye Apathy Concordance Proof of The Creator

CREATION - Man and Woman

LisaMarieWonders September 21, 2010

MichelleNye — May 25, 2010 —

In these 4 vids I explain man and woman created by God male and female in OUR image. Male 730 Greek and Female 2338 add = 3068
3068. Y@hovah {yeh-ho-vaw'}; from 1961; (the) self-Existent or Eternal;
Jehovah, Jewish national name of God: -Jehovah, the Lord. Compare 3050,
Jah is 3050 subtract or remove from the Hebrew concordance 8674 words = 5624 = Greek New Testament total therefore Jah is removed from the NT.

As Jah I created light from darkness, 90% of the universe is dark matter, and 90% of the visible is hydrogen. Matter as stars have a nuclear fusion rate of 657 million tones of hydrogen converted to helium per seconds giving off heat and light. the word Lord is found in 657 verses of the New Testament. Total word Lord 6666 verses. only in the original KJV 1611 in 66 books.

Mary Magdalene had 7 devils driven out of her by Jesus, today she has 7 devils, her sister her brother in law, two daughters one son and two of their spouses totaling 7. On May 24th I was 24240 days old and add 942 days = December 21st 2012 the crossing over the equator of the Milky Way Galaxy into the reign of Christ for 1000 years. Michelle is 9.42 years older then Janelle. I am 1162.6 days older, her youngest DAUGHTER IS 11.626 YEARS YOUNGER THAN MY ELDEST, AND I WAS 1162.6 WEEKS OLD WHEN I MARRIED my children s mother April 23rd 1966. Hebrew 1966 is Lucifer. The Antechamber of the pyramid is 116.26 Pyramid inches wide.

The Babylonian Pharisee had taken over Jerusalem, I was born on June 17th 2 BC sunrise to moonrise 888 minutes. Reborn in Australia January 11th 1944 moonrise to sunrise also 888 minutes = Greek gematria for Jesus 888. On June 17th 1946 I was 888 days old. I was 8880 days old when Tracy-Lee was born in Port Alberni Canada the sunrise to sunset was 888 minutes she is 11.626 years older than Rhiannon born in Geelong December 20th 2012 the sunrise to sunset was 888 minutes.

CREATION Man and Woman Yahweh Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall DNA Bloodlines Reborn Cloud Reincarnation Asherah Martha Janelle Mary Magdalene Michelle Nye

Michelle Nye How we met

LisaMarieWonders September 21, 2010

MichelleNye — April 06, 2010 —

July 31 1977 I painted a black velvet paining of Rembrandt's Man in the Golden Helmet. I returned to Australia and was arrested at the airport. Waiting trial I was told I had to report to the police and stay in Sydney. I immediately went to live in Melbourne and stayed with my brother Ronald. I hoped to break him of his immorality as judgment was coming. He had set himself a very low moral standard as a child and throughout his life has had great difficulty living up to them. His life has been one long series of immoral acts, frequenting brothels until his money ran out, in particular in Malaysia where he had no qualms about brothels that employed under age girls. One could say I have had no success with his redemption and have abandoned attempting to persuade him to repent. So at his insistence we attended Rembrandt's Dinner Dance, it was there I saw Michelle and after several months of watching her, I finally asked her to dance. We hit it off and the first date we saw a movie and I took her home. Sitting at the kitchen table her daughter came in and walked up, not acknowledging me, began poking her mother in the head with her finger. It was then my spirit surged with rage and instantly recognised Michelle as Mary Magdalene. The point is this is what Satan is, a demonic presence that surrounds the one person that would open the key of David genetically via this demonic individual that had fallen entirely to cause her to behave in such a dreadfully inept way to her mother, a lady of weak personality being the offshoot of a mother that lived at 666 Main Road Eltham when she died. In other words, for Me the family members and their numbers identify these people as if they were standing in a dark room under a blinding search light.

Mary Magdalene Michelle Nye Yahweh Jesus Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall DNA Bloodlines Asherah Martha Janelle Art Rembrandt


LisaMarieWonders September 21, 2010

MichelleNye - Nov 25, 2009


The Pentagon.

The Pentagon Spade Turning Ceremony marking the commencement was 9:37:44 AM September 11th 1941 precisely 60 years before the missile struck the building. The missile struck the side of the Pentagon which is 937.45 feet long.

The Whitehouse is 5813 miles from the Great Pyramid. When it was laid out Washington was a ten mile square, they placed the Whitehouse 5813 miles from the Pyramid, 5813.33 to be exact. Not a bad effort in those days, they had to have known the base measure of the pyramid was 36524.24 and how it was based on Pi. 36524.24 / 2 / Pi = 5813.01 the true height.

They also made the US dollar in 1792 April 2nd the weight changed January 18th 1837 to 412 1/2 grains, = Kings Chamber 412.5 P" the half dollar the Queens chamber 206 1/4 grains the Quarter half again 103 1/8 therefore the connection, in secret, to the pyramid is apparent.

Today it is hidden, TV documentaries relentlessly attribute the construction to hapless Egyptians and not the descendants of Noah, to take the mind of the masses away from the reality, the pyramid is the Altar to the Lord not Lucifer the Freemason god.

Michelle is Mary Magdalene, the sister of Martha. These two women are the key to your salvation for it was at the cross Martha stood at my feet, covered in blood from the pierced left side by the Roman soldier. Mary stood with my mother and aunt, leaving us a clue, that the Satanists would be convinced my first wife would be pregnant at the cross when in fact it was Martha.

Today Martha remembers kissing my feet as I died on the cross. Easter Island and Stonehenge predict Washington will be destroyed. The Pentagon identifies itself with Mary Magdalene as she represents Isis and in their insanity uphold the Pentateuch (5) as being holy, the Satanic god Lucifer commanding America dominated by the false Jews the Khazar of present day false Israel murders in Palestine.

Easter island has 888 statues with the Lord emerging from the side of the volcano, the statues in a panic run towards the sea to escape the coming of the Lords and divine judgment. Stonehenge is also a scene of doom and destruction, it is missing huge 40 to 80 ton stone statues, where are they?

The reality is this like Easter Island was built to depict the coming of the Lord. The Pentagon number from Stonehenge declares two names Mary and Martha, my two wives who have been instrumental in bringing to the world the coming of the Lord.

An explanation why each of my wives have been sent to the earth to play out their role. Eileen Joyce Rosewarne represents the commonwealth of nations, the ten tribes of Israel, which has become like Sodom. I married the small town harlot, a despicable woman adulterer liar, demonic, evil spirited lacking in compassion for her own children hell bent on destroying their love for their father.

She is an angel sent to do just that and the satanic barrier to me becoming a father to my daughters was intended to allow Lucifer every opportunity to stop me, in this case a harlot no man would want to marry, let alone have children with her.

But I was at war with the world and so Isaiah 63 tells of the Lord God coming to the earthly realm not as Jesus but as the Father to take on Lucifer armed to the teeth with every diabolical weapon solely to prevent me. She is in the phone book, Eileen Joyce Roswarne 20 Neubeck Street Lidsdale New South Wales Australia. Giver her a call.

By simply using a spectrograph we see that the NASA moon photos and movies were made in a studio under Mercury Vapor flood lighting, the standard lighting of that period. The fake landing location was in fact laid out to spell out a message when measured on the earth surface. The message, Mary Magdalene was the reincarnate of Cleopatra and she the reincarnate of Isis. The World Order is about to announce aliens as a threat to the world, this will call for a solidarity then a Christ figure will save the day. It is November 27th 2009

Apollo means Satan or Lucifer the Devil. By measuring the landing locations on the moon Apollo 11 12 14 15 16 17 then to the Dome of The Rock in Jerusalem, that is placing its latitude and longitude on the moon and measuring in kilometres we have the words Mary and Rock. I should also like to point out to the Muslim people, the Koran was written by Aramaic speaking Jewish Scribes.

When the Koran was written the Jews were Antichrist and in reference to the coming of the Lord and the prophecies of the Old Testament they in their usual fashion wrote in obvious mistakes and made no references to Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel or important prophets concerning the coming of Jesus, made no mention of Revelation and overall misled the reader.

Their main task was to lead the Muslim faith away from the Lord being Jesus and Christ today the same person and soul in order to prevent me as a man overcoming them. By exposing the Zionist Apollo moon hoax I have destroyed Lucifer. Its now a matter of time. The Australian Parliament is in total disarray as parliamentarians resigned in protest 26th of November 2009.


MichelleNye You are talking about a man that is Christ, absolute I advise this is the only man that can save the world, no wonder God has had to come as a man. Look around you, what is happening, death in all directions, he brings us the cure for AIDS, Cancer Malaria VD diabetes, wake up there in no other man alive that can do what he? is doing, watch all the videos. This man is Christ, he came as he did 2000 years ago, born of a woman the most royal blood line possible, close your bible its Freemasonry

*Thanks to YahwehScience for uploading these.
Peace to you Sweetheart, LisaMarieWonders

White House Great Pyramid ground zero world trade center 9/11 911 september 11 bush demolition WTC war terror terrorism conspiracy truth military twin towers Burn the Koran Day international burn koran day FBI alert anniversary Afghanistan protest terry jones burnt Pastor Terry Jones Twin Towers attack Islam evil Qu'ran burning Kabul muslims christians

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GGN- Lady Gaga, Another Mind Control Program

ddarko2012 July 03, 2010

Lady Gaga and the New World Order
Lady Gaga's music videos are undoubtedly elaborate -- but is there any truth to one blogger's claims that they are loaded with occult references and masonic symbolism?

Dorian Lynskey 1 July 2010
You might think that by know you've read more than enough online exegesis of Lady Gaga's videos but you haven't even scratched the surface until you've read the work of The Vigilant Citizen. This anonymous Canadian blogger explained last year's Paparazzi video with reference to the CIA's MK-ULTRA mind-control programme, Fritz Lang's Metropolis, the Eye of Horus and the goat-god Baphomet, concluding that Gaga was indubitably an "Illuminati puppet". Bad Romance apparently "offers a chilling description of a music industry ruled by the elite". In Alejandro, she "flashes in her fans' faces the symbols of their own oppression".

The Vigilant Citizen has a good claim to be the world's most distinctive music critic. On his website,, he describes himself as a graduate in communications and politics and a producer for "some fairly well-known 'urban' artists". He has spent five years researching "Theosophy, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, the Bavarian Illuminati and Western Occultism". All of these interests converge in his insanely detailed analyses of the symbolism of pop videos and lyrics. Thus Pink's MTV awards performance mimics a Masonic initiation; Jay-Z's Run This Town trumpets the coming of the New World Order (NWO); and the video for Black Eyed Peas' Imma Be Rocking That Body advances "the transhumanist and police state agenda".

What's surprising is the methodical, matter-of-fact, occasionally humorous tone of his essays. He does not write like a swivel-eyed loon rambling about Obamunism (although, inevitably, there's an unsavoury fascination with Jewish influence). To those who don't study occult symbolism, he concedes, it might all seem "totally far-fetched and ridiculous", but for those in the know "I was simply stating the obvious". His examinations are certainly exhaustive. Scrolling down his densely illustrated posts, you may find yourself thinking, "Say, Lady Gaga really does very often cover up one eye. And a lot of pop stars really do pretend to be robots."

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Lady GaGa - Telephone (Undressed) Analysis

MasterG06 | March 29, 2010

FAIR USE!!! an analysis of Lady GaGa new music video and song. thsi is the second part to Paparazzi, which were both directed by Jonas Akerlund. Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

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Lady GaGa - Paparazzi DEcoded

MasterG06 | March 02, 2010

An analysis of Lady GaGa's Paparazzi music video!! What do u think?

extra tags: music video analysis subliminal messages baphomet backmask reverse snake of the garden of eden eve adam fruit bad romance the fame monster wedding dress contact dancers beyonce video phone telephone feat death model transhuman metropolis 1927 robot hidden agenda america usa computer chip elite bough heaven hell black white yin yang proletariat working class middle class bourgeoisie rain man blonde capitalism mind control brain wash television programming britney spaers rihanna is child of satan so happy i could die be hind the lies fair use notice symbol symbology uncover story love ram bond girls are to fame fashion whore babylon sacrifice spiritual possession the fallen angel sex flour feminine hermaphrodite earth 666 the beast number fans human lang fritz pentagram goat of mendes celebrate horns truth devil jonas brother akerlund director music video gyasi masterg06 Ciara The evolution Chris Brown BOW WOW soulja boy tellem thisis50 50 cent Jay-Z promise And I oh like a boy stepped on my J's Jordans Evolution of Dance Preview "Work Official Music Video" Missy Elliot Luigi504 Luigi 504 "My Love" the evolution of music the movie interlude (interlude) crush c.r.u.s.h. i proceed Sasha Fierce LOVE LOVE "My Love" promise ring can't leave 'em TAKIN' BACK MY LOVE Justin Timberlake cool on you him like a boy gurl Dr Dre lady gaga illuminati mind control MK ultra 2009 magic magik freemason mason ritual horus evil one eye new song album god the great am stefani germanotta satan lucifer paparazzi camera decoded

Lady Gaga danger to mental health of her fans?

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor
September 20 2010

Lady Gaga, superstar to teens, wears dress made of animal flesh (opinion)

(NaturalNews) If you've ever wondered about the true mental sickness of the entertainment industry, look no further than Lady Gaga. She rose to fame and has become a teen favorite by pumping out tunes like "Love Game" where she belts out lines such as "Let's have some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick."

Seriously. This is the stuff your teenage kids are piping into their brains through their iPods, by the way.

And that's just the beginning: Lady Gaga is also largely responsible for the new craze of wearing "dilated pupil contact lenses" which make young girls appear to be either sexually aroused or stoned. These contact lenses are potentially dangerous, and they are being brought into the U.S. illegally, bypassing FDA approval. But thanks to Lady Gaga, young girls are increasingly interested in wearing them so they, too, can look "aroused and stoned" in order to arouse potential sex partners.

But there's more to this sick story: Lady Gaga was recently honored at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, where she received a whopping eight "moonman" awards as well as Video of the Year honors.

To accept these awards, Lady Gaga actually appeared on stage wearing a dress made out of animal flesh. Yes, she was literally draped in animal flesh. This has been reported as her "red meat dress."

"Meat is the decomposing flesh of a tormented animal who didn't want to die, and after a few hours under the TV lights, it would smell like the rotting flesh it is and likely be crawling in maggots -- not too attractive, really." says PETA on its website (

Is Lady Gaga a worshipper of death?
But it goes far deeper than that. Anyone who would wear a dress made out of red meat is, for starters, mentally ill. But Lady Gaga goes far beyond just mentally ill, reaching to depths of necro-worship that make her appear almost Satanic.

In an upcoming live event, she promises to be surrounded by on-stage corpses. It is being widely reported across the 'net that she plans to put dead human bodies on stage as part of her "act."

Now, for those who really know what goes on behind the scenes of the entertainment industry, this probably comes as no surprise. There has always been a bizarre element of dark energy at work at the fringes of this industry, but Lady Gaga may be taking it to a whole new depth of darkness. Here's why:

Google a woman named Lina Morgana. Lina is now dead, but she worked creatively alongside Lady Gaga until one day she mysteriously fell ten stories from a tall building and was crushed to death when she hit the pavement.

According to Lina's grieving mom, Lady Gaga stole Lina's act and rose to fame following Lina's "suicide."

An article on MyDeathSpace explains how everyone familiar with Lina was shocked to see how Lady Gaga stole her act: "It was the same style, the same look, the same music, the same voice, the same jaw line - the way they expressed themselves," said Schwab. "And I was like, 'Is that Lina?' It was so, so shocking. It was like looking at a ghost." (

Lina Morgan was only 19 when she died ( The circumstances of her death and the similarity between Lady Gaga's current act (wig, stage presence, attitude, etc.) and Lina Morgan's previous act is highly suspicious, lending an element of curiosity to some of the circulating theories about her death.

Is Lady Gaga a threat to mental health?
Now, before we go any further, you might wonder what is this story doing on It's simple: I believe Lady Gaga is a danger to the mental health of those who listen to her music.

In my opinion, her music is a mental assault filled with lewd, sexed-up lyrics that promote teen sex while avoiding any mention of all the responsibilities that should go along with such topics (birth control, parenting, safe sex, abstinence, consequences of pregnancy and so on).

Furthermore, her incessant promotion of sexual promiscuity and dilated pupil contact lenses is a threat to your children's physical health (eye infections, anyone?). And finally, Lady Gaga may actually be radiating some kind of Satanic or necro-worshipping vibe that could trigger all kinds of bizarre death-related thoughts or behavior in impressionable young teens (who for the most part, let's admit it, literally worship these entertainment "gods" such as Lady Gaga).

Now, frankly ignored Lady Gaga's desperate attention-grabbing act up until the point where she wore her red meat dress made out of animal flesh. To actually drape dead animal flesh over your body and wear it on stage is almost a public admission that you're either mentally deranged or some sort of worshipper of death (perhaps both).

Taking all this with a grain of salt, it's true there is a lot of bizarre and untrue gossip about celebrities on the 'net. Everyone I know who is even semi-famous has been subjected to utterly false accusations at one point or another. But Lady Gaga is proving her critics right through her own behavior. Her agenda is blatantly obvious as she now flaunts it on stage, almost as if to say, "I dare you to catch on to what I'm doing."

What she's doing, it turns out, is infecting the minds of our youth with truly dangerous ideas about sex and seduction while wrapping these ideas (and herself, literally) in flagrant necro-worship. It would be no surprise, after all, if Lady Gaga actually featured herself on stage having sex with a propped up erection from a corpse. That's precisely the kind of thing she might conceivably do because it combines her two favorite messages: Sex and death. (It would also keep the tabloids talking for weeks...)

That's why I urge all NaturalNews readers to ban Lady Gaga material from your household if you haven't already. Her music and lyrics are, in my opinion, extremely destabilizing to the mental and physical health of children and teens. If your teens are listening to this stuff, they may be headed down a dangerous path requiring some intervention on your part.

Teens, almost by definition, have not yet developed the mental capacity to make wise decisions in their own long-term interests. They are short-term thinkers, almost to a fault, and most of them have virtually no ability to understand how and when they are being influenced. They worship singers like Lady Gaga while having no clue about the ways their minds are being warped through her lyrics and videos. (They also wear Nike shoes, designer jeans and Axe cologne, having no clue that virtually all their product consumption decisions have been spoon fed to them by carefully engineered, corporate-sponsored behavioral influence campaigns. But that's another story...)

This is why it is up to parents to protect their children from these deranged pop stars and their dangerous messages. Mind you, I'm not against music (in fact, I strongly support musical expression and freedom of speech, and I happen to be a musician myself), and I've never spoken out against any music artist in the past. But as I see it, Lady Gaga crosses the line from artistry to insanity, perhaps even delving into Satanic witchcraft or some other dark rendition of psychosis. To allow our children to worship her as a music goddess is to expose them to a highly destabilizing belief system that can only lead them down a dark path of self destruction.

Actions you can take as parents
#1) Know what your children and teens are watching and listening to.

#2) Ban Lady Gaga music and videos from your household.

#3) Ban Lady Gaga material from the portable devices your children may own (iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc.).

#4) Do not financially support the Lady Gaga profiteers. Don't allow your children to buy music, concert tickets, T-shirts or any other items that financially benefit Lady Gaga and her marketing minions.

#5) Talk to your teens about sex from a responsible parenting point of view. Explain the long-term effects of an unwanted pregnancy and teach either safe sex or abstinence, depending on your own philosophical or religious beliefs.

#6) Consider home schooling for your kids because it may help protect them from the destructive influences of mainstream school kids who are, by and large, Lady Gaga worshippers. (Home schooling isn't for everyone, but it's increasingly working for lots of families.)

Remember, you must make a real effort to counter the messages being imprinted on the minds of your children by the entertainment industry. Music is a powerful carrier of unconscious information, and that's exactly why I've turned to music to help educate people about the dangers of vaccines, for example.

There are positive uses of music, but Lady Gaga unfortunately uses music to negatively influence the minds of children and teens, turning them towards sexual deviancy and the worship of dead flesh or dead bodies. In my opinion, Lady Gaga suffers some kind of genuine mental sickness that should be kept as far away from our children as possible.

About Elvis - Hollywood - MkUltra Mind Control Abuse

poor Elvis, poor all of us. It is so easy to see now, all of the control and deceptions.

Mary: wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

none of this shocks me anymore. it just makes me sad. and sometimes Very mad. Mary, I use to love all that old movie stuff like you, the movie buff. Now i cant really enjoy it. I grew up watching this stuff with my grammy. and i loved the fantasy stuff like Buffy the vampire slayer, i own season 6. she is a kick ass barbie doll. and Xena and Hercules. now i rarely watch anything. Doris Day, Cary Grant etc. Even liked Bob Hope till i read Brice Taylor's "Thanks for the memories" That will make you sick.

now i want to read that book !!! i love bios ! i remember watching all those shows , they were great ! i know what you mean. mgm covered up a lot of insane stuff that went on behind the scenes and gave their stars phony lives to the public. very misleading. i grew up believing life was like an old mgm movie. and that if it wasn't now it would be when i became an adult. i'm still waiting for my techno colored life to start...

Hon it is worse than you can image, it will shock you. but you were there in the midist of it. so i am sure you have seen more than most of us. it is why i dont see the stars and movie stuff the way i us to. I grew up alot like that too. i ...wanted Doris Day to be my mom and be part of the brady bunch! loved Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood, so many of them i adored. heck even Ma and Pa Kettle, Shirley Temple, Bette Davis, Jerry Lewis. Barbara Streisand, too many to name!
So be prepared sweety, this is Ugly truth about hollywood and such. and some else shocking is Cathy O'Brien's account of her life.

I have the book in pdf, maybe i could send it to your email tomorrow.
but here is some random info about it.

they used elvis, like a mind control slave. i remember him reference, talking alot about his twin brother that died. doesnt the illuminati really go for twins? this is a bad world and it always has been. this is hell. that is why Yahweh is here to fix this evil mess. Guide us into paradise.

yes i remember that as well ! he did talk quite a lot of his twin brother. i have always believed this world is hell. what kills me is when good people get hurt and bad people get rewarded. i see it all the time. thank goodness 2012 is up. i saw a comment left on an old 80's music vid today. it said the 70's were beautiful, the 80's were good, the 90's were ok but today is shit. lol , i agree. i think it's cause the bad guys know their time is running out so they are wracking havoc before it ends for them. YAHWEH please hurry and take us to paradise xo

all those stars names bring back good feelings. i want to believe in the lie but it's impossible. thanks for the links lisa !!!!! ♥

omg ! i just read some of it ! it is so bad ! this explains so much as to what i went thru. why it was so very bad. poor michael jackson. of course they had it far worse ! a friend of mine told me years ago that he'd never even visit los angeles cause he felt it was very satanic place. i thought he was a fanatic in his religion and he was taking it too seriously. i lived to regret what i thought. i use to like bob hope but he was just like the rest of them. repulsive... so's good to know rather than being blind about things. thank you so much lisa !! thank you xoxoox

Cathy O'Brien

LisaMarie: The following material is not suitable for children! and Newbies who are just waking up, This is not easy to realize and when i read about it, i fell to my knees wailing in dispair, cause i had experienced shades of this within my own life. This is truely evil what they do. YAHWEH/JESUS Rid the World of this parasitic ...lucifer influence, and SAVE your CHILDREN, Thank you and Amen.

It is plain down right evil. to treat anyone like this and animals, the whole earth! These Psychopaths in control of the world, get away with these abominations. They destroy everthing they touch. rape, muder, torture, starve, humilate, mut...ilate and use everyone they can for to benefit their own power and greed. lucifer cares nothing for life, he hates what we represent. just horrfiying to see this, babies being handed over to these monsters from Birth, teenage runaways, CPS, etc. I just Pray for Our Creator, Yahweh/Jesus to END this evil once and for all.

Cathy O'Brien

The above material was excerpted from the book:
Trance Formation of America:
The True Life Story of a CIA Mind Control Slave
1995 by Cathy O'Brien with Mark Phillips
P.O.B. 158352, Nashville, TN 37215
Published by Reality Marketing, Inc.
5300 West Sahara, Suite 101, Las Vegas, NV 89102

"Trance Formation of America is the documented
autobiography of a victim of government mind control.
Cathy O'Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor
of the Central Intelligence Agency's MK-Ultra Project
Monarch mind control operation. Chiseled deep into the
white stone of the CIA's Langley, Virginia headquarters
is a partial verse lifted from the Holy Bible and writings
of Saint John...'and the truth shall make you free.' This
statement, like the agency, is total reality. The building
that it is engraved upon houses the world's most successful
manufacturer of lies to facilitate psychological warfare."

Trance Formation of America

On May 7, 1966 a 9 year old child named Cathy O'Brien was subjected to an occult ritual she called "The Rite to Remain Silent" in alleged preparation for her future interdimensional expeditions.

"I work for the Vatican, and now, so do you," [Michigan State Senator, Guy] VanderJagt told me. "You have just entered into a covenant with the holy Catholic church. You must never break that covenant."

Still capable of questioning at that time, I asked, "What is a covenant?" VanderJagt answered,

"A covenant is a promise to keep secrets, the secret that the church knew all along. The Pope has all the secrets locked away at the Vatican. Your Uncle Bob and I have been to the Vatican. It is time you entered into the holy covenant and learned the secrets of the church that were written long before Christ even came into being. The Dominican monks kept the covenant that Noah carried into the new world. They kept the secret with them. It was written on parchment and kept in a secret place in the Vatican. They took a Vow of Silence to never reveal its location, or its content. You must enter into the covenant. You must carry the secret to your grave. Keep it secret from your mom, dad, everybody."

9 Year Old Cathy

VanderJagt proceeded to fill my suggestible young mind with biblical interpretation that laid the groundwork for future "inter/inner dimensional" programming themes utilized by Project Monarch programmers to control the compartmentalization of memory synonymous with MPD/DID.

"Christ saw them all," VanderJagt was telling me. "They are dimensions, places you can see on your way to death. That's why they're called die-mentions. You must remember that Christ died and came back to tell us everything he saw while he was on his way to heaven. He was gone three days, but it was much longer than that where he was because time isn't the same in other dimensions. Purgatory is one other dimension. Hell is one. And there are lots of others in between. Oz is another dimension. The sky is not the limit to all the worlds out there waiting to be explored. You can travel in and out of all these dimensions, learning the secrets of the universe. You have been chosen to explore these other worlds for the church. Listen in the stillness and you will hear his voice guiding you on your missions. The rosy cross is like Dorothy's ruby slippers. Never take your rosy cross off, Cathy, when traveling other dimensions and you will always be able to return home."

Father Don [apparently from Muskegon's St. Francis of Assisi Church] joined VanderJagt in a ritual which bathed me in the blood of a slaughtered lamb, and subsequently, through this hideous blood trauma, locked their stated perceptions and a basis for mind-control programming deep in my mind. This basis for programming was anchored in the Vow of Silence which the Jesuit monks take "not only to keep secrets, but so they can still their mind and hear their inner guidance." Certain that the "Rite to Remain Silent" which they had performed would ensure that I keep their secrets, Father Don and Guy VanderJagt subjected me to their pedophile perversions. The two joked that I had become "a good Cathy-lick".


Cox was ordered out of Johnston's office, and he turned his full attention to me. When alone with the Senator [U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd, D. West Virginia], Johnston [U.S. Senator J. Bennett Johnston, D. Louisiana previously of Shreveport General Dynamics R & D, now apparently affiliated with USPECC, on the Reston, VA Columbia Gas board of Directors and CEO of the Washington-based Johnston and Associates] manipulated my mind, and ultimately my beliefs and perceptions, for future programming. He referred to a picture of himself shaking hands with unknown Navy brass as he dramatically told me, "I was there that fateful day in 1943 when a hole was ripped in the fabric of time through what later became known as the Philadelphia Experiment.

All those fine boys vanished along with their ship in a bizarre twist of events that parallels the Atlantis disappearances. A vortex was created in an effort to slip dimensions and become invisible to the enemy. It was a success beyond the highest expectations and launched us all info universal travel. It is no wonder at all that we have had a man on the moon. Traveling to distant planets and galaxies is Mickey Mouse stuff in comparison to the high tech wizardry of trans-dimensional travel. Trans-dimensional travel circumvents all measures of time, including distance and speed.

When the fabric of time was torn, we opened ourselves up to intergalactic travel -- both in and out of this dimension -- and in and out of the future, as well as the past. We can alter the course of history by traveling back in time to alter events, or we can blast off into the future and gain wisdom and knowledge of events yet to come. We can control the future by controlling the past. At present, this is a relatively easy task according to the theory of relativity and abilities gained through the Philadelphia Experiment. I came back an ET (extraterrestrial) myself. And our ship returned to this Earth as a spaceship. I gained the keys to the universe on that fateful day, and I carry them with me now, sharing only a Key or two at a time with those who are Chosen.

You are a Chosen One (Johnston was deliberately interfacing with Rite to Remain Silent conditioning), and therefore must learn the ins and outs of interplanetary travel. Your mission is trans-dimensional. You can span infinite dimensions by learning from me. Take it from me, you're going places, kiddo. And I'll teach you to get there by riding the light. I'll teach you the groundwork, and you do the light work. The key to the universe lies in the speed of light. The only way to travel is by beam of light. You will learn to go to the light...Your mission is to learn how to Tinker with time. I'm going to take you on that journey myself. Come with me now. It's time we were leaving this plane and boarding another."

Johnston took me the short distance from his General Dynamics Corporation provided office to the Barksdale Air Force Base airfield. He was apparently well known at Barksdale, and a small cargo plane was ready to take us to our destination -- Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.


About Faces

Soon after Kelly (Cathy's very young daughter) was inducted into George Bush's "Neighborhood" through horrific sexual abuse, Bush enforced his controls on me. Our mind-control handler, Alex Houston, had taken Kelly and me to Washington, D.C. for separately scheduled meetings with Bush. Kelly had already been escorted by agents to her rendezvous with him that morning, during which time I had been ordered to one of U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd's offices located in the nearby FBI Hoover Building. There, Byrd reinforced his holds on me by claiming control of the Justice Department and "proving" once again that I had "no where to run and no where to hide". My horror reaction was compounded when Byrd looked at his pocket watch and notified me in Alice in Wonderland cryptic language, "You're late, you're late for a very important date," referring to my meeting with Bush.

I sprinted from the Hoover Building, encountering Houston who waited just outside. Houston hurried me to the Smithsonian where I waited for my escorts as instructed at the "Face Changing" exhibit. This computerized exhibit illustrates how an individual's face can take on a radically different appearance by slightly altering any single feature.

The exhibit fascinated me as a programmed MPD since multiples often experience the unnerving phenomena of routinely not recognizing themselves in a mirror due to switching personalities. A multiple's face often changes slightly with each switch, which "validates" the religious communities' perceptions of so-called "demonic possession" in occultism. Logic quickly dispels this belief when it is realized that everyone's expression changes according to emotion, by skin color and tones, blood pressure, and by tightening or relaxing specific micro muscles. An MPD's face changes are more exaggerated when these natural conditions are combined with the results of sophisticated programming. "Charm School" teaches subconscious control over these natural phenomena as a ready- made disguise on government slaves such as myself, as well as to enhance sex slaves' "beauty" to their maximum potential. I was incapable of thinking or logically understanding my fascination with the display, as I stood totally enthralled, waiting for my escorts as ordered.

As the escorts approached, I was relieved to see Kelly with them. Though she was visibly tranced and traumatized, the fact that she was alive was all I was capable of grasping. When she saw the "Face Changing" exhibit, she excitedly exclaimed, "Uncle George [Bush] just read me a book about this!" Before I could hear anymore, I was led away, leaving Kelly with our handler, Houston.

I was then quickly taken to Bush's Residence Office, which heretofore was unfamiliar to me. Although it had slate blue, plush carpets and fine furnishings like the White House office, lattice work and smaller rooms provided a different air. I sat in a hard-back wooden chair as ordered, while Bush carefully positioned himself in front of me on a little wooden footstool. This allowed me clear visibility of the large book that he held in his lap. All illustrations faced me, while all text except the last page was printed in the holder's direction. This book was a unique, high tech piece of art specifically designed to enforce Bush's favorite method of programming, "You Are What You Read". The juvenile face depicted on the front of this hardcover book gave it the appearance of a children's storybook. It was entitled About Faces.

Bush explained the dynamics of "changing faces" and "becoming what I read". Although I had been conditioned to this idea all of my life through Disney stories, The Wizard of Oz, Alice In Wonderland, etc., I was not prepared for Bush's version of "You Are What You Read" programming explanations. The illustrations themselves were elaborate, consisting of mirrors add hypnotic depictions. He seemingly made the book come alive in my mind as he read page after poetic page of hypnotic, metaphorical language, all the while creating powerful illusions. His impersonations of the characters further enhanced the desired affect of fantasy becoming reality. This extraordinary effort to scramble reality would have worked -- perfectly -- had it not been for another victim and myself discussing it only a few days later. The purpose of Bush's book was clearly explained within the first few pages, which included the following passage:

I am the Vice President when circumstance demands,
And I am your Commander, you'll follow my commands.
The first command's important -- It is one you will heed,
When I send you a book, you are what you read.

Throughout my tenure as a Presidential Model mind-controlled slave, I was provided specific books according to Bush's program. These books, delivered through pre-established channels such as Ken Riley, Alex Houston, and even Ronald Reagan, came complete with specific commands on how they were to be interpreted and used. Some books were used to instruct me on operations; some were an attempt to scramble my memory with fantasy; others were used to load my mind with pertinent data such as bank account passbook numbers, and so on.

I was provided a paperback book entitled Afghanistan, from which I absorbed history, current political events, and the strength of the Afghany Freedom Fighters. I have since learned that the book I read was never publicly released in the text it was provided me. According to instruction, the book was delivered back to Bush as quickly as I finished memorizing it. I wonder in retrospect if any part of it contained fact beyond how I was supposed to perceive it.

I read stories of espionage, including Robert Ludlum's Bourne Identity, and William Diehl's Chameleon. Mostly I was provided steamy sex novels for further training as well as scrambles. Kelly was conditioned to fairy tales, Steven Speilberg's ET, NASA NSA operative George Lucas' Star Wars, and the nightmarish Never Ending Story. Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men caused Kelly constantly to quote the defendant character of Lenny for years saying, "Tell me what to do, George". She still does this each and every time I am allowed to visit with her in the mental institution. The attending therapist overseeing the visit has yet to pick up on this programming cue, and I am forbidden by Juvenile Court order not to discuss Kelly's past or therapy.

Bush's most effective example of "You Are What You Read" in his book About Faces occurred during his reading of the page depicting lizard-like "aliens" from a '"far-off, deep space place". Claiming to me to be an alien himself, Bush apparently activated a hologram of the lizard-like "alien" which provided the illusion of Bush transforming like a chameleon before my eyes.


E.T. Phone Rome

Anyone attending the Bohemian Grove on a regular basis was referred to by those in the know as a "Grover". One such Grover was Ronald Reagan's then Secretary of Education, Bill Bennett. Bill Bennett, who later became "Drug Czar" during the Bush Administration, wrote the so-called Book of Virtues and was/is? vying for the office of President. Bennett is apparently very close to his brother and fellow Grover, Bob Bennett. Although Bob Bennett holds the position of Legal Counsel to President Clinton, it is apparent that the brothers recognize no party lines.

It was clear to me that there were no partisan differences amongst those ushering in the New World Order, any more than there was loyalty to our Constitution. The close relationship I witnessed between the Bennett brothers, like the marriage between Clinton's and Bush's 1992 campaign managers James Carville and Mary Matlin, should raise questions as to their agenda.

When Bill and Bob Bennett together sexually assaulted my [very young] daughter, Kelly, and me at the Bohemian Grove in 1986, I had already known Bill Bennett as a mind-control programmer for some time. Bennett anchored his Jesuit/Vatican based programming of me in my Catholic conditioning initially instilled via the Rite to Remain Silent. Through further manipulation of my "inner-dimensional" perceptions, Bennett believed he had forever compartmentalized his personal secrets of perverse sex with his brother, Bob, and my then six-year-old daughter. Bennett also had manipulated my mind in accordance with Vatican "Orders" via Byrd's Jesuit College programming center in West Virginia. He used his role as Jesuit programmer for the purposes of carrying out his efforts as Education Secretary to implement Education 2000.

In order to program my mind for my role in bringing Education 2000 into the "Volunteer State" of Tennessee's school system, Bennett used sophisticated mind manipulation to set the stage -- the same kind of mind manipulation propaganda executed on national and international scale. Bennett's penchant for manipulating minds is apparently rooted in his knowledge of Catholic/Jesuit mind-control techniques.

When I met Bennett at a White House cocktail party in 1984, I was wearing the rosy cross necklace that Guy VanderJagt and Father Don had presented to me during my first communion, to signify the mode of program I was operating under at the time. Byrd had ordered that I wear it for the occasion.

Byrd was already talking with Bennett when a White House butler led me in to see Byrd. Byrd was saying,

"I was just talking about you with my friend, Secretary of Education William Bennett."

"Bill," Bennett corrected, sweeping his lecherous gaze over me as though I were merchandise. "How do you do?"

"As I am told, thank you," I said as I extended my hand as trained.

Bennett clumsily fingered the rosy cross necklace, blowing his alcoholic breath in my face as he said, "Your necklace is as beautiful as you are, and no doubt, as significant in purpose. Where did this come from and what does it mean to you?"

"From my first communion," I responded. "Guy (Byrd interrupted to clarify 'VanderJagt') gave it to me to consummate my holy communion."

Byrd corrected me, "Commemorate your holy communion." "She doesn't need a translator, Bobby," Bennett laughed. "I'm hearing her loud and clear."

Byrd left me with Bennett, who went into a long winded recitation on an interpretation of the Bible deliberately intended to further distort my Catholic instilled perceptions. "Christ was an alien in this land," he was saying in accordance with his learned Jesuit mind manipulation techniques.

"Once he landed in Earth's plane, it was plain to see he was a leader in inter-dimensional travel. We (Jesuits/aliens) followed his lead since he was the first to slip into Earth's dimension. In Christ's transformation from porpoise to purpose, he lost his will to Earth's demands. He lost his porpoise, so to speak."

Totally "trance-fixed," I listened as Bennett rattled on and on.

"When Christ emerged from the deep to inhale of Earth's atmosphere, time began ticking. It was not recognized or acknowledged until Christ's passing, however. We began marking time with his death. BC -- AD -- or is that AC-DC?"

Referring to high voltage used to compartmentalize memory, he continued,

"No, AC in DC stops time. At any rate, we followed his lead. He referred to you as sheep. He knew you needed to be led. He led us. He led you. He led us to you. We're here to lead you. The transformation is perfected now, updated with the latest in alien technologies whereby we no longer have to follow Christ's course to the grave. We can transcend dimensions free of the confines of Earth's gravitational pull. The time is now, and we are here to lead you. We know your mind. That's how we make you mind. Make you mine. Make you a mind. Make you mine. Journey with me now...."

Bennett manipulated my perceptions until, at last, he informed me,

"You and I will be working closely together on a global education project." Sweeping his hand around the crowded room, he continued, "This atmosphere is not conducive to the kind of work we need to be doing. Something else just came up that demands immediate attention. Let's complete tonight's business with pleasure, beat it out of this dimension, suspend your suspended animation, and get with the program."

In one of many White House bedrooms available for such purposes, Bennett led me into bed,

"I told you we were going to beat it out of this dimension, and that's exactly what I intend to do. A little Byrd told me you like a whip. Since I am not the Senate kind, I'll just represent the majority by giving you what you need most."

Bennett apparently found perverse pleasure in whipping me. With my wrists bruised and my body stinging with pain, Bennett lit up a cigarette and cryptically asked, "Was that your first cum-union with an alien?"

He threw me my clothes, and ordered, "Make yourself presentable. Make sure your wrists are covered. I'm not waiting around for you, I'll see you in the morning."

Bennett left. After awhile I was escorted back to Byrd, with whom I spent a brutal, short night. On the way to his room, Byrd told me,

"You've got work to do come morning with Mr. Bennett. Working for him is like working for me. We are working in conjunction with the state Governors in an effort to implement the global 2000 education formula for the future. I am excited at the prospect of meddling in the future through what I accomplish today. Since I hold this country's purse strings, it is up to me to delegate as much funding as is necessary to implement the educational program. I've withheld funding and withheld funding to the point where the individual states must rely on federal funding to get them out of hot water financially. I am ready to do just that so long as they follow my guidelines. Mr. Bennett is working out the details of this plan, and will be sharing much of that with you. I need you to do what you do best by enlisting the full cooperation of state government at the upcoming Governor's Convention. I have never demanded Conventional sex of you before, but this time is different. Persuade these Governors at their weakest moment -- bring them to their knees while you are on yours, and convince them that global education is the gateway to the future if there is to be any future at all."

Early the next morning, deep underground in the NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center mind-control lab near D.C., Bill Bennett began preparing me for the program. NASA uses various "CIA designer drugs" to chemically alter the brain and create exactly the mindset required at the time. Huntsville, Alabama's NASA drug of choice, "Train-quility," created a feeling of absolute, peaceful compliance and a sensation of walking on air. The drug administered this time was sufficiently similar to Tranquility to create total compliance. The beating I had endured the night before had rendered me helpless, anyway, and I could barely crawl up onto the cold, metal lab table as the drug took effect.

In the darkness surrounding me, I could hear Bill Bennett talking,

"This is my brother, Bob. He and I work as one unit. We are alien to this dimension -- two beings from another plane."

The high-tech light display swirling around me convinced me I was transforming dimensions with them. A laser of light hit the black wall in front of me, which seemed to explode into a panoramic view of a White House cocktail party -- as though I had transformed dimensions and stood amongst them. Not recognizing anyone, I frantically asked,

"Who are these people?"

"They're not people, and this isn't a spaceship," Bennett said. As he spoke, the holographic scene changed ever so slightly until the people appeared to be lizard-like aliens. "Welcome to the second level of the underground. This level is a mere/ (mirror) reflection of the first, an alien dimension. We are from a transdimensional plane that spans and encompasses all dimensions."

"Infinite dimensions," Bob injected. "Infinite dimensions spanned simultaneously."

Bill said, "No limitations".

Bob softly sang, "Let freedom ring".

"There truly is no where to run and no where to hide from us. We're who is looking from behind the Eye in the Sky," Bill continued.

"We're watching you," Bob said. He sang a line from the popular rock song "I'll Be Watching You".

"I have taken you through my dimension as a means of establishing stronger holds on your mind than the Earth's plane permits," Bill Bennett was saying. "Being alien, I simply make my thoughts your thoughts by projecting them into your mind. My thoughts are your thoughts."

The brief message Bennett programmed me with pertaining to Education 2000 was to be directed to state Governors at the upcoming convention while delivering a packet of information:

"The children. We must consider the children. Think for a moment beyond tomorrow. Our children are the future. Their future lies in education. We can control the future today by regulating education. Our thoughts and plans for the future -- put in their text. A text they can understand. Children's textbooks. The highest levels of government, the most brilliant minds on the face of this Earth would like input into the future by way of the children. You, as Governor, are in a position to provide that link. Global Education 2000 is ready for implementation. Look into it. Look into it and see the future."