Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brian Marshall BS - YAHWEH DAY 911 2010

MichelleNye January 12, 2010

Asherah value 60 English the name of the female wife of Yahweh 70. The Khazar or Zionist occult influence on Jews do not say the word Yahweh as they are a satanic cult. The sacred name of God

YAHWEH has a perfect sound, it stills the demons within adversaries so they refuse to say it. ASHERAH likewise is profound in the same way. 6070 Heb means answers of jah and Jah su wah or Joshua is Jah saves or Jesus. 911 then is the satanic move against Jahweh and so we proclaim September 11th 2010 as the holy day of Yahweh. Those who love God say it all day long world wide and lets see what happens.