Sunday, September 5, 2010

The two end time witnesses

LisaMarieWonders August 31, 2010

I can't think of 2 people that piss off the world in general more than these two, Brian and Janelle! They ARE the 2 Witnesses. Yawheh/Asherah.

Don't believe me? Try spreading the Good News that Jesus is Back now as Yahweh and see how much trouble you have with people and your internet pages. The evil interfere with you being online, is a constant.

I see that Brian/Yahweh's FB babyface page is now gone. Why the evil that want us all dead, care if Brian has a following? How many claim to be this or that? They don't bother with them! Their actions against Brain and Janelle speak Volumes to me, as it should the rest of the world!

What you don't see on MSM, is Brain and Janelle is responsible for curing man-made diesese such as aids-hiv-tb-malaria-cancer etc in New Guinea with Colloidal-Silver and Jim Humble's MMS2 (Miracle Mineral Solution 2). They don't want you to know that. Last I looked the count of those cured where in the 80,000.

The Queen has been Served Offical papers to step down of her Throne by Brian/Yahweh, because The Christ has returned. It Belongs to Him. Not covered by MSM.

You don't here about the Great Cross of June 26th 2010 configuration in the stars that formed on that date is a once in a lifetime occurrence which points to/shows/proves that God is Here with Us on earth.

You don't see MSM news on Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall what so ever. Not even to balk at his claims to be the Reincarnated return of Jesus Christ in the flesh. nada/nothing/zilch.

Their silence should sound as a Wake up Call. they the evil don't want you to know the truth is as evidence in their behavior.

I just wanted to express my thoughts about it. ;-)

Blessing to all, in the Name of Yahweh/Jesus/Asherah Peace on earth Now, demons Be Gone amen!


and now the Michellenye channel is gone.
All you have accomplished, you evil trolls, is to Piss off the Angels of Yahweh.
How DUMB is that?

The two end time witnesses

MichelleNye July 14, 2010

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