Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lunation 1084 two wives of Yahweh Jesus

LisaMarieWonders | September 21, 2010

MichelleNye | August 25, 2010

On August 11th Australia time Lunation 1084 occurred. This is how the universe is mine and the earth under the hold of Lucifer and it via the world powers and man allowing it via Free Will, submits to the bullshit world of greed and lust.

1084 is a lunation number and we are in it now, however this number is the value of Lord Jesus Christ in Greek letters then inserted into an English\sh gematria program as it has a value of 1084 and means Greek Dictionary 1084. gennetos {ghen-nay-tos'}; from 1080; born: -they that are born.

Alaska was born on that date in 2001 she was my mother Mary, on that date in New Jerusalem the sunrise to sunset was 629 meaning redemption for mankind. It was the 222nd day of the year meaning Truth and Wisdom

these words found in 222 verses of the KJV 1611. The background photo was taken from room 1112 Hamilton Island July 20th 2004 when I an Michelle had a holiday and as you know 1112 is Daniel and Michelle Alaska's grand mother is Mary Magdalene she the key of revealing all of these wonder's and codes.

Without Michelle my wife, and then Janelle who was Martha my wife, I could not have revealed it all. Therefore Michelle is the key and now understands what I have to do is out maneuver the beast as they intend bringing forth the Isis figure as the reincarnate of Mary who was the mother by Jesus to the royal line of Europe down to Lucifer the Queen and Prince Charles.

If I have proven both women are and were my wife then the checkmate is in as I am with them today and they can not produce any woman who they will attempt to make out is Isis and have her the deity representing mother earth demanding blood sacrifices.

Today in Mittagong Bowral New South Wales the area is the heart of wealth and support for the culling of the earth, the date August 26th 2010 the sunrise to sunset is 666 minutes. This is why we had to be here to break the upload curfew on us as they simply had not thought of it..

as said the distance from the Jesus Rio Redeemer is 118.88 degrees, to where I was born. the value of that verse Psalms 118.8 is in English gematria 629. {It is} better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

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