Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wake Up People ~ God is NOT Brian Marshall

Update by Lisa: June 2013 - I hate looking at the stuff I have posted for brian and janelle. I look like a fool, but I will keep it for now, just to show people I was in this cult but didnt know what it was at the time and talk all the other fools who speak out for them now. It's one Big mind blow. Its a lie, a scam. He cant save anyone and None of his predictions have ever come true. It's one fraud after another.

Posted by LisaMarieTruth888 on February 2, 2009

Wake Up People- God is Here!

Brian's Voice Spoke to Me...
From Out of the Blue, about 20yrs ago.

At a Time When My Soul was Crushing from Sadness and Confusion.
This along with Other Miracles, Special Wow Moments and
What Brian Likes to Call 'Synchronicity' Happening Throughout My LifeTime.

There is NO WAY, Any of You Confused Souls are Going Change My Mind.
Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall is Yahweh the Father of All ManKind.

Right Now Brian Has to Live as a Man. He Has to Live Like You and I.
In My Eyes, He Does Not Have to Be Perfect.

But He is Still the Father, God of All Creation. When the Fullness of Time hasCome,
Then We will Finally See Brian as 'God' in His Full Glory.

Only God Can Go Around Curing Aids ... And Not Be Murdered By the World Governments.
They Have Been Trying to Kill Him For Years.

You people Need To Start Understanding that God is Already Here Now!
His Name is Brian Leonard Golighty Marshall!
He Give Us All Mathematical Facts to Prove it on You-Tube
The Holy Bible is Tainted. You CAN NOT BELIEVE all of It.

Satan's Puppets have Been Deceiving ManKind Since the Beginning of Our Creation!
Get Out of the Churches. They are a One-Way Ticket to Hell.
Find the Truth, While there is Still Time to Do So. God Bless Us All - Lisa