Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Judgement Day 21 12 2012

LisaMarieWonders August 27, 2010

MichelleNye — September 18, 2008 —

Amazon or books available search BRIAN LEONARD GOLIGHTLY MARSHALL LULU GOOGLE. Beginning 11 11am 21 12 2012, the Christ explains the impact upon the earth of the crossing over of the equator of the Milky asteroid belt that will hit the northern hemisphere and remove all evil from the earth…who will survive??

YahwehScience August 30, 2010
Once this review was on the MichelleNye Channel.

144,000: The Chosen of the Holy Spirit .
Learn what Gods palmprint is. The M signifies you are a direct descendant of King David the real royal bloodline of Jesus/Yahweh from the tribe of judah. If you also have an X with the M it means you are also an angel in the flesh. Check to see if you have Gods palmprint in your hands, in revelation 19vs12, and revelation 3vs12 it mentions that when Jesus/Yahweh comes back he will have a new name, Jesus/Yahweh new name is Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, reborn 1-11-1944 that is why you will have an M on your palm,it stands for Marshall your creator is here living among you , and you thought it wouldn't happen in your lifetime.Well now you know , Games over once people realize that Yahweh/Jesus is backin the flesh, and he is immortal, and waiting for the fullness of time as is written in the stars and in stone at the Great Pyramid. He will take his throne and rule as the Prince of Peace on his birthday of: 1-11-2013