Thursday, September 16, 2010

Out of the Darkness and into the Light

LisaMarieWonders | September 12, 2010

Thanks to FUNCLEJOE for fixing the audio on 1and 2
I was trying to hold the laptop up to my ear to hear Janelle.
Yahweh/Asherah Bless you!

MichelleNye — June 23, 2010 —

Your journey has brought you out of the darkness and into the freedom of Light, Love and laughter as you have found your way home to us and you begin to regain the sanity of your mind that Lucifer has done it's best to steal and destroy as only it can.....

Continuing our conversation answering you you all

Answering Dennis from the UK and a whole lot of me going on!!!...Trish here with me hiding...keeping time on the vids...and correcting my many typos...just as I do with Yahweh!!!

Still talking to Dennis...the first things to do after Brian ascends to His Throne

Taking back the quantum..using the name of YahwehJesusChrist....dropping the us of lord...that is their god Baal...Tea Break...

Quantum Pray Yahweh Jesus Christ Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Asherah Janelle Mother Milky Way reincarnation journey Out of Darkness into freedom Light Love laughter