Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Janelle explaining Creation

MichelleNye — June 01, 2010 —

The question had been asked concerning Creation. Imagin a baby in a womb, dreaming a series of connected thought that became the soul of all creation in its myriad of directions, all connected like seeds from the one tree some falling on fertile soil, other falling on barren rock, yet all growing independently yet connected via synchronicity until each via free will overcame the original pureness of thought severing itself to form a collective
Lucifer angelic jealousy and contempt for the Creator, Yahweh following down through history after first defeating evil in a former realm of reality, a fullness in heavenly time, where it overthrew the free will of the angels, then planned out how to reign in the evil on the earthly realm descending into hell, to be reborn a lonely child emerged entirely within hell, where the Almighty had become a myth.