Friday, September 24, 2010

End of the World 9/23/2010

BrianIsYahweh | September 19, 2010

The full moon over the Great Pyramid at 9.18am on September 23rd 2010... just 12 days after Yahweh turned 66.66 on 9/ 11 which was the 2012 anniversary of his coming into the womb of His mother Mary in 3BC ...spells out the end of the world as predicted by Jesus and recorded in the gospels of Matthew and Mark..the separating the wheat from the tares begins as the tares are bundled together and cast into the fire ...the angels are the reapers called forth by Yahweh to begin the cleansing of the earth from all evil...the severing of the wicked from the just...the angels have 820 days to complete the cleansing from 9/23/2010....the splattering of the blood of evil men will begin as the prophecy of Isaiah 63.3 comes to pass...