Wednesday, September 8, 2010


MichelleNye - October 2009

Today the children in the Harcourt area at Castlemain Primary School were given 39 cards with the news that God Almighty has come back to the Earth.

On the card the michellenye YouTube and my name to search on the Internet "Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall" they will then tell all other children in the world. The card says simply the most important words of Jesus, Suffer the little children not to come unto me, because they are still innocent and can comprehend they are the children of God as they are made in our image Mother and Father who are Asherah and Yahweh.

In this video I am telling the little ones to tell their parents not to eat soy, look at the labels in the supermarkets and if it as soy in it do not eat it, drink only clean water and charge it with silver wires connected to a small battery. That is the only way onto the earth is via your mothers womb and to respect each other and their own bodies for they will marry and then bring babies from heaven to the earth and they will be the parents of the future generation and all together we will build paradise.