Thursday, September 23, 2010

Michelle Nye How we met

LisaMarieWonders September 21, 2010

MichelleNye — April 06, 2010 —

July 31 1977 I painted a black velvet paining of Rembrandt's Man in the Golden Helmet. I returned to Australia and was arrested at the airport. Waiting trial I was told I had to report to the police and stay in Sydney. I immediately went to live in Melbourne and stayed with my brother Ronald. I hoped to break him of his immorality as judgment was coming. He had set himself a very low moral standard as a child and throughout his life has had great difficulty living up to them. His life has been one long series of immoral acts, frequenting brothels until his money ran out, in particular in Malaysia where he had no qualms about brothels that employed under age girls. One could say I have had no success with his redemption and have abandoned attempting to persuade him to repent. So at his insistence we attended Rembrandt's Dinner Dance, it was there I saw Michelle and after several months of watching her, I finally asked her to dance. We hit it off and the first date we saw a movie and I took her home. Sitting at the kitchen table her daughter came in and walked up, not acknowledging me, began poking her mother in the head with her finger. It was then my spirit surged with rage and instantly recognised Michelle as Mary Magdalene. The point is this is what Satan is, a demonic presence that surrounds the one person that would open the key of David genetically via this demonic individual that had fallen entirely to cause her to behave in such a dreadfully inept way to her mother, a lady of weak personality being the offshoot of a mother that lived at 666 Main Road Eltham when she died. In other words, for Me the family members and their numbers identify these people as if they were standing in a dark room under a blinding search light.

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