Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creation What if God was one of us

MichelleNye — June 01, 2010 —

Sherri is one of the 144,000. the difference between and angel and a human being is the human being can suffer death, made a little lower than the angels. Sherri has became immortal by her own acceptance of Yahweh.

SherrieLeaLaird — May 27, 2010 —

We are all just strangers on the bus trying to make our way home, on every level. We could have all been friends and lived in peace, but we chose war...via $ contract SATAN

BOYCOTT BP on FACEBOOK..SIGN UP. STOP PAYING TAXES and walk away from all 'QUEEN ELIZ' connected things like birth certificate and SSN and SIN!!! NOW!

it is that important to step away fromt the current life of blindingly following the QUEEN OF ENGLAND which means all gov, all school, all institutions, all corporations, all tax, all death all suffering. "ORDER OF THE GARTER"
SAXE COBURGH GOTHA : understand your enemy and never underestimate who your enemy might REALLY be!!!
no matter how freaky.

this video is for this very point 'WHAT IF' GOD, JESUS
litreally walked among us and we missed our miracles and made fun of him etc.
(Deleted by the evil trolls of lucifer/satan)
heads up, added by LeeLeeWonderWings ;-)

SIDE NOTE...Joan Osbourne original album cover is another left eye curse on us!!! SO I took this song and SANG IT RIGHT INTO THE HEART of QUEEN ELIZABETH..

IT IS FOR GOD to help us AND ALL MANKING AND ALL ANIMALS souls to be freed from hell.
TOOK IT FROM THE ILLUMINATi and cursed them in light.

MichelleNye — June 01, 2010 — Creation.

The mind of a baby dreamed a dream, from that moment of innocence the Almighty Created a seed of thought without comprehending the evil the created in His own image, which would take advantage of that trust, and would turn to its own lusts perverting purity of a babies dream into the nightmare that freewill of the created would bring to fruition, and so it is why the script was written as prophecy as the victory of the fallen angels was played out in the heavenly realm, like a video tape it is completed as it was all thought out in a duel of creation as the created attempted to displace the Creator. This is what prophecy is, a preview of the inevitable, and is why the heavenly dream finally matured casting out the demon fallen angels Revelation 12:12, the devil to the earth.

Today I slowly reveal how the synchronicity of the material world where the spiritual heavenly soul of all things is a blue print that drives the souls of all things including the demonic. This is why they and the human being they dwell within can and will be destroyed by the reaper angels which will occur with the fullness of time, unless they repent, the part of prophecy left unwritten, which allows all free will to choose immortality here on the earth of death of the soul..