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MichelleNye — March 19, 2010 —

HARCOURT ARMAGEDDON is a small town of 439 residents, a town meeting or a letter drop or word of mouth, how can the government stop people talking, in fact if they try it will start a forrest fire with one match, a simple list of phone numbers, we are not talking a huge population here perhaps 100 telephone calls, what we are talking about is the potential economic recovery of a small town when the US students start to come on their pilgrimages. so watch out Australia Its unstopable, the end, the Rothschild Armageddon Lucifer cult stop here. Got cancer, come visit the farms in the area, got sick animals, feed them colloidal silver. Just one small toen and the world will fall to peace love and life. Harcourt Armageddon Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall 1 Harcourt Armageddon

The Rio center point of the 10084.5 miles waypints forms a circle or oval shape 4500 miles across all measure the same distance 10084.5 miles x PI = 31680 miles = Lord 800 Jesus 888 Christ 1480 = 3168 and from its centre to north Eagles Road Harcourt is the promise to the small flock that they will inherite the Kingdom of Heaven.
The Children at Castlemain Primary School have been given cards that show how to find me on the Internet.

The two points along Eagles Road Harcourt measure from the south end to 105 Rothschild Ave Rosebery in Sydney to the north end of Eagles Road 888 miles. From the centre of the Rio circle 10084.5 miles the points all measuring the same distance 10084.5 x Pi = 31680 km or Lord Jesus Christ 3168, from its centre to North Eagles Road identifies Harcourt as being where the kingdom begins.

Harcourt population 439 people. These measurements reveal provable miracles. The Bible makes references to miracles but as we now know the bible is fiction mixed with fact and under doubt. The reality is I am Yahweh and came to the earth as I did as a baby in 3 BC June 17th. A small child will lead them is an Isaiah prophecy and is proven by coded within. I do not deal with speculation, I deal in measurable facts not speculation. Modern satellite Global Positioning Satellite software is accurate to a few meters, therefore when I reveal thousands of waypoints that form a circle through 16 nations from Australia enclosing New Guinea where Janelle and I took the AIDS cure in 2008 curing over 30,000 by this time, and reveals 10084.5 x Pi in miles from the Redeemer statue in above Rio Brazil to thousands of unexplainable distances, the number 10084.5 x Pi is 31680 and I was 31.68 years of age when New Guinea became a nation Sep 16th 1975. The natives there are all aware that their Jesus came to them and brought the cures. Australian officials are doing everything they can to stop the cure. In Harcourt the little children are now aware they are the chosen of God. Janelle made sure she revealed who I was, I said nothing.7 HARCOURT ARMAGEDDON

Harcourt population 439 people. As said I do not deal in speculation, today you can all buy the software and prove what I have revealed is true. The children of HARCOURT Victoria are under attack by Big Pharma that pollutes the water, sells 'safe' government approved farm pesticides that cause babies to be born blind and deformed. How long must Australians allow this to be the case? I have drawn a line around Harcourt and my Kingdom has been established. Nothing can change the facts that I have revealed pinpointing where I was reborn and Harcourt.

Our Father which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done, as in
heaven, so in earth.
Fear not, little flock;
for it is your Father's good pleasure to give
you the kingdom.

Thy Kingdom has Come Paradise on Earth Quantum Pray Yahweh Jesus Michael Asherah Brian Golightly Marshall Janelle Born Again Eagles Angels Big Pharma NWO Depopulation Toxins pesticides Deformed Babies Rothschild Lucifer Rio Brazil HARCOURT ARMAGEDDON Babylon Khazar Bankers