Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Every good soul around the world should have their ears and eyes open right now because it seems like something big is going to happen soon. Just as richb7a writes about California, it is being reported on morningliberty.com that the US ARMY 82nd AIRBORNE DIVISION out of FT. BRAGG, NC has been put on 18 hours notice for domestic duty. That means they must be available for deployment to anywhere in the US within 18 hours of alarm activiation. We have also been informed the Navy has an aircraft carrier just off the cost of Pensacola, FL. Lucifer's Illuminati satanists are desperate because more and more people around the world are waking up. They could try a domestic false flag terror operation to blame Iran or North Korea, they could shut the banks down in order to deflate the currency, they could stage an ET/UFO incident, they could hit Southern California with a haarp earthquake. Everyone must be vigilant and continue to pray in the name of Yahweh Jesus.