Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shroud of Turin Face - Brian Marshall Scam

LisaMarieWonders | September 13, 2010

MichelleNye — April 2010
When the resurrection occurred the ghost passed through the shroud and as it departed the image was left on the outside, not on the surface against my skin.

The Shroud of Turin contains many mysteries and miracles, the face that is revealed is of an old man, the soul of Jesus is therefore the Father. As the resurrection occurred the face of God the Father emerges leaving the Old Man inside the young Jesus. The beard and hair are white and short while an Essene as I was as Jesus has a pig or horses tail pulling the uncut hair tight and down the back, this is seen in the back image. Secrets are in the DNA, chromosomes 3-4-13 = Greek concordance Michael the archangel.

This is a brilliant video which superimposes the Face of Yahweh, the Soul of Jesus, what the Father looks like today as a 66 to 69 year old Man, that had left the image of Yahweh, the burned image of Jesus soul, as it exited the shroud, this is why Jesus's soul is burned on the outside of the cloth as the spirit of God the Father, the soul of Jesus, resurrected through the shroud material leaving the Face of the Father on the one side and the rear of the head of Jesus on the back section. 1 and 2 Shroud Face of YAHWEH

This is a brilliant video which superimposes the Face of Yahweh, the Soul of Martha i.e. Janelle Asherah, is explaining the two edged sword from the mouth, what Jesus said then and what Yahweh is saying now, the same soul in two incarnations. We see that the facial features are the same, revealed by the 3D images as well as the frontal image. 1 and 2 Shroud Face of YAHWEH