Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sherrie Lea Laird: Fake Marilyn Fake mole

Published on Jan 30, 2013
This my first vid, but it shows what I've been saying here is evidence of sherrie lea not being reincarnated Norma Jean AKA Marilyn Monroe.

You'll have to go to this link to read the article, cause it doesn't show up right in the vid so I didn't add the rest of it. See the "Doc" lead/feed sherrie her questions for the answers while under a "regressed' state.

We already know Brian marshall is a Fraud, looks like she is too

Published on Dec 27, 2012

I am outing her for her continued BS.

1.Says "Brian and Sherrie the most stalked people online" as she points to one of her own channel's info to verify that statement as proof of common knowledge

2. Why does she continue to say people stalk her and brian. It's more like those of us who care go to those pages to out them on their lies and BS. I go with facts and ask questions, make statements to sherry about brians past fails and lies, in which she never answers me back with any sense, she just attacks the mesenger. That's what people in cults do when they feel threaten cause they cant come back with a real answer. Quite telling is their behaviour.

3. Continues to call me a demon. I am a Human being. I am tired of her and the Briantology cult labeling people with such derogatory terms such as Possessed demon, Troll. Stalker, Talmud Queen Lover, Jew Jew Jew, She Hate the Jews, but think she is one. Though Her Brian and Janelle claim its just the Zionist Jews that arent the true Jews, but who are they to make a discernment on who is a true jew and who isnt and who they deem worthy of death?

4. Why did Pete Santilli make a vid about you? because you OCD hounded him, trying to bully your pseudo facts about the Sandy Hook Tradgey and He was Having None of it. Because your facts amount to slanderous BS. You use DallasGoldBug type investigating skills that are a joke and claim them as proof. eg; Claimed ChangeDaChannel and Photohelix are the same person (who are not), then proceeded with your friends to go an Harrass both of those men, and still havent said you were sorry to either of them.

5. Sherrie Lea, your a living Hoax and Pete Santilli brings that out in the open. this vid of how you handle supposed proof is Classic, Is Priceless Cause t's the truth of what you do and Yes it sure did make my christmas an extra special one this year. ;-)
Internetually Factual! SherrieLea Laird Is Aileen Wuornos!

6. And James Dark Knight Shooter 'father' (Looks Absolutely NOTHING like) FOCKING KELLY THOMAS FATHER. Sherrie, you are proving to the world your a LOONEYTUNE, back off the booze and pills n get some help

7. https means your using a secured browser, duh
8. I am not of jewish heritage. I am german and polish
9. Also want to add that sherrie admited in comments that she knew she was being recorded by Pete Santilli on this Sound Cloud audio. So then she is caught in another lie.

Well it just goes on and on with her, the fabrications, out right lies, her backengineering proof lol. She's Lost her mind