Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yahweh's Temple

brianisyahweh2 | Aug 15, 2011

The Temple in Jerusalem that was destroyed through the influence upon Rome by the Idumean Jew of Edom/Esau/Cain/the devil in 70AD was the rebuilt temple of Yahweh not Solomon by Yahweh's ancestor the righteous Zerubbabel under the decree of Darius the Persian King who had defeated Babylon. The Idumean Jew already in Jerusalem were banned under penalty of being hung if they participated in the re building of the Temple to Yahweh. This is why I as Jesus threw out all of the money changers of My Father's House Yahweh, myself. Jews worshiping at the wailing wall today are worshiping Jesus/Yahweh. The Idumean Jew were the ones condemned by Jesus and are the sons of Cain the father of who is the devil. They are all back on the earth for the judgment , anyone who calls themselves a Jew and since Brian Yahweh is the Holy Ghost if they blaspheme against him He will not forgive them it is the unpardonable sin so beware Christian, ye who have been decieved by the Jews book the bible you will not be forgiven Mark 3;28, 29 "Verily I say unto you all sins can be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme 29. but he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness but is in danger of eternal damnation" .....warning Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall is the Holy Ghost of the Lord Jesus Christ resurrected and reincarnated Yahweh the Father back for the judgment of the nations....so far He is not fucking happy...He is also the rock of offense so if you are offended you are fucked...

The wrestling talked about between 2 brothers, good and evil continues down to Mary Magdalene and Martha, and what the Jews did not expect was Mary would be alive and found by Yahweh after he returned from Canada in 1996. It is absolute, she is Mary, however she is just like she was back at the cross, she refused to obey his commands then, but like Cain and Seth, the younger righteous sibling also was found in Martha then and today. Both are very real people, same personalities and natures, one unwilling to do anything or go public and her younger sister prepared to die for her husband. Mary means stubborn or rebellious and Martha means mistress as in mistress of the house, and so when it came time after 11 years of demonstrating miracles, Mary still refused to go public, then the younger sister Martha had to become the one who loved Jesus and was prepared then and today to die for him and so began the work of healing people in Papua New Guinea and Fiji, in the face of certain death for any other person doing these things, and so it is that Martha was proven by Mary.

the decree of the Persian king Cyrus, had been taken to the Persian summer city of Achmetha, Iran today, this is why the Cain NWO is targeting Iran for invasion to destroy any verification.
This vid ends with my rant and rave at the Jews, wondering why the vid was not processing and then realizing I had not pressed the little red square you get to hear.

brianisyahweh2 on Aug 18, 2011
Isis had more questions about the temple and earthquakes and the sun, moon and stars being shaken.