Tuesday, August 23, 2011

For the Christ consciousness crowd who think themselves to be I AM

All history has been changed, to remove the Jesus Yahweh factor because it was so potent it could not be stopped and had to be redirected with the present system bullshit the result.

I have been fighting the system for 60 years since a child, I started curing people of AIDS, Cancer and then was threatened by the government and my nephew was shot dead as they could not kill me.

We, Asherah and I took the cures to New Guinea and established two clinics that are operating to this day, 80,000 plus cured of incurable diseases. We just returned from Fiji, we had established clinics there, was arrested and deported. It's all on YouTube. Google my name Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

Big money in AIDS grants to fight man's worst peril the Americans patented it in 1987 patent number 4647773, Google it. No one wants a cure when there are millions of dollar pouring in to feed the nations coffers, money for weapons etc, therefore it is a ploy to make it appear there is no cure and reap the endless supply of research cash.

You are right about the bible, 70% bullshit is an underestimation, and however it is a trap for Lucifer as there are obscure verses that are divine in number of Hebrew gematria.

I am not looking for people to believe in me, what I am doing is working with 100% believers who are on the cutting edge of the war waged against mankind.

The problem is England and the Eugenic Society, they target the poor to be eliminated with the above and the wealthy targeted with invented diseases then reap the sale of drugs, all the while poisoning the air, water, food with proactive mycoplasma nano particles of disease as well as fertility suppressant additives like Soy, and bromine in bread which makes young people infertile.

I do what I do simply because of who I am and if you are a man of logic the answers are in the impossibility of coincidences built into the Great Pyramid which is My altar and built as the Bible in Stone so that no man could fuck with it.

You have the common sense to review the information and reject or stay on the fence or believe, no matter to me. It is not an election it is what it is.

I am who I am and stand before the world, I AM the greatest threat to the Jews and Freemason hordes who kill at the drop of a hat and yet all you have to consider is why am I able to be totally transparent and stand before the world, prove to many, not necessarily yourself, that is your free will, but I am still alive. Why?
Because I am who I say I am and have been proving it for decades, so as soon as the world wakes up to the knowledge that I am already here, then the sooner we can get on with the business of building paradise here upon the earth as I intended it from the beginning.

The rulers of this Hell have kept the knowledge of my return from the masses since 1944, why?...They would not have their fodder for their very profitable war machine if people refused to go because God Almighty who dwells amongst men is telling them not to...they have all of the money, power and resources in hell as you would expect...

My task is to bring the mind of man back to the earth, tell what is what and then lead them in the crossing over of our solar system back to the north side of the Galaxy where no evil is allowed to enter, that is why as Jesus I told my disciples to pray Thy Kingdom come , They will be done on the Earth as it is in Heaven.....the solar system travels at 69000kph northward back into the heavenly realm which is the north side of the centre line of the Milky Way Galaxy and is and that is what December 21 2012 is really all about...all good for the righteous and the meek.

True Christ consciousness is the knowledge that I AM already here on the earth.

Are you I AM?

NO! You are my offspring made in my image via the Mother Asherah, your soul is female as are all mankind because they come from their Mother of All Living Asherah.

I AM the only male soul in the creation, the Alpha male, and that is why you cannot be I AM your soul is female.

The church is the woman, and that is why the Queen is the Whore of the Revelation, she represents the church that has prostituted herself to the beast Lucifer and is why the world is hell today.

She sits on My Throne of David and thus far has refused to hand it over. Hell could stop tomorrow if she were to do what her father told her to do and that is to hand over the Throne to the Christ when He makes His presence known to her. I have done that many times but she is the whore of Lucifer Rothschild and so the world suffers until the reapers take them out of the picture.

I could not be here sooner than my rebirth date of January 11th 1944 because in My creation My soul is divided amongst all who are made in My image and they must be born to the earth. It is now time when those numbers or babies born are reaching a critical mass for a quantum to occur and that date is 28th October 2011 when even the UN has said that the earth's population will have reached 7 billion...7 being the sacred number of perfection and completion.

The enemy see it as a problem and cry overpopulation, well it is a big problem for them, the 7 billion souls on the earth tip the balance to Me Yahweh and righteousness and it means the destruction of the souls of the wicked.
Like a bee hive where the population of bees reaches a critical mass and swarm, the collective consciousness is like that of a German shepherd dog though the individual bee is unaware that it is building another hive.

In this case the individual bees are the innocent babies, they come to the earth preprogramed with minds of righteousness and dreams of what Paradise is and they do not even have to be out of the crib.

That is what all made in my image will do, build another hive for the benefit of all mankind with me here as the one to advise, you made in my image take over and allow Me to rest...the 7th day is when mankind wakes up and gives me rest from my labour of having to wake you up...I look forward to it...

Love and peace, Yahweh and Asherah