Sunday, August 29, 2010


From: goschima and SherrifofLight:

"The following is a special request by Brian and Janelle: In preperation for 9/11- Yahweh Day, Brian and Janelle are putting out an official appeal to all graffiti artists and taggers start tagging everything in sight around the world in the name of Yahweh! Special targets include government buildings, the pentagon & all Washington DC buildings, churches, police cars, The Georgia Guidestones, The Vatican, Banks, and of course large bill boards that are owned by the media giants. They are requesting that the graffiti artists/taggers video tape or photograph their work, and post it for all to see on youtube. Brian requested tags that can be read by all, for instance FUCK LUCIFER LOVE YAHWEH etc. Brian and Janelle will have a little something special for those that go beyond the call of duty. "

It's all about his Name on everybodys lips... =)

Lisa is one Pissed off angel at the moment!

Who DELETED Brian/Yahweh and Janelle/Asherah's Michellenye Channel? You Worms of Hell. Your END is close at hand, YOu FEEL it, and So DO I !!! Thanking Yahweh/Jesus/Michael and Mother Asherah for Loving us. You demons are OUT OF HERE, Amen!!!