Friday, March 18, 2011

Rising Spirit - Hey Hey Joel Nielsen your a Fool

YahwehNow3168 Mar 18, 2011

Hey hey all you demons
You stupid motherfuckers
You defile the creation
You take advantage of us
Well I've got news for you, oh yeah
Your time on Earth is almost through
No use to pack your bags
You're heading for oblivion

Hey hey all you devils
You foul abominations
Thinking that you have the right
To trample all the nations
Well get ready to go down
'Cause Yahweh's back in town
He'll cast your ass into the pit
For all eternity

Hey hey all you people
You wonders of Creation
Realize your divine roots
So we can fix this situation
Because we're heading for the Heavenly Realm
Where Satan and her bitches can no longer dwell
So come on!!!

Can I get a YAHWEH