Friday, March 18, 2011

Queen of England is Satan in the flesh, Reincarnation of Jesus Can too

Pandamonia Mar 10, 2011

When you play the DEMON worship game, the higher the demon the higher the position you hold...Where does that PUT QUEEN OF ENGLAND???????

Therefore Jesus has reincarnated into flesh and blood too.
I am as sure of it as the fact I am in the flesh. Brian Leonard GOlightly Marshall. MUST MEET HIM!
You gotta check him out from a brainiac open mind.
I'm talking about Reincarnation, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, the Queen of England and all the stuff staring us in the face. Too hard to believe, doesn't mean it's NOT TRUE. Brian taught me about QUANTUMS and Pyramid Math and Strawman and more.

BRIAN ASKS FOR NOTHING AND SPENDS all his time exposing evil and showing you your God given rights. HE is the COOLEST MAN ON THE EARTH. MUST SEE.