Friday, March 18, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Reincarnation Sherrie Laird Brian Leonard Golightly

Pandamonia Mar 10, 2011

Sheeple, you've been had on every level. You don't care, You don't look up, what makes you think you will question any pope or priest. You don't. The elite obsess about Jesus and reincarnation. Fame is man made money is man made. Marilyn is just a woman. She's back. Big deal. She has many wrongs to right and Reincarnation is MORE IMPORTANT than her. Jesus will reincarnate into the same body and the same opportunities you have. You are not more special than GOD or Jesus. If you get a body then so does he.

Study the ENEMY. They tell u all u need to know. You don't need to give me the same old bullshit about 'false prophets'. The people who are currently lying to u do not care if u meet a false prophet. THEY are scared you'll meet the REAL ONE. They are heavily into PYRAMID MATH, DATES, REINCARNATION OVER AND OVER. You think they set up the NWO for one lifetime? NOPE. The Egyptians DONT EVEN have a word for 'DEATH' watch they pyramid code to verify this from Egyptians.

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall asks for nothing but QUANTUM AWARENESS AND PRAYER to get rid of this planet of PURE EVIL. Command the Angels (which the ELITE Believe in too) in the NAME OF YAHWEH TO STOP THIS INSANITY OF DESTROYING EARTH AND OCEAN AND ANIMAL AND CROP AND HUMAN. Quantum thought works that's why they do it NON STOP at bohemian grove chanting in the name of an OWL!!!!! STOP worshipping 'MONey' and 'STARS' (a symbol of mind control)