Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hindu Holy Priest

KeyOfDavid2222 | Feb 24, 2011

Meet the Holy man, his angels told him to come down to the Shepherd's Hut and He has been learning from us daily and teaching us at the same time the wonderful respect of the Hindu faith ....it is spot on and every Hindu we have met so far has been humble to recieve the news that their ancient prophets foretold of 2000 years BC ...way before the Isaiah prophecies...this night we were invited to his religious meeting held every week at someone from the groups home....he is in the brown shirt and leading the singing while playing the harmonia...they are singing about Kali who is the destroying deity who comes as a man to rid the earth of satan at the time of the end..in other words Yahweh ...we are going to another home next monday with him and will upload that meeting....

कालीहिन्दू भविष्यद्वक्ताओं