Tuesday, March 1, 2011

James' mother...isn't she gorgeous!!!!

KeyOfDavid2222 | Feb 24, 2011

In the vid is Lami is talking with the mother of James, the one who came to assist me 2 weeks ago. James told us that his mother had diabetes type2 with a skin condition including boils all over her body. She could do nothing more than sleep all but one or two hours every day for the previous 12 months. James wife Helen was away and came back 6 days ago to find her mother in law restored to her former self, getting up early every morning and cooking breakfast for all and then able to keep the house clean and look after her grand daughters...Helen was the one looking after everyone for the last year...now she is released to find a job in catering, she is trained in hospitality and it will supplement their meagre income of just $70FJD per week that James is paid for his slave labour of 48 hours or longer on one of 3 farms owned by an Australian...the company is South Pacifice Products Limited and to their demise they pay out of the$ 22 million annual turnover just .00303% in wages to their 20 slaves.....70FJD= $38.50USD...you can see the smile on her handsome face as she is so grateful to us for her life back and yes she does know who we are....