Friday, March 18, 2011

2 men and 4 ladies

KeyOfDavid2222 Mar 16, 2011

We met George at the immigration office yesterday brought him home and treated him. Today he looks 10 years younger, he brought back this morning his wife Ima, and 2 sons and then when he took his son to school he went to bring 4 elderly woman and one man from his village for treatment. We had fun all morning, I had already launched with Ima and then relaunched when the others joined you can see by the smile from everyone's faces they are very happy that Jesus and Martha are back and here in Fiji with trouble understanding the bullshit deception..they laugh at the use of that word and then they start saying it as though they have been let out of prison...the ladies are Ima, Saranna, Emma and Eta, the men are Bale and George in the green shirt...