Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First Church 13 Feb 2011

KeyOfDavid2222 | Feb 23, 2011

This church is in the army barracks in Nadi and attended by the army men....a week of teaching those who came led to some interesting results. We have been treating many who are coming to our Shepherd's Hut, after hearing and seeing the ones who have been treated and restored to life...just like PNG. One man bed ridden for 3 years walking and tomorrow we take him for a swim in the ocean. Another woman, unable to do anything but sleep for 12 months, has been restored to full life. She is cooking and cleaning and looking after her family once again. Another person, 2 years of diarrhea and 2 months in hospital with no explanation by the doctors, skin and bones after being big and fat...today we hear she is eating and has no pain. Nibyhar, today a slight stroke left his mouth not working until today when he talked long during his treatment and got his left hand working again and walked straight and strong when he left...it goes on and it is what we came to do. Set the captives free...teaching all about what to avoid in their diets and we are learning ourselves how the Hindi have been prepared for the coming of the creator as a man...their scriptures predate the Isaiah prophecies by more than 1000 years and are accurate including the second coming...They have received the news of the return of God better than the Christians, who struggle to believe that they have been deceived, by the book Lucifer has them all reading. They are in shock when we show them the Freemason symbol on their precious book. I have been telling them that the Word of God is NOT a book! It was and is a man. The 2-edged sword from his mouth, were the words of Jesus, then, and the words of Yahweh NOW. The first and second coming of the soul of the Father in Jesus (before) and now back again, for the judgment, as the Creator YAHWEH.