Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chitra's wife Aruna

KeyOfDavid2222 | Feb 24, 2011

Aruna was sick with a stomach complaint that put her in hospital for 2 months, she had diarrhea for 2 years and lost all of her beautiful fat to become a skeleton During the treatment the pain of the previous 2 years left and her smile returned to light the room....yesterday we heard from her younger sister who said that Aruna used to be the same size as her (lovely and chunky) that Aruna has her appetite back and is eating well without any diarhea.....Aruna phoned to tell her sister to come to us for her husband Nirbhay who had a slight stroke in July last year and had lost the full use of his mouth and hand and foot....you will see him in another video...
The Hindi people are lovey and so open to the Truth they have been prepared by their ancient prophets for the coming of the Creator as a man and are very respectful of every man because they have been taught that at any time they could be talking to God....they have no problem with the Truth and we teach them to add the name of Yahweh to their prayers to Kali...they also know that God is Father and Mother her name is Mata ...

The Hindu prophets date back to 2000yearsBC and so predate the prophet Isaiah by 1000 years...their ancient vedas are more accurate in predicting the name, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus ...also their more modern prophets of 1000 years ago got it right with the prediction of God on the earth in a man when the planets, Jupiter, Venus the moon and the sun are in the same house which will be saggittarius /capricorn then Kali who brings forth Kalki the Creator who comes as a man to destroy satan, will be made known to the world... they said around 2012 ..

The unfinished Queen's chamber of the Pyramid predicts the Paradise lattitiude and Longitude is of India....Yahweh revealed this in his earliest teachings that were removed when the MichelleNye site was taken down by lucifer.