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What and Who are The "Jinn"

Beings who are usually Jinn:

ALIEN associated with UFOs, abduction, etc.
SPIRIT at a Séance or Entity conjured up in a Channeling, Ritual or Ouija board session-- Non-jinn beings are perhaps also channeled by mediums, but jinn appear to be the easiest to attract and are therefore the most likely to show up under these circumstances.

POLTERGEIST It is a common modern misperception that the psychokinetic (PK) phenomena of the poltergeist is generated by the human mind-- especially the mind of an adolescent. (Children, especially adolescents, are often present during PK phenomenon, but they are not the cause of it. Jinn entities may be utilizing them in some way.)
PK phenomena is a classic jinn activity frequently associated with UFO's, Marian apparitions, saints, ghostly apparitions and séances.

Ghost or Spirit of a Deceased person -- Jinn frequently pose as spirits of the dead. Since Jinn have telepathic abilities, they can use someone's thoughts and memories to impersonate the deceased individual.


Shadow People (also known as shadow men, shadow folk, or shadow beings)
GREY or Gray

gnomes and Dwarfs-- Many UFO pilots have looked like the hairy dwarfs of fairy stories.

FAIRY-- Celtic fairy stories contain many of the same elements and patterns as modern UFO lore.

"LITTLE PEOPLE"Reptilian humanoid

Big Foot (Sasquatch, windigo) -- Ted Owens said that such creatures were used by "Space Intelligences" to perform tasks and were like pets to them. (Not unlike how humans utilize horses and hunting dogs.)

Space Intelligences-- (or Saucer Intelligences or SI's ) Ted Owens' terms . His life is one of the most amazing (and well documented) UFO interactions that I know of. His rare book is reproduced here.

ANGEL-- Angels are not jinn, but a jinni could pose as an angel or be mistaken for one.


ASHTARSAINT--(Again, merely posing as one, although jinn may assist or torment saints)
GOD or GODDESS of an ancient pantheon
Marian Apparition-- There may be exceptions, however, the events at Fatima and Garabandal were entirely jinn-like.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Jinn also act as ASSISTANTS to Magicians, sorcerers and other occult practitioners such as:
Aleister Crowley (a black magician) and "Lam" (pictured above)
Madame Blavatsky and "Master Koot Hoomi " (an "ascended master" type)
Sai Baba is famous for actual materializations of small objects, but he has also been caught cheating with "sleight of hand" tricks. Jinn are typically unreliable assistants when it comes to this type of thing. (Madame Blavatsky also started cheating when her "Master" no longer materialized written messages for her. )
Don Juan and the 'allies' as described by Carlos Castaneda (see below)

Beings who are not Jinn:

Nature Spirits also have etheric bodies, but my understanding is that they are yet another separate order of creation and are probably not included among the jinn.
Humans -- ?? Many abductees begin to believe that they are aliens or part alien. This is probably a result of the terrible brainwashing and trauma which they have been exposed to. I would normally assume that a human could not possibly be part jinn, but the Dictionary of Islam states that the jinn "propagate their species, sometimes in conjunction with human beings; in which latter case, the offspring partakes of the nature of both parents." It seems unlikely, but perhaps jinn/human hybrids could exist.

Alien entities are seen creating -- or trying to create -- hybrids in the bizarre scenarios that a great many abductees have been shown or involved with. Perhaps this is just more jinn mythology designed by them to affect human beliefs and consciousness in some way.
Ted Owens has said that he and others became "part Si" (his abbreviation for "space intelligence") -- as a result of a healing or other interaction with them, and that one's telepathy would increase along with other changes as a result of this. See Ted Owens-- Questions and Answers.

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