Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Yahweh Reads the RIOT ACT to DEMONS!

SherrieLeaLaird | October 25, 2010

Look and learn..Brian commands the demonic queen of england and all politicians to get off their illegal thrones and out of office for good. They have been served. They must respond or admit defeat by default. All LAWFUL, God's common law

BRIAN Reads a list of Charges for DEMONIC Things going on in your space and time. DEAL with it. It's a fact!
Balls to the wall, baby!!! That's how he do!

The Brits even made a movie called THE LIFE OF BRIAN. QII knows who he is.

If you are meant to get it you will.
This Man, well it's a long long story.
But you should automatically connect with his voice, however if you are overburdened with lust for money and things it might go past you...
I can assure you of this...he has the biggest balls in the whole world. The size of the world and told the QUEEN and her zionist pals to get the FUCK off the planet and they KNOW HIM...so it's irrelevant if you do at this time. This is between Good and Bad...the bad run the planet, but not for long. Dont believe me? look around is anything working? Soon my friends. Victory is in the air! Praise Yahweh and Asherah, the smile and breath at the end is Breathtaking!!!