Saturday, October 9, 2010

In The End by Blakk (Acoustic Demo)

LisaMarieWonders on Feb 26, 2011

SherrieLeaLaird January 22, 2010

PLEASE WATCH THIS and pass it on!

People... we are being divided and conquered by Racist scum. They are white, rich, elite who have never ever lost anyone in a war. Every dead soldier on both sides of the war are worth 20 million in insurance money. This is verifiable.
This is Blakk's song (of Pandamonia aka Sher & Blakk)

We wrote the 'hillbilly' series on our page
and many other songs. We work and care for human and animal rights and turned down signing a major stay with the people. Does Beyonce care about you? Britney?
They also wear anally electrocuted fur and Oprah gives nothing to charity, unless it's a write off. Proven.

'New World Order' is not our term. It's what the Government call it.
United We Stand against Tyranny

All the things we do and don't do in life.
How do you wanna leave your mark?

In the end
Doesn't matter if you won it
Or if you've done it
Only matters to you

In the end
When you stand up for your people
To be equal
Does it matter to you?

Does it matter to you?
Does it matter to you?
Cause I'm not you
Who does it matter to,
If not you?

In the end
Doesn't matter if your older
Or a soldier
Only matter to you

In the end
When you expire do you care what you left behind
For mankind
Does it matter to you?


In the end
Is it all over or beginning
Of a better place
Does it matter to you?

Chorus x2

Sherrie and Blakk

Note From Lisa*
I have tried several times on different occasions to download the pic version of this song that Sherrie and Blakk made, but You Tube would never lett me :-(
So the Above info is from that video.

Wow, This is Powerful, Great job Blakk! Makes me sick to see how the evil have turned God/Yahweh's perfect Earth, into one Giant Global Experiment, Guinea Pigs. THose poor animals! Nothing and No one escapes from Their trying to crack Gods DNA, The Fallen angels are killers from Day One. a "christian" woman holding a banner saying "God Demands Segregation" Who's her god? Sure isn't my God! Hatred Abounds in Hell. Governments and Churches, religions teach Hatred, Wake Up you Dullard Clowns. See those Greedy PSYCHOPATHS in High places for what they really are.


Yahweh - Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall

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