Monday, October 11, 2010


Your a FRAUD Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall !!!  

How about the Proof that You have cured anyone of cancer and aids? All we have is your word on anything, that doesnt make it Proof. what happened to Sherrykay? remember her Husband had that Huge terrible sore on his back, and colloidal silver was suppose to cure that. I dont see her singing the praises of Yahweh curing her poor husband, she’s not friends with you anymore. How about MfromCanada1 trying MMS2 didn’t seem to help her and then she stopped being friends with you on youtube. Those things might help some people, but they dont seem to be cure alls. Elaine was really sick and tried colloidal silver and just keep getting sicker. she had to take antibiotics to get rid of it. Actually, in all these yrs, i have known you guys, i havent seen one person come out and say that they have been cured of Cancer etc. from using Brians methods. So if He has cured all these people the news would spread? like wildfire. the media couldn’t hide all of it

BnJ got Nothing better to do but sit around playing on the pc, fudgin up bible codes to prove himself, why arent they out helping people with their BS cures anymore, maybe its cause they dont work? I know CHRIS (DR SODSY) believed in brian for a time and prolly tried his quack medicine knowing he had cancer, and guess what BRIAN MARSHALL (HE STILL DIED) Your a FRAUD and mfromcanada still has morgellons. BnJ go crawl in a hole where you belong and stay there, for the sake of mankind. LOSERS !!!

BrianIsYahweh October 10, 2010

Morgellons I suggest can be cured using 10% Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), also known as lye and caustic soda mixed in water. Morgellons is a NASA germ warfare lab disease spread over the land within a chemtrail spraying that some suggest responds to Alfalfa seed ozone and bicarbonate of soda, but for certain it contains a modified agent with vegetable cellulose which gives it the 1400F heat resistance. here is a link it was made in a lab. then search Morgellons NASA. Often gardeners come down with it. It has also been linked to a tobacco virus.

viewers say the zapper does not work nor the alfalfa or borax. Try them yourself it may be a fungus splice, which glows in the dark under ultra violet light
ALL POINTERS point to NASA where their labs genetically modified a tobacco virus splice with a cellulose vegetable.

destroy the cellulose would be the first step with Sodium hydroxide used in soaps also known as Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), also known as lye and caustic soda. mic 10% with water and soak. Smokers may well be at a greater risk.

BrianIsYahweh October 10, 2010

Morgellons disease is a chemtrail germ warfare concoction that responds to Alfalfa seed ozone and bicarbonate of soda

Morgellons disease appears to be nano technology chemtrails. The nano is 1 billioneth of a metre and is why it is recent in human suffering. go to­ent/08/05/14/morgellons-diseas­e-instant-cure-morgellons-dise­ase
Those who, like Blue, have worked to prove the inconceivable, that we are being manipulated and poisoned beyond our wildest science-fiction nightmares.

The book of Isaiah code points to olive oil for the sore and olive oil leaf extract internally, it also points to pine oil as a cure for Morgellons, it is worth looking at. Perhapps mix with DMSO to take the chemicals deep into the connective fibers under the skin.
Clean the sore with gasoline, then bathe with olive oil or pine pitch oil, and can be mixed with olive oil. The sore being a high percentage of iron suggest a magnet on the sore as well as strapped to the wrist will draw the material to the magnet.
DMSO is available in America at veterinarians they use it on animals with injuries as it take the chemicals deep into the muscle.

DMSO may help take the oils into the fibers under the skin
Love Yahweh

It is a cure. A bath of Alfalfa tablets and Sun powder and colour safe bleach in a bath. Then take MMS2 as well. The disorder apopears to be a morph of either a bacteria carrying a virus which is similar to a cancer of the skin but grows or creates a crystal that forms fibers that are near indestructible however this lady said she accidentally cured herself when the Alfalfa tablets fell into the bath that already had the Sun powder chlorine colour safe bleach in the water, the Alfalfa caused the bath to become alkaline therefore I suggest adding bicarbonate of soda to the bath and also take it internally daily with a spoonful of real maple syrup and avoid totally refined sugar in all foods. That should do it. love to you all Yahweh Asherah